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Forged in fires of magic and charcoal. Worn with pride, damaged in battle after battle in times when ponies were no strangers to war. Repaired again and again. A regal mare's suit of armour tells a small but significant part of her story.

This is quite the tough story to properly tag. Anyhow, despite the title, this story has no relation to the Halo universe. This is a tentative foray into a new form of narrative style on my part, so any and all feedback is greatly appreciated!

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Comments ( 59 )

A very good read in dead. Get it?

5944617 Ha ha. So, what did you specifically think of the story? Any likes, dislikes? Looks like this one is going to pass under the radar of most.

That was... so cool. I loved every detail but I sometimes got carried away and didn't understand what was happening, though in the end I got all of its wonderful details. The story was beautifully written and went smoothly. :scootangel:

5944943 Thanks so much, I'm glad you liked it :twilightsmile:

I'm not gonna lie, I thought this was related to Halo because of the name.

5944955 I know how difficult it is to write from the perspective of an inanimate object, and I have to say, you did well. :yay:

Great story. A unique and enjoyable perspective. I hope it gets more notice. It's very well written.

5945022 Despite it not being related to Halo, the title actually is inspired by the ship's name.

5945028 Thank you!

5945041 Glad you liked it!

5945057 I must agree with Dusty Hooves, well done my friend.

5945128 there is one thing though, I'm not sure if it's true in this circumstance, but my English teacher has told me that both indenting and spacing your paragraphs is redudent grammar wise, but I think it actually helps this story, so feel free to ignore it.

5945180 Yeah, this type of paragraph formatting is actually pretty common on FimFiction, considering that none of the text is obviously actual physical print in a book. Easier on the eyes when reading off a screen.

5945199 yea, it is easier to read on my iPad in that format.

I certainly liked it. The interesting perspective and the good grammar/spelling kept me around to the end, but I'm having difficulty pinning down why I liked it apart from that.

After thinking about it for a few minutes, I think it may have been the intimacy. The relationship between a warrior and their armor is a rather intimate one; they rely on each other for their continued existence and safety, and seeing it from the perspective of the armor was interesting.

Oh, and one minor thing:

They day you arrived and extricated me from the piercingly curious eyes and harshly flashing lights of those who barely understood the true significance of the very halls of history they tread, was the happiest day since our victory in the epic battle against Lord Tirek, in an age now sung about only by bards.

I think you meant "The" at that spot.

5945490 Thanks, and good eye. Little stuff like that tends to slip by me.

Izanagi I like it as its a change of pace from your other stories in a good way. It was a bit heartwarming and unfortunately It seems that it will go largely unnoticed. :raritydespair: And the idea that Equestria really does have a powerful modern military that we've never seen or heard of in the show is because all the conflict is happening over seas.

Nicely done, Izanagi. :)

5948244 Many thanks, anything in particular that you liked about it?

5948555 Big fan of the concept. :P I've written a lot with weapons having souls and such, so the point of view is an enjoyable read.

I really like how you wrote a rather serious short story, but kept a tinge or two of humor in it. Instead of feeling somber when I finished, I felt uplifted. Great job.

This idea is amazing. Luna's armour tells its history. It is a really interesting point of view, a wonderful monologue. I like your writing style and this story.

I LOVED IT !!! I didn't know that she had fought tirek in the past, but what are the nightmare forces she fought upon her return from exile? I love luna. I would be wearing that armor all the time, as a symbol of her readiness to battle any force threatening equestrian. her prowess would never be forgotten, or second guessed. she stands ready to defend, with pride and honor. Forever.

Very inspirational, you really nailed the point of view of the armor, makes me think it's a real, living being :)

BRUH. This was so GOOD. I imagine that the armor had British accent through this fic, and I have no clue as to why, but it seemed to fit. Lovely stuff.

when i read the title i was like Unsc frigate epicness!!!!:pinkiecrazy:. i didnt read the disc and i was very confused when reading this.:facehoof:

This was an unusual story. I am not even entirely certain if I should call it that.

But I enjoyed it nontheless.

You very clearly communicated the mindset and personality of a totally loyal and devoted servant. I really felt the love that the armor holds for its master in the text.

Have a like.

If armor could talk... mine would have much complaining.

"Would it kill you to DODGE every once in a while?!"

This makes me want to get back onto working on my armor project.

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

If my armor could talk, it'd always be SAPI. *rimshot*

Star Swirls

Starswirl's or Star Swirl's.

I just hope that this incarnation isn't a xenophobe. :twilightoops: :trollestia:

7004464 Thankies for pointing out the typo!


You're welcome! So this Starswirl isn't a Trumpswirl right? :rainbowhuh:

There can only be one Trumpswirl.

7004567 Yeah, this was just regular Star Swirl.

A very enjoyable story. I'll contact you about something in a few days... Have a thumb up!

7908485 Danke! And contact me in regards to what? :applejackunsure:

Author Interviewer

This was rather sweet. :) Plus it's given me an idea for a comedy about Luna trying to get her old stuff out of a museum...

7977779 Thank you so much! :twilightsmile:

Also, doo eeet! That would be really nice to read

A fascinating perspective and a touching tale. Luna bore Loyalty in the days before the Nightmare; it's not surprising to see that even the inanimate was devoted to her once it knw her well. Thank you for this.

"We have Our claim ticket. Everything is in order. Wherefore dost thou refuse Thy Princess service?"
"Your Highness, this is a museum, not a pawn shop."
"Then re-locatest thou Our possessions to thy gift shoppe, good curator, that We may purchase them as is meet for thy honored business."

Author Interviewer

That's actually a very straightforward way to resolve the situation. :B

I always loved the idea of old and cherished objects getting a soul, and the voice of this one was warm and wistful. I liked it quite a lot.

A very nice story, kudos.

Armor is best pony.

7983585 A simple, possible solution? Where's the fun in that?

7983870 I want to read about Luna attempting cat burglary. Gimme now.

5944837 As we speak, I am sure Bungie's men-in-MJOLNIR are approaching your home with a colorful variety of instruments with which to incapacitate your kneecaps. Prepare your body for the Copyright Treatment.

7987845 Lol wut, Bungie ain't got no more Mjolnir, let alone Recon Mjolnir, dawg. You're thinking 2007. This is 2017, they'll send some 343 Guilty Spark knockoffs with no proper story context and Activision mooks after me. They cannot win, the war shall last seven seconds :trollestia:

7987861 Is my horse tongue detecting a hint of a salt in that statement...?

7987896 The joke is further for me if you happen to take the salt as sewper cereal. :trollestia: :rainbowwild:

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