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S'cute. I like.

This was quite the little tale.

Very well done.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Hmmm... entertaining and fluffy. Also Discoshy... I like. ^^

This made me want a nice cup of tea. I think I will go make tea now. :yay:

An overall serene feeling in this and enjoyable for it :pinkiesmile:

I'ma try writing drunk.

Uh... Who was talking? All that talking got me :applejackconfused:

Chaos therapy as a way to treat social anxiety. I love it. It's the exact kind of idea that Discord would have when trying to help Fluttershy, and the end result is precisely what I'd expect out of it. Magnificently done.

3061328 Just Discord and Fluttershy. Back and forth. It's the only way that kind of exchange can work: Two participants, trading off on every line. Add a third and you'd damn well better put in some action words and "name said."


Very nicely done.

Adorably simple, and quite a fun thing to read, thank you.

Simple and easy. It reads so casually. This was a nice piece.

Never before have I felt like cuddlehugging words. What is this magic?

Sauced on ale from my home country? Drat, that's some good stuff, then. A marvelous little character piece, it goes from the gimmick of Discord turning the cottage chaotic to some actual logic and heart behind it. It's not described that much, but then the nature of the scenes don't really need that much describing. I suppose one can argue Discord feels out of character, but that's more related to 'public face vs private face' logic. Liked and faved, good sir.

A subtle Terry Pratchett reference is always worth a few points in my book. :twilightsmile:

I love short stories like this.
They get me right in the feels...

It's quite difficult to understand, to point out what they were doing, maybe I'm bad at reading :applecry:

No idea what it means but I think that it was lovely.:twilightsmile:

A little confusing at first, since you don't establish the speakers right from the beginning, but it was an amusing read. The simplicity of the writing, short dialogue with to-the-point descriptions makes it a quick read, but it also makes the story feel peaceful even as you're imagining the chaos going on around Fluttershy and Discord.

This is terribly sweet, too. I love the idea of Discord trying to help Fluttershy with her social anxieties, since he certainly doesn't have a single anxiety in the world. It's just very sweet of him to be trying to help her, so sincerely. I certainly don't see any problems with his characterization here--he has been shown to calm down at times, and when better than when trying to help his dearest friend?

If this is what a good drink does, perhaps I should go do a little shopping before I get to writing.

This is great. And you have a pretty good grasp on speaking patterns, considering I had no difficulty keeping them apart, despite their being no "someone said" anywhere.

Nice little fic.

The best friends are the ones who make you want to better yourself in every way and strive to help you do just that.

this was. wow. Heh. I chuckled almost the whole way through, It was funny in a heartwarming and endearing way. It showed a very honest and believable interaction between fluttershy and Discord but... Also something I can relate to. My fiance is very much the one who brings me out of my comfort zone like that, He encourages me to socialize more and helps me face my stresses and anxieties in a way I never really can when he's not around.

This was well-written, and you most especially captured Discord's character well. His dialogue felt so on-point. I think that perhaps I side with Fluttershy's point of view on things in this story though. Social anxiety is less about remaining calm in the face of the strange, and more about the fear that others will find you strange and dislike you. It was sweet of him to try and help her though. Again, well done. Thanks so much for sharing. :twilightsmile:

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