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The greatest displays of strength are not always the most overt. Fluttershy is not whom one would consider to be a strong pony. But when Rarity digs a little deeper, she discovers in her friend a strength that carries the weight of hundreds.

Inspired by Estee's Five Hundred Little Murders.

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I will be the first to say that this storie is absolutly amazing:heart:

This is beautifully written! I cried!

I know I've already said so much to you about this story, but I would still feel wrong in not leaving you a comment here as well. All I can really say is thank you, thank you for writing something so beautiful to dedicate to little Garnet and Marceline and Missy. Thank you...

That was gorgeous. Your friends must have been very well cared for.

Fluttershy missed her spa appointment in Green Isn't Your Color, but that is a minor quibble. For what it's worth, IMO this is an excellent companion piece to Estee's story.

Wow. This has a heavy emotional impact. It's a very sad peice but has an undercurrent of hope and happiness.

I think the choice to have it be from Rarity's perspective instead of third person was a really good one and gave the story more weight to it.

The cover image was also a nice choice. I was wondering why it had been picked but then they moved into the clearing and I had a feeling about the truth but it wasnt until Shy "produced" the new stone that it really clicked. The lack of any inscription on them was not a suprise to me but when it hit Rarity what that actually meant it was a great moment in the story.

Again, great emotional peice done right. Thank you for this.

A fitting tribute to its inspiration, captured from a far more sympathetic perspective. Very nice work indeed.

Very beautiful and powerful.

Heartfelt and moving. Thank you for it.

That was beautifully written, and an excellent loving tribute to its inspiration as well.

In all honesty, this and it's inspiration have some of the, in my opinion, most realistic and interesting portrayals of Fluttershy's character. It's so easy to just simplify her down to "kind hearted person who loves animals" but, it would take an incredible strength to care so much for her animals but also move on each day with the knowledge she is going to outlive virtually all of her animal friends, and will in all likelihood witness them worsening and fading until their final breath.

I pretty much have to directly weigh in on this one, don't I?


I'm honored. Both to have created an inspiration for you, and for it to have inspired you to this degree. (Of course, you then did every last bit of the actual work. And there was a lot of it.)

I think that pretty much sums it up.

I usually just inspire people to go on rants about unjustified piano murder.

It occurs to me that Fluttershy and Celestia could possibly relate to each other very well. They could probably have a very interesting conversation that would give both some perspective on the their lifespans vs. the lifespans of their friends and caretaken.

Moved me to tears, part of me now wants to see Fluttershy and Celestia having tea together.

Lost one of my dogs at the weekend. Thank-you for this story, it really helps. :pinkiesad2:

I honestly didn't expect this level of emotion when I started reading. It was a very good use of emotional tones, it was very touching. ^^

The description and image gave it away for me, but was a very well written story...

I normally reserve this for those who fall in battle, consider it an honor.

Welp I cried, amazing story, well done

And Titanium Dragon hasn't reviewed it yet. shame.



7433734 this only further confirms my trepidation at reading it. knowing the term ephemeral, and ur comment. lol

Gosh, all this attention . . .

To all those whom I did not mention, thank you so much for reading and leaving your thoughts! They are all greatly appreciated.

You're welcome, Elo. A thousand times, you're very welcome.

Oh, really? Crap. Picking up my pencils and planning to write something so quickly means I forget to take my plothole erasers out of the drawer. Sadly, it's too late to fix the story at this point, but thank you for bringing this to my attention!

I'm glad you think the choice to write in first person Rarity was a good one, because I write a lot of stories in that mode. Seriously, over half my stories are in first person, and over half of those are from Rarity's point of view. I dunno, writing first person just feels a whole lot more visceral and makes it harder to fall into writing traps associated with third person limited.

I actually read Five Hundred Little Murders when it was released and kept it in my memory for some two years. A small handful of my stories wait around in my brain like that. And I thought the perspective I found from your story would synthesize here into a heartfelt tribute. And I'm especially happy to know that you think this story represents your original well enough to give it a signal boost.

Just don't push my Baldwin off a fifty-foot cliff, and I think we'll get along just fine.

And you are the kind of person whom I write this story for. I'm happy that I could help you in some small way to cope. I wish your dog the best. May he/she find his/her way into your own personal sanctuary.


This was painfully beautiful

7433789 Completely worth the read and the tears

7433851 lol no worries, it's on my to do list. :D

So sad, and so true. I've personally gone through the deaths of five dogs, all loved very much, and it hurts every time. Losing my grandparents hurt a lot more, of course, but these animals were still part of my family and they were like my children, or sisters, depending on my age at the time. Even when I lost my pet toads I'd had for over ten years was devastating. This is why Fluttershy should have been an alicorn instead of Twilight. She's stronger than her, and can handle so much more, even if she doesn't look like it. Twilight would go insane if she lost even Spike. Sure, Spike can talk and she raised him, but Fluttershy raised her animals and can talk to them too. :fluttercry:

So beautiful, very true. It makes you happy there are those who remember and sad for those who have forgotten. Thank you for writing this and reminding us of those we've forgotten and those who will always remember. :pinkiesad2:

Hits home. A somber, but uplifting tale about death and those that are near it. To any pet lover, this is worth a read.

Very nice I loved rarities eye fore detail

This was beyond awesome, and an incredibly excellent side story to one of Estee's. Have a like and a Follow!

That was heart-wrenching, yet so beautiful at the same time.

Wow, this hits home hard. As an animal lover and one who has owned rats ( and other pets) myself it is was hard to come to terms with the fact that smaller pets such as rats ,hamsters,etc die earlier than a pet such as a dog or cat . And many times I've had to comfort a friend who isn't as accustomed to dealing with such a sudden or unexpected loss. This was very well written , and writen with such emotion that I may just have to reread this , which I don't normally do.

~TRK , Blessed be , and happy writing.

This made me tear up... It was beautiful...

Very beautiful, very heart warming.

I very easily see Fluttershy doing this and being like this and that is what makes it both sad and beautiful... :heart:fluttershysad

It is touching, and not a bad word about those who connect emotionally. But apparently I'm an unfeeling bastard, because I can't help feeling that the story seems to promise a mystery that it doesn't quite resolve. Namely, in particular, Fluttershy's early behavior contrasted with her philosophical perspective later on.

How long has Fluttershy lived in Ponyville? I can't imagine much more than ten years. And she has hundreds of little graves -- which means that she must have been burying a friend at least every few weeks on average. Wouldn't one think that's she's worked out a way to handle conflicts between critter emergencies (whether of the sad kind like here, or otherwise) and social commitments? One that doesn't boil down to shutting herself in and lying to her human pony friends about why? Rarity is quite arguably Fluttershy's closest and most understanding friend (depending on who's doing the arguing, Rainbow Dash may slip in first for "closest", but certainly not for "understanding") -- why wouldn't she want to tell her that her animals die and it hits her hard?

It would have worked better for me without the initial what's-wrong-with-Fluttershy mystery -- if Rarity knew from the outset that every so often Fluttershy needs to skip out of something to deal with losing an animal, and it's just the first time she is shown how she deals.

Why does this story move you to tears?
The animals have a false sapience.

As though they are product of a cruel mind selfish enough to inflict a sub-turing sophoncy uplift virus onto an entire ecology for the sake of vanity over their own cruelty.

I feel sorry for Fluttershy; she is compelled to see the animals as equals who's future generations are capable of a Zootopian future. Who would be so cruel to inflict such falsities on Fluttershy?

Dude. You're talking about fan fiction for a cartoon show about magical talking horses, in which at least a handful of other species recognizable from our world (zebras, buffalo, yaks, donkeys, cows), in addition to an assortment of various fantastic creatures, have been shown canonically to speak and appear to be sapient to about the same degree that Fluttershy's species is. (Okay, the cows appeared to be somewhat stupid, but that's not really the point here).

Importing an argument about non-human animal sapience -- no matter how valid it is or isn't in the context of animal ethics in our world -- to apply to this cartoon world, would appear to be missing the point monumentally.

Terrifyingly beautiful.. I actually nearly cried.. Thank you for this story..

I reviewed this story as part of Read It Now Reviews #89.

My review can be found here.

I really like how you structured your comment. :twilightsmile:
I upvoted because it really struck me as fair minded and thoughtful.

I will agree with you, I am monumentally missing the point.

I want you to tell me what the point is that i am missing.

I'm so sorry for your pets, and it sounds like you yourself carry that weight wherever you go. I can only wish that the fond memories you have of them lift you up.

And of course Fluttershy is stronger than Twilight in terms of dealing with loss, but I feel it's the friendship that Twilight has with all her friends that resulted in her ascension. (I mean, just watch "Magical Mystery Cure.") So when Twilight loses Owlowicious or someone else important to her, it's Fluttershy who will help her cope. It's that friendship that lets Twilight hold the strength of all her friends with her, not just her own. Isn't Friendship Magic? ® :twilightsheepish:

Good point . . . Yeah, I don't have anything else to say to this besides "good point." You are right on all counts, and it's something I didn't think about in writing this story. See, that's why it's nice to have editors. I just didn't have any for this story.

Just holler and I'll return the favor.

This...is the first time in a long time i have cried whilst reading a story. The way you wrote the emotion and the intensity of the situation was so beautiful. Thank you for this story. :heart:

I reviewed this story as well. You can find it here.

this story is so beautifully written it's been a long time since i've read something like that

This was a WONDERFUL piece! Kudos to you!

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