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Impossible Numbers

"Gather ye rosebuds while ye may, Old Time is still a-flying, And this same flower that smiles today, Tomorrow will be dying."


Scootaloo. A name out of the tougher side of history. The Rider. The Speed Demon. The Devil-Made Mare.

She dreamed of busting barriers. She dreamed big. They say she dreamed bigger than dreams themselves. And then she conquered them.

The history books say Scootaloo died long ago. But legends live for as long as you tell them. This is the tale that will never die.

Originally intended for Loganberry's Flashfic 150, June 2020: "Dream a Little Dream" event.

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I've only read the description so far but I'm liking the story concept so far. I've always loved Scootaloo bc she never let her too small wings get her too far down. And I love an underdog. :scootangel:

WOW!!!! That was awesome! *lifts a glass for a toast* Here's to you and the Rainbow Road.

I... I’m speechless...

That was SO good!

This is my cannon now


Oh yes, that's what makes Scootaloo such a great character. She's not happy about her wings, of course - that's only natural - but in the long run, she makes good on her strengths. And she's got tons of enthusiasm, which goes a long way. Her episodes are some of the best in the show, in my opinion. :scootangel:


:raritystarry: Thank you very much! This is the kind of delight I love to see in my readers. I'm so glad you enjoyed the story, and thanks for taking the time to let me know.

I totally agree with you. For example, all of my favorite songs are the ones the CMC and Scootaloo specifically are in. To be honest, I think 1 of the top 3 songs in my opinion is Cutie Mark Crusaders, in all of its bad glam rock glory.

I came right on over from Flashfic to check this out. I said there that it was a very interesting concept and I still hold with that. I enjoyed seeing the world fleshed out: how Scootaloo was actually able to get to the dream in the first place of course, and the kangaroos, but also Twilight's omnipresence. I found the narrator's voice especially enjoyable without it ever overpowering the story, a good balance! And Rainbow Dash is of course best loyal supporter. Thanks for expanding this!

Modified the bit mentioning Thunderlane to clarify his attempt and how he fits in the larger story. Originally, it had just been an awkward coincidence. The edit clarifies how the two attempts were made, and why the one might have influenced the other.


Oh gosh yes, I love that song. It's not one of my utmost favourites, because the show provides a lot of stiff competition there, but I always look forward to it when I rewatch that ep. Best Comedy Act, my foot: they deserve a medal for sheer effort.

My favourite bit of Scootaloo trivia for that one is that Madeleine Peters was told to deliberately sing it badly, which is actually difficult to do when you're a trained pro (like unlearning how to ride a bike, I guess). The result just adds so much to the charm.


I like the idea that Scootaloo grows up to be a badass in her own right. Especially after "The Washouts" proved to be a showcase of her potential future career, but in any case I've always felt that Scootaloo would push her scooting skills to extremes as she grows older.

Princess Twilight was a necessary addition, if only to explain how this was made possible in the first place, but I couldn't resist the idea that future generations would consider her close friends "blessed" by her. The kangaroos were holdovers from a prior fanfic idea: one of the days, maybe... who knows...?

:twilightsmile: You're very welcome, but I should thank you in the first place for your prior review. It prodded me to fix the bugs in the original try (namely, the lack of explanation for what happens).

Incredible stuff. I feel like I'm listening to some cyberpunk hobo-shaman telling this tale under a corrugated awning keeping out the big city rain while a tin of beans cooks on a fire of plastics that really shouldn't be burnt. Great stuff. Thank you for it.

Each night, a pony could retreat from reality and, for a few blessed hours, be or see or do or dare anything they wanted. Make the rules, in a world that obeyed none.

Through the entire realm, one impossible road ran.

That's an amazing start. Wow. The perfect setup.

Darn near everything that moves will kill you, in the wrong parts of Didgeridoo.

Darn near everything that moves will kill you, in the right parts too!

This was fire in the soul, and the rainbow in the eye.


Princess Twilight Sparkle had to check, of course.

You'd think this entire thing would be something Luna would come out of retirement for. But I guess it's best to keep things as simply as possible for a tale like this.

if the ghost of Scootaloo sees you and judges you

If she hadn't become the princess of determination after it, that is. Awesome people (and particularly awful people too) do have the tendency to stick around in Equestria. Or maybe show up every couple centuries.
Imagine actually coming upon that fabled place in the dream lands, shivering in awe as you half-remember the story you've been told. And then Scootaloo is still 'just' like she is in the show, and not that larger than life version her tale has ballooned her into over the centuries. Well, maybe a tiny tad more mature.
I like that thought.

Amazing story overall, the entire thing feels like something out of Mad Max, or if everything had been told in rhyme - a tale told by future not-Zecora. The kind of legend that just doesn't appear to happen any more once modern media is around to document everything in a seemingly perfect way.

That was great! I like the far-into-the-future storytelling style that you wrote in, turning Scootaloo into a legend. I like the way you wrote about her resolve even after her greatest failure. It sits well with my headcanon that pegasi are born with determination and spirit, though Scootaloo is exceptional in that regard in order to kick life in the ass for its cruelty against her. Even if this just sounds like generic praise, I wanted to try to express how unique this story feels.


Ha, that's some oddly specific imagery coming to mind there. Then again, between your comment here and 10299969's comment there, I'm surprised by the dystopia connection. It wasn't particularly forefront in my mind when I wrote this: just the general idea that some people will still tell larger-than-life legends far into the future (for what it's worth, as a reference I had the likes of Paul Bunyan and John Henry in mind).


Darn near everything that moves will kill you, in the right parts too!

The catch being: there are no right parts. :trollestia:

Also, I love the idea of Princess Scootaloo. Someone make that happen! :scootangel: (Especially if it's crossed with "Mad Max" Scootaloo at the same time; that'd be one hell of an awesome crossover).


Huh, I never considered it that way before, but in hindsight pegasi being naturally determined souls would fit quite neatly into my own scheme I'd been developing for the three tribes (e.g. that earth ponies tend to have the closest and the most numerous family ties, or unicorns tend to be drawn to "higher" pursuits like art, philosophy, and science). I like that idea...

Not at all generic, at least to me. Picking out the choicest parts is always fascinating to me, whether it's a tidbit in a particular scene or a larger element that spans beginning to end. And like I said above, I love the idea that Scootaloo grows up to be awesome in her own unique way.

Thank you all for the comments. A delight and a privilege, as ever. I'm glad you enjoyed my little story so much. :twilightsmile:

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