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I'm a writer, born in the United Kingdom, that's decided to take a stab at writing about ponies - don't worry my friends are worried about me to.


Of sequels and editors. · 6:01pm Aug 27th, 2012

Oh look, it turns out I can write blogs here... this should be... interesting... Anyway, I just wanted to write this to confirm a few things. One, yes, I've written the first chapter for a sequel to "Confidence" When it will be out, I'm not too sure, as I don't want to make the same mistakes I made with "Confidence" - also known as not proofreading my work properly, though, in my defense, is due to my dyslexia and being rusty as hell at

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Thank you, I hope you enjoy my fics :twilightsmile:

Welcome to Love and Tolerate. :raritystarry:

105552 Yes! Another brony who likes Rarity.:pinkiehappy:


To be honest I've only ever seen a Rarity one, which is fine for me since she's my favourite.

Nonetheless here is the link, hope that helps.


Dude were did you find that profile pic I was looking for an applebloom one
Why classroom follies that's why

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