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I'm a writer, born in the United Kingdom, that's decided to take a stab at writing about ponies - don't worry my friends are worried about me to.


Set after the events of "Confidence", Fluttershy has to deal with her new found feelings for her oldest friend. Meanwhile, Rainbow Dash has to come to terms with the consequences of her actions and what they imply about her, and her relationship with Fluttershy.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 35 )

I like where this is going :pinkiehappy:
Always good to see a sequel to a Flutterdash fan fic. IS that some :raritystarry::heart::twilightsheepish: shipping I see hinted at? :pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy:

But good solid first chapter. I'm off to re-read the first story again. :scootangel:
:yay::heart::rainbowdetermined2: FTW!

I like it, now let's see how Fluttershy deals with it. :twilightsheepish:

I like where this is going. Good beginning. I love it! However the beginning can bring some people to think like this. :pinkiecrazy:

Anyway..... Great chapter! :pinkiehappy:

Aha! Victory is mine!

You said it would just be a one shot, but I knew better!

Anyway, I can't wait for what happens next.


And it still is, I just happened to write a continuation :raritywink: Confidence is still a stand alone :twilightsmile:

YAY! I just saw this. I can't wait to see where you take it!

Might have Fluttershy been doing certain things to Rainbow in her sleep? Methinks she has.


Nah, go and read the prequel to this fic "Confidence". Oh, if you don't mind that is :fluttershysad:

Ohhhhhh, ok, I had read Confidence, didn't realize this was a sequel!

I love it:pinkiehappy:! Man I'm sad you didn't extend this chapter, you better make the next one longer so I can read more lol! I'm really excited for the next chapter, keep it up bro!

indeed well done

(sorry comment is late but whatever)

good story altough i have to say it feels weird pretty much 60% of all stories contains lesbianism between the mane 6.

keep writing you do good.

....ut oh.... it wasn't a pinky pie promise!!!!!

God dam it 'shy just tell her you fuck.

Not gonna lie, I forgot which story this was when I saw it in my list. Glad you updated though. I liked it.


Completely understandable to be honest :twilightblush: I'll endeavour to update more. :raritywink:

i was actually wondering when this would be up today ironically.

tis short and filler-y but it's clearly well written. for some reason i was very taken aback by fluttershy's afterthought comment at the chicken. you know the "i'm sure you tried your best" bit. i guess it's a very fluttershy thing no doubt but it felt kinda refreshing at the same time. normally fluttershy in stories seam to say the exact same apologetic quotes every time. kinda felt like a breath of fresh air to see something that you could believe the character saying but never having actually done it.

... funny too. can't to see where this goes in future so don't take two long. another two months might see me dead :trollestia:


He's a character that appeared in the fic Confidence to which this fic is a sequel to. I'd recommend reading that if you haven't already :twilightsmile:

Though he is an OC, he's not a big enough character in the story to add the OC tag. Hope that clears that up for you :twilightsheepish:

Started reading this and "Confidence" just now. Patiently waiting for

Just don't let this story die ya hear?


I have no intention of doing so, life is just very hectic right now. Still, I do have 2 chapters done, I'm just editing them. :twilightsmile:

I am SO hooked. I demand chapter 3!! :flutterrage:

But seriously, great work. I love Mike. He seems like a wicked chill pony, and I hope you bring him back later in the story :twilightsmile:

GET CHAPTER 3 DONE!!! :pinkiehappy:

For feedback I can already say that the story is structured very nicely, the characters set in place very well, the dialogue and naration are very neatly put together as well and the chapters very easy to read as well as understand.
The story itself seems quite interesting too. It seems to suggest many things going on and this is a very healthy method of drawing genuine curiosity about certain things going on. For now though, I should warn you that if the story is meant to be something short, it might slowly lose interest if it ever feels like it's dragging. Pretty much like this scenario from these 3 chapters I should say, I am very much hooked up on Fluttershy's problem, but more so on Rainbow Dash's intentions / motivations and the realization moment for her previous actions of course. I can't say that you won't have anything to back this up with later, but I hope I'm not crossing a line if I just kindly remind you not to forget to have something, for when either of the elements present are addressed or resolved. The story has to have something going on after all, a certain something that draws interest from the reader. :duck:

Overall, it's been an amazing read so far with 0 problems whatsoever. :twilightsmile:
I would even put this into the list that is for easy to understand and read stories, that is how fluent everything in the chapters was for me. :twilightsheepish:

*clears throat* (in royal canterlot voice) thou demandest chapter threest

If you dont mind that is:fluttershysad:

Hmm...so how will Rainbow find out I wonder? Onward to the next chapter! :pinkiehappy:

Excellent! Damn...I really hope this doesn't ruin any originality if I ever get to my FlutterDash story, as well as others. But I've got other stories that I'm dying to start moving forward on. So, maybe by the time I get to the shipping ones I won't remember as much. Always good to enjoy a tale with two characters with a strong relationship. :pinkiehappy:

I'm interested in how this story turns out. Did you lose interest in writing it, or is there hope? :twilightsheepish:

So..... how about that third chapter

The Celestia COMMANDS YOU:trollestia:

So far so good. Cant wait for more.:pinkiehappy:

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