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Impossible Numbers

"Gather ye rosebuds while ye may, Old Time is still a-flying, And this same flower that smiles today, Tomorrow will be dying."


Fluttershy put down the marker pen and frowned at her calendar. “I just thought: When is your birthday, Discord?”

On the sofa, Discord stopped eating his saucer and stifled a chuckle. “Birthdays? Come now, Fluttershy. What makes you think the Master of Chaos wastes his time on birthdays?”

Originally intended for Loganberry's Flashfic 150, September 2018: "Birthday Magic" event.

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D'awww. That is sweet! I like it!:twilightsmile:

:heart: This was a wonderful story

“All right.” Discord downed the last of his tea set. “How about a rebirthday, then? I can remember that day clearly.”


Cute story. :yay: I was kind of expecting them to just get out a spinner with the days of the year on it, spin it, and celebrate that day as his birthday. Then after that, they could spin it again for next year.

Imagine someone giving birth to Discord...

Now imagine him being unbirthed and then rebirthed...

Enjoy the nightmares for the next month. :pinkiecrazy:

Well that is a singularly delightful bit of nonsense.

And that's why it didn't happen.

She had to celebrate something. No matter how badly he’d started, she had to share with him what all her other friends shared with her. Birthdays at home had been miserable affairs; just two parents who’d been too poor to get her anything and too weak to admit it. A brother who’d spent more time chasing fillies than caring what she wanted. And the first time she had a best friend, or any friend at all, Rainbow Dash had always, always, always been hopeless enough to forget her birthday and apologize the next day. By the time Fluttershy received her first decent present, it had been a token to the Ponyville Spa from Rarity, and by then Fluttershy was well into adulthood.

That's actually really sad.

"How far back? Well, I remember when I was ousted from the Continuum for constantly harassing a starship captain and his crew..." :pinkiecrazy::pinkiesmile:

Huh. Genuinely didn't see this feature coming. The world is just full of surprises, ain't it?


Little known fact: The Mad Hatter and the March Hare are Discord's drinking buddies. Also famous for the anti-birthday (requires an anti-matter universe and loads of anti-tea), the hyper-birthday (you celebrate only the second you were born, no more, no less), and, (when they want to get philosophical), the meta-birthday. I'll leave that last one to your imagination.


That was Option Number 2: Random Birthday Bash.

Although in all seriousness, picking birthdays at random would actually be an interesting idea for someone as odd as Discord. It would certainly appeal to his love of the unpredictable. And think of all the ways he could torment Twilight with it...


Wonder who the midwife was? Nanny Ogg? After all, she delivered Time's son twice - the same son, mind - in Thief of Time. Besides, I generally assume DIscord's relationship with biology is about the same as his relationship with sitting still and not doing magic.


I know, man. The nostalgia was delightful. I really need to see Alice in Wonderland again. It's so unlike the other Disney films; closest comparison I can think of is Fantasia, which needless to say isn't very close at all, but that's how special it is.


Agreed. I generally hold a pessimistic view of early Fluttershy's life, though I do wonder if I pushed it a bit with this passage (I don't want it to be Dickensian-level bad, or anything). That said, I don't think anything there is wildly out of character for, say, Zephyr Breeze or Rainbow Dash...


"There was also the time I was an Air Traffic Controller, and had a daughter on drugs, and... Eeee on second thoughts, let's skip over that particular past life. It's not really age-appropriate for this universe anyway." :twilightoops:


Thank you all for the lovely comments. They were a pleasure to read! And I'm happy to see so many people enjoying the fic. Thanks again! :scootangel:

Yes, but remember. Discord is unpredictable. People would expect him to be random about it, so why not be normal and throw everyone out of whack.

Pinkie’s gotten to you, hasn’t she?

"Honestly, aren't I enough for you? You have to go to other chaos entities on the side? What, did you invite Nurgle to our next tea party? Is Sheogorath bringing the absence-of-cheese?"

Silliness aside, this was a lovely little slice of life, showing just why these two get along so well. Not my usual take on Fluttershy's childhood—if nothing else, I'd think gardening would be a very expensive hobby in a cloud city—but still a delightful read. Thank you for it.


Truth be told, I'm undecided when it comes to how rich or poor Fluttershy's family is. On the one hand, make her too poor and it all gets a bit Dickensian. They need enough money to have a decent-sized house with furniture like that, so "no birthday gifts" is an exaggeration.

On the other hand, I can imagine Fluttershy's parents just not being assertive enough in the job market. I think "Mr. Shy" worked at a cloud factory for years, which to me seems like a pretty unremarkable, even low-skill job for a pegasus.

Plus, it's ambiguous to what extent things like gardening on clouds would be considered "low economic status", at least for a pegasus family. That's especially when weather-making doesn't have an obvious real-world industry for comparison.

In any case, I am at least glad you enjoyed the fic so much. :scootangel:

Good to see you marauding into the Feature Box with this, Numbers. It merited it as well. A well-done wee Slice-of-Life, with good introspection and characterisation for Fluttershy, and entirely fitting madcapness for Discord. Nicely done. :twilightsmile:


It genuinely caught me by surprise. I was expecting it to get the usual two days of moderate, respectable attention and then go to sleep. Getting featured for several days usually happens to other people. :applejackunsure:

Still, good luck is what it is. Glad you enjoyed it too. :scootangel:

Nice story about Fluttershy and Discord.

Comment posted by Misguided brony deleted Nov 2nd, 2018

And now I finally read this and made good on my promise. And I'm..... satisfied. I think that's the accurate way to describe my feelings right now. Satisfied. But not just satisfied, deeply satisfied. The kind of feeling you have after a long and successful day, when you just want to go to bed and carry that good feeling into your sleep. That kind of satisfaction is what I feel now after reading this.
So far, I had only read one of your stories, "Why the Gift is Given", but now that I read another, I can see something that I couldn't see before.....
I am amazed by it how you manage to delve into the mind of ponies/creatures you write about like that. This is something I've never seen with any other pony author here. Not even with great ones like ocalhoun. There are lots of great pony authors here on FIMFiction.net who are able to write them all in-character, but you're doing more than just that. You manage to write about them in a way that makes it feel like you're sitting in their heads. I've never felt so close to Fluttershy and Discord before. Not even when watching the show.
This is something only you can do. Your style, what makes you truly unique and what makes your stories outstanding. Only my respect for other great authors here on FIMFiction.net prevents me from actually saying that, but I am feeling the urge to call you "the best author on FIMFiction" now. The favourite I've just given this story feels more right than any favourite I've ever given on here.
You are not just a great pony author, you are a special pony author. Keep going!


Gosh, I'm blushing like mad here. It's so gratifying that you liked this one so much. But honestly, I've always been interested in getting into the thoughts and feelings of other people, real or fictional. Psychology is a rich subject, and I believe one of the main purposes of writing is to explore it to the full. While telling a good story, of course. :twilightblush:

Oh, I don't know about being "best" or even one of the greats - on this site, remember that's some formidable competition - and there's a ton of stuff I still need to learn and/or test myself against. But thank you for saying that, all the same. It's just delightful to see someone express so much enthusiasm. :twilightsmile:


Formidable competition, indeed. But you carved out a spot for yourself here and you are just as formidable of a competition to other authors here like they are to you. Maybe the views of your stories don't always make you feel like that or they make you underestimate the worth of your writing, but remember, views are not the "end all" to determine the quality of a story. Readers have a variety of very subjective reasons for deciding whether to check out a story or to pass up on it.
Much more reliable are actual comments you get. Someone who writes a comment really cares for a story and often, these comments are a much better indicator for how good a story is. "Quality over Quantity", that does not just go for stories, that also goes for the reactions a particular story gets. It's the comments where you can see how much a story moved its readers and if a story moves them a lot, then you have succeeded. And from what I could see, your stories get these kinds of comments very frequently.
You are truly and definitely part of the high ranks here on FIMFiction.net. :twilightsmile: I am excited for your next story and I can't wait for when I'm able to read another story by you. :heart:

An engaging little read. One wonders exactly what hi-jinks would ensue at a Discord birthday — or a rebirthday — party with the mane 6, Spike, and possibly others. Thank you for sharing. :twilightsmile:


He'd probably paint the town blue-checkered (not red), then make half of it float upside-down with pies. He's sort of like a mobile wonderland, only he makes less sense.

Glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for commenting. :twilightsmile:

Fortunately you saw my review at the time, but this is another for the "horribly late favourite" pile. As it's so short, I re-read it and I have pretty much the same feeling now as I did then. A very good read.

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