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Frost Flower

Love makes ghosts of us all.


Through the course of their relationship, Rarity and Twilight realize there's more than one way to say "I love you".

Series of vignettes based off prompts that followers sent me on Tumblr about different ways/scenarios to say "I Love You".

Chapters (3)
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Every one of these if such a savory little bit of variety. Thank you very much for them.

1. The chapter sounds more sensual then it has right to be.

2. Dripping from the tongue... I've heard of things dripping from the lips...

3. Tongue Honey, perfect for tea. :trollestia:

Nothing is redder than Applejack's apples!

~ Holds up a Granny Smith Apple ~

I know I've been a joke type in replies, but genuinely these are sweet.

There... I'm not completely dead inside see!

Oh my gosh these are wonderful. I find myself reading with a stupid smile tugging at my lips, flashing memories of some of the most special moments of my life ... I love yous of their own.

("Gosh, you're such a sap, Filly.")

Thank you for writing these; the world needs more adorkable purple girlfriends and I find myself grinning whenever best horses find themselves swooning over the magic words.


This isn't romance its a silly ship.
This isn't a mono, it's a frost flower.
But [horseapples] if today wasn't the most fun I've had in ages

Oh my gosh it's incompleeeeet! Tracking intensifies! Aaaaaa! Frost Flower you are one-of-a-kind and thank you for existing and I swear I'm NOT just saying that because our usernames share initials :V

....I may have to go tell a certain.. ahem, Equestria Girl.... a certain set of three words.


>other ways to say "I love you"
Inb4 "As you wish."

You know its love when she's screeching at you about the ice cube tray and calling you a yutz

Chapter 1: 170 words
Chapter 2: 510 words
Chapter 3: 1187 words
Chapter 4: yes please!

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