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Bucking Nonsense

A Little Nonsense Now And Then Is Relished By The Wisest Men.


In a world where evil reigns supreme, a small band of warriors stands tall against the darkness. This is... Ogres & Oubliettes.

However, this is no board game. This is a real world, where evil has nearly succeeded in wiping out ponykind. While for now, Garbunkle and his merry band have managed to hold back the forces of darkness, there has been no progress made in reclaiming the continent from the villains that hold it. Unless a gamechanger appears, then it is likely that for the ponies, this will be the end.

Enter Gorethyndryllos, a dragon warrior from a distant kingdom, who may just be the catalyst for a change that Spiketopia needs.

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Does this story have nightmares in it? I'm not talking about Nightmare Moon, I'm talking about these guys.

Nice start explaining the situation and history for the characters before we dive into the story.

Thanks. I couldn't make it quite as silly as the start of some of my others, but I think that it sets the stage quite nicely.

you know, when i saw the goblins and the guy in armor behind them, I was thinking of Overlord. I don't even play that game, but it reminded me of it

Hmm...it looks good, but, if it isn't too much trouble, would you mind putting up a character chart or something to see who is who?

Once we get a few characters up, sure. But for now, you can find some intel on the two current, and one upcoming, player here: Here.

i'm liking this... A lot, actually. Questions:

So is the Squizzard the King of All Things Monster or is he just the local raid boss?

I also have my suspicions about Elder Sage. Surely, since he knew about the end of known civilization waaaay in advance, he would have had a contingency plan. I don't care if it's a 1000 years later, for all I know he could have made himself a lich or something absurd!

If a Treant falls in the woods and no one is around to see it, who gets the exp?

These are the questions we need answers to, Bucking Nonsense...


Local raid boss. The name Squizzard is too silly to be that of the ultimate evil. Or maybe not silly enough, I'm not sure.

Sage Elder certainly made it seem like he had something in mind, and he did know ponies from the other two ruined cities, who had figured out they were all doomed well ahead of time. And Sage Elder was being arrested for trying to give away the secret of how to produce orichalcum. Maybe that's all related? Or not? Who knows, I'm full of nonsense, after all.

The termites that ate it to death from the inside, obviously.

So my favorite fimfic author is writing a story in a D&D world. Yup I'm done, can die happy now just knowing this exists. Great as always looking forward to more.

Are you saying you're full of yourself? Also, HE COULD BE A LICH VERSION OF DECARD CAINE!!
And if Discord is here, I can already picture him going "Now look at your party, now back to me, now back to them, their swords are all diamonds, now back to me, I'm now a horse." Not sure why, just sounds like your characterization of him.

Why are you able to cobble together nonsense and awesome with such skill? :rainbowhuh: Favorited. :pinkiehappy:

I'm waiting to see if Bucking's got his OLD pacing back before reading. Too much of a good thing all at once spoils the plot after all.

Is this dark, or is it full-on grimdark?

got a character idea a unicorn flesh mage that can use flesh and gore as weapons and healing

also you cracked me up with the last part of chapter 1

Dark. In that death and injury can happen, and the fact that bad things can happen. However, this isn't Warhammer 40k, so it isn't full on grimdark.

7590152 OK. Good. I can work with that.


7590295 In odd irony, we have a ranger for our current campaign, whom has this kinda hate with spiders. Our first few levels, our primary enemy has been nothing but spiders. Dear heck, the hatred the party has for those, and our ranger, has bordered on legendary. And cold (said unicorn ranger) went more with a bird over hound for finding the blighters.

But also, nice take on the rat king idea of myth and legend. Its a small touch, but nice one.

Still, ouch on the rough nature of childhood, but one thats actually got a unique basis in history. Ratters really did save lives with what they did.

So you went with the light hearted approach? I like light hearted stories that are actually not.
And I really like your chapter title.

First of all, a goose is a much more effective weapon than a duck. Canadians especially can confirm this.
Second, I really hope that flaming duck will appear again. It ascended into a phoenix. Or a fireduck.

The Lowliest of beasts can be the mightiest of foes. Not to mention numbers. The numbers a rat plague would have.... You go Ratter. The party is looking pretty good so far. Loving the backstories.

Cool Chapter:pinkiehappy: Is the Ratter based on Goblin Slayer?

Also is Gore played by Luna and the Ratter played by Maud?

Huh so we're on 3.5 or an even earlier edition then (perhaps fourth as well but haven't played) due to the fact as of fifth all favored enemy gets you is better tracking and knowledge of your foe... as well as getting to pick two if you select humanoid types, and getting to learn a language if the favored enemy knows one.

....It's okay...need to wait and see how it plays out.

Would this individual happen to know Tiberious Stormwind....of Draconia?



Schlock Mercenary, from an extended joke involving the words "Like a chainsaw through butter."

Oh, and I almost forgot: NEW CHAPTER UP!!!

Oh god, blanket monster:D:D That sounds awesome. I presume this lady may become the merry band's mage?

However, I've always felt that, when life gave me lemons, it was because I was supposed to make lemonade

You're supposed to set fire to stuff with those lemons. Though it seems he just did that.

Hey, Bucking, now that Stalwart is changing jobs, what will be the income of his family? And most importantly, what will happen to the gates, now that there is noone OP protecting them?

You would have loved so much of 2nd edition. Where there were so many strange monsters you could shaking a greatsword till the end of time, then the sword would turn, animate and strike you.

But a summoner eh? this is going to be an interesting one. You have the warrior, the sneak, the mage, and the stoic, im curious if/how you plan the healer for this one.

So a variant cloaker? Nice! I was kinda hoping he would turn into her cape afterwards, though. Oh, wait. That would be summoner, not conjuror. Oh! Will there be any gunslinger or spellslinger classes?

Ah, but with them out adventuring, surely nothing will even reach the gates until the story demands it.

7593337 And if the story demands a rampaging monster killing family to create an edgy backstory?

Then he can think of something better than something getting through the gates to cause it. Maybe an apartment building (Stalwart's?) turns into an oubliette while said important family members are inside.

7593865 Why not have the building itself becoming a monster?

Berserker: "What's to stop me from kicking your face in?

White mage: "Because you touch me, and you're not getting back up again. That's right, I'm your White Mage. And nopony. Ruts. With the White Mage.

Dear Bucking Nonsense
are you going to finish some of your earlier works or at least your last two ( Ogres and Oubliettes: Roll The Dice and

Okay my thoughts on the setting and characters. I love the idea of a setting with actual dungeon crawling, dungeons, so this is looking good.

Gorethyndryllos: like Seath the Scaleless, if instead of becoming a race traitor and pervert researcher of forbidden lore, He decides to become an adventurer like Othar Tryggvassen, GENTLEMAN ADVENTURER! I haven’t really seen enough of him to make up my mind, but so far so good.

Stalwart Sentry: family man adventurers are surprisingly rare, even though it would cut down on the Succubi seduction traps, I actually liked him a lot, and the whole situation leading to him becoming a badass was heartwarming and kind of hilarious – a shift relief of thirty night guards – he seems like he became badass so gradually he didn’t notice.

The Ratter: awesome, simply awesome. Fighting the most underrated monster because of a personal tragedy. and I just love her personality. monster meat turning normal animals into monsters is a great excuse for the hoards of giant rats, spiders, and other creatures, that adventurers usually run into.

Abby: an entertaining mage assassin, I like how you used a rather nonstandard skillset for an assassin, if you are a magic unicorn you don’t need to go through ninja training to kill people.

If you are still looking for a healer character I think I have a suggestion: a cross between Father Grigori from Half-Life 2 and this guy.

Just maybe without dying so much… unless there is a Kenny situation going on or something, if you want less silly he just keeps getting separated from the party and getting into ‘no one could have survived that’ situations, he had to get good at healing magic for a reason. With the kind of luck the leaves a guy the sole survivor of horrible yet awesome events. Oubliettes are supposed to sometimes appear inside existing structures, like say, a church?

PS. is Princesses Celestia, Luna, Cadance and Discord D&D style deities?

So far I am very much enjoying the humor in this. Its very dark but it doesn't take it self to seriously which makes it even more enjoyable. :pinkiecrazy: I think Stalwart at the gate is my favorite character so far. :twilightsmile:

Warhammer 40k doesn't have to be grimdark. In fact, SFaccountant's "Age of Iron" crossover universe has not included a single pony death over the course of six seasons and a mov- I mean six books and a spinoff.

Or maybe I could make the cleric a bit like this guy.

I'd like to think that this was Warhammer's equivalent of Warhammer 40k's "HERESY!!!" *BLAM*

When you take prayer so serious that it turns your nose square.


Occupational hazard, love ;)

...the occupation being, of course, living in a high fantasy setting.


bible kill, funny.

holy face plants, also funny.

the rest of his personality and behavior is a lot less funny, torture and Warhammer 40k's style "HERESY!!!" *BLAM* would not be so funny.

I-but-that's not-
*Sighs heavily before muttering*
I guess I'll roll a rogue next and hope my reflex save prevents dying from rocks...

So Gore here is pretty much a combination of pre-NMM Luna and Monkey D Luffy. I am very fine with this.

Fuck yeah! This is genius! The Party is looking glorious!

Now we must ready for the killing of things, of horrors, of madness! Huzzah!!!

Well, that was awesome. Looking forward to more chapters of this.

7593931 *cough* unless the White Mage really wants it.

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