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Frost Flower

Love makes ghosts of us all.


It's hard to love somepony that doesn't love you back. It's even harder when you know you never even had a chance in the first place.

Nopony knows this better than Fluttershy.

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i want your metaphors i want all of them

Beautiful. Have a fav.

Wow, what a gem of a story.
It's only a thousand words, but the emotion resonates through every sentence.
I don't know, whether you have any idea for a sequel, but if so, I would very much love to hear it.

Why not tag twilight? This looks like a rarishy from someone who is browsing rarity tag

I absolutely love your metaphors, the last one is my particular favorite. Even as a short story, it really perfectly strikes the heart.


Thank you. It really means a lot :) I'm often worried about being too purple prosey, but I'm relieved to see I used it effectively here.

I've added Twilight so as to clarify. Thank you for your suggestion :)

Thank you. I really appreciate your comment. Admittedly, I don't think I will write a sequel. This ficlet was written as a little one-time thing, but I can at least say I will consider it, and if I ever come up with a sufficiently good idea, I will definitely write it out.

Thank you, Frank :)

My metaphors are mine! Mine! :0

Ah, I can understand that. It's already a very complete story on it's own anyways :)

Poor Shy. :unsuresweetie: I've had friend relationships like that, where you just wish you could be as intelligent as them so they could have a better friend in you, and it can make a person feel quite unworthy, so I can't imagine how hard it would be to have it be the case but instead be love. Very well done!

As.... someone who was once on the other side of that particular metaphor, I will say... 'Shy, the galaxy isn't nearly so grand as it might seem in that moment. Butterflies don't have to be quick, or grand. They are something amazing, and any galaxy that wouldn't have one would be poorer for the choice. A galaxy can be a lonely place in the absence of that quiet, awe-inspiring beauty. And, frankly? Any galaxy that could harm a butterfly, even unintentionally, is a big, clumsy, lumbering jerk of a.... hmm... I went somewhere there... eh, moving on.

So... safe to say this resonated with me. I can hope that 'Shy's experience moving forward will match the butterfly that left me behind. I believe it will; I believe she'll be stronger, and better for it.

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