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Episode reviews and star ratings. · 11:47pm May 10th, 2014

My star rating system.
1~5 I hated it, it was terribly written or it did something that I can’t morally agree with.
2~5 I didn’t like it, it was poorly written or just boring.
3~5 I liked it, it was well written and entertaining but overall average quality.
4~5 I really liked it, it was well written and entertaining and did something unique that made it memorable or special to me.

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Woot, I'll take a 3-5. Especially since there are some other good ones in there. Thanks so much for checking out both prom protector and greatest fear.

Thanks for the advice on my post and for checking out prom protector. If you feel like, let me know what you thought if you get around to it.

Thank you for adding A Tale of Two Suns Book 2 to your Bookshelves.

Oh, look, another one of those guys who sees themselves as an outspoken outsider going after the scourge of the popular story.

Thanks a bunch for checking out my story, and I'm glad that you enjoyed it. I'm hoping to start publishing a new story in the next couple of months once I finish the ending and do some editing.

Please look forward to it!

  • Viewing 19 - 23 of 23
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