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Ever since joining the Ponytones, Fluttershy has slowly been building the confidence to sing in front of larger and larger crowds; her upcoming performance on Nightmare Night will be her biggest accomplishment yet. Even still, she isn't aware that the tower of courage she has built is standing on a fragile house of cards, and almost anything could cause it to collapse. Even a few words from a friend.

A Nightmare Night story.

Edited by palaikai. Cover art by AssasinMonkey.

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This story is amazing, I'm glad I took the time to read it. Keep up the good writing!

5183493 Thanks for the kind words! It's gratifying to know there is the odd person out there who enjoys my writing, considering how little exposure my words get in the first place:ajsleepy:. It's nice to know that when people do see my writing, it's at least somewhat enjoyable!

. . . which is odd since English has almost nothing to do with where I plan to take my life:facehoof:.

Well done! We've had episodes of MLP that show Fluttershy dealing with fear, but this is a good possible insight into why she has to deal with it. While I'm not nearly as timid as Fluttershy, I know I've had plenty of moments where I've allowed my paranoid brain to revise my memory into something darker than it was. I can't help but imagine that this is what Fluttershy struggles with most of the time. :fluttershyouch:

10/10 :pinkiehappy:

Nice story, excellent friendshipping. You only make me sad that these stories aren't romance.

Well, you already know how I feel about this. :scootangel:

5183831 Most Fluttershy episodes I've seen address some aspect of her fears, but none so far have done the same with her self-esteem. Sure, low self-esteem essentially pervades Fluttershy's entire personality, but we've never actually seen it directly addressed. This is how I imagine events would play out.

Glad you liked it!:pinkiehappy:

5184539 Hey! They'll get there eventually!
:raritycry: :fluttershbad:
. . . . . .

^[where'd the heart go?]
Actually, one of the reasons why they're not kissing yet is because I'm not sure how to write genuine, romantic Flarity yet. I'm working my way there, don't worry! My heart:heart:[oh, there it is] can only take so much at a time, y'know?

5185788 I could make some reading recommendations that might spur you into the right directions. You have an excellent setup already, they are business partners, close friends, they sing together. Fluttershy is extremely emotionally dependent on Rarity, so much so that a negative opinion made her world come crashing down. Now what would make everything horrible? Finding out she was attracted to her extremely straight (as far as she knows) friend. It's just one more thing for her to angst about.

5185902 Reading recommendations, huh? Like Green?:twilightblush:

I jest, I jest. Green actually is one of my favorite stories, and I do love reading it; I just don't get around to doing it often.

And about the romance:

Rarity continued to hug Fluttershy for several minutes, until she was sure Fluttershy was calm again, and then a bit longer still.

Fluttershy broke the silence. "Um, thank you Rarity, but I think we should get back to work."

Rarity loosened her hooves and backpedaled quickly. "Yes, yes of course darling!" She coughed. "We've still many orders to complete!"

That was actually in Carousel Designs, LLP. as foreshadowing. I just really don't know how to act on it. One thing I really, really want to avoid is writing generically. It seems especially hard to avoid that in Romance, given how pervasive the classic "confession" romance story is.

I actually had (still have, really) an idea for a true, unique Flarity sequel to Carousel Designs, LLP: Fluttershy's status with Rarity in that story is as a silent, secret business partner. It stands that way so Rarity gets the fame and fortune, and Fluttershy shares in the profits, but importantly, not the fame, which she really, really dislikes:fluttershyouch:. As it is, keeping a business relationship covert is rather simple. A romantic relationship? Not so much.

This an idea I'd like to get around to eventually, but as it stands now, I don't have anywhere near the amount of skill I would need to pull something as complicated as this off. Instead, the Flarity ideas bouncing around in my head squeeze out as friendshipping, because I find them easier to write!:twilightblush:

5185702 :yay::duck:Fluttershy and Rarity thank you for fixing their awkward dialogue!

5186157 Surprisingly enough, no. Don't get me wrong, I love Green, I'd have to in order to still be writing it 3 years later, but I'd rather not see my own take on Flarity mirrored onto another writer.

I was talking more about the Flarity prompt tag. There is a nice array of different ideas there. Green was one path to Flarity, but there are many others. I admit to having a bit of a fixation on my favorite ship :raritywink: So I think about it a lot.

tldr: I don't want you to recreate Green, I want to read how you ship it.

5186229 Ah. Point taken with the prompt tag. Looks like I might be trying hand my hand at romance pretty soon!:heart:


I helped, but you had the solid foundation in place. :twilightsmile:

Oh yes, Rarity,"
(Rarity doesn't say "darling" anywhere near this often; please be more selective about it.)
They moved and waved ominously in the wind while brook bustled and bickered below.
while the brook
Fluttershy hid herself completely and peeked at the door from underneath the blankets.
(There is no door in Fluttershy's bedroom.)
"You are good enough, darling. More than good enough.

Still, this is a good story I gave it a like, Fluttershy is well in character although Rarity sounds off from saying darling so much.

5619641 Ugh. Amazing how many extra "darlings" you find in your text when someone points out the problem to you. :facehoof: I see your point. Thank your for the corrections, and thank you for reading!

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