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With nowhere left to go, the Great and Powerful Trixie finds herself returning to Canterlot, the city she tried to get away from so long ago...

(A big thanks to AviAlexis25 for the cover art!)

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Better be careful when I go to the bathroom from now on.

FANTASTIC...JUST FANTASTIC !!!!!! Trixie deserved that adventure so much !!!!

FANTASTIC...JUST FANTASTIC !!!!!! Trixie sssooooo deserved that adventure !!!!

Very nice and The Twilight Zone-like! :pinkiehappy:

I can help think that the baker is related to Pinkie...

Huh. Was not expecting this type of story when I clicked on it. I came in expecting the tired old woe-is-me Trixie story and for about one-third of this piece, that's what I got.

That's not what I got coming out, though. Some subtle foreshadowing, followed by the twist, and then this became much more interesting. Glad to see that adventure can strike when you least expect it.

Nice one!


Thank you! I love messing with preconceptions and such, and knowing that I did it well this time is immensely gratifying. There are already enough stories casting Trixie as a woobie so I thought she could use a break.

Well, that was a nice twist. I wasn't too sure where this was going to go. Like RTStephens said, I was expecting a 'Trixie lamenting her life to another pony with the hopes that pony will change their life' story. The twist gave Trixie an excellent trade. What happened to her lover and her foal and why was she drawn to Canterlot in the first places?


Now, this is all just my interpretation. As a big fan of "death of the author," what you get from it is what you get.

For Canterlot, I personally saw it as a gesture of defeat. Trixie's a rover, a runner, a pony without a home. Generally, a pony seeks out that life specifically to get away from where they were born. To go to Canterlot would be returning to the one city she'd more or less devoted her life to leaving. Going back simply because there was nowhere else to go, perhaps in the hope of finding some scraps of the life she'd fled, because the life she'd sought hadn't worked.

As for her lover and foal, you must WAIT FOR THE SEQUEL.

6831991 That explained the first time she went back. Was the second time a way to revisit the place where the great journey of her life started?

6832276 Allow me you answer your question with another: Wouldn't you return?

A neat little story. This is probably just coincidence, but the basic plot is really similar to the first episode of a new anime, ERASED. Yes, it is spelled in all caps. Show looks great, though.

6832417 Not surprising. Time travel and second chances are hardly new themes on the block.

Okay. At first I thought the baker was Pinkie Pie and her 'friend' was Discord. This was very interesting. Salt and Pepper indeed. Anyway, have a like and a fav.:twilightsmile::pinkiehappy:

6832291 I see that. Can't wait for the sequel.

Yes, we need more of this please. :)

This made me smile. Thanks :)

Author Interviewer

What in the world. XD Need that sequel now.

You say 'sequel', I say 'following'.

Nice little story and congrats on the RCL feature, however I did spot a few curious things.


Isn't this typically rendered as 'Ma'am'? It might not be a type since it appeared twice and the rest of the story doesn't have these.

“Basement?” Trixie hadn’t been in canterlot since her foalhood, but it didn’t take a resident to realize the impossibility of basements in a free-hanging city.

Canterlot has a capital C.

With a hook like that, how could I say no?” Trixie smiled, and the mare smiled back.

There's an extra quote there.

That was awesome, the reviews weren't kidding. Best trixie fic I've seen in a while!

7435392 Thanks for the catches! Fixed.

Okay, okay! I'll start on it today.

About the harnesses, I recommend a blanked under it and Making it snug:

If is is too loose, it will move to and throe and chafe. If it is too tight, The Great & Powerful Trixie will have trouble breathing. It is like Goldilocks; it has to be just right.

I have nothing deep to say. It's a very nice story. I came, I read, I enjoyed. Simple.


I like. So Humble Pie is some sort of "helpful destiny" mare? Is she somehow a unique Element that no one's ever heard of: The Element of Adventure?

I'd like to learn more of her backstory.

7642738 I've been trying to tell it for ages but it never quite gets off the ground XD

I'd like to read the Adventure Trixie was pushed into, is that the squeal?

I need such an Adventure.

“Sorry!” Shouted the baker, her silhouette barely visible through the door as Trixie spun into the stars’ embrace. “Sometimes adventures happen. You’ll thank me later!”


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