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I'm a college student and member of many fandoms, including MLP. I'm a total Fluttercord shipper.


Fluttershy doesn't worry too much about the strange things happening to her. Coughing up a few petals can't hurt anypony, can it? Hiding an unrequited love won't kill you...will it?

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Coughing up a few petals can't hurt anypony, can it?

OK, I know ponies can be pretty damn stupid, (just see most of the episodes for proof of that) but even they should know that this sort of thing should be looked at.

The pain! The drama! The pining!!!! This is literally my favorite kind of fanfiction. It was SO GOOD. I was honestly not expecting a happy ending. Like, I was 100% expecting Fluttershy to die or maybe even for Discord to NOT return her feelings and for me to be UTTERLY destroyed by the end. :twilightsheepish: I think that is a testament to your storytelling, that you managed to keep me on my toes up to the end! And honestly? That just made the ending SO much more satisfying, almost cathartic to read.

Thanks for sharing your story!

Edit: Oh, just one last thing. Discord saying "I wanted to remove the flowers to save you, but…selfishly, I had wanted you to forget whoever it was. To forget whatever fool wouldn't care for you."??? THAT WAS THE GOOD SHIT. Like, YES. Hit me with those feels.

Okay, I think I am done now.

Edit #2: No, wait, I am still not done gushing. I was just rereading the part where Discord is literally twitching to remove the flowers against Fluttershy's wishes and like I am dying over here imagining the ANGST??? Discord removing Fluttershy's feelings for HIM, thinking he is removing her feelings for another stallion??? It might take me a while to get over this story.

Wow. That legitimately had me worried. Well done!

This story is really very much in line with Fluttershy's character! !! Shyness and worry are often her characteristics, not to mention when she begins to secretly love her best friends.
Your writing is superb !! !
I am very glad that they have a happy ending in the end, in fact, I can see from the previous that he has more care for her than anything else!
AND I LOVE THIS:"selfishly, I had wanted you to forget whoever it was. To forget whatever fool wouldn't care for you":yay:

Story was pretty good, and it was an interesting concept to build a story around. One major typo though, right at the end. "...creature they lived was..." I'm guessing "loved", either that or you need to change it to " ... lived for...". Well done either way.

Thank you! It's fixed now.

Aaaaaa, this was so good! This story had me at the edge of my seat! It's been a while since a story made me feel this way. :heart:


That was honestly why it took me so long to read this. But I enjoyed talking to you on the Discord fluttercord server and felt I needed to read something of yours.

I think Discord was pretty good in this! I did find it a bit comical when he confessed, and then she coughed up a whole bouquet, and he just says "I made it WORSE?!?" That was funny! He WOULD.

And he would get so obsessed that it would be the only thing he did until the endgame. He WOULD have twitching claws as he fought to do what he wanted instead of what Fluttershy wanted him to do.

And he called her "Flutterbuddy" and that made me happy because I loooooooove that nickname.

Good job! Adding to favorites!

I can relate to having coughing fits:pinkiesick:
Great story, though! I was sooooooo worried it wouldn't be a happy ending!

I’m slightly livid that this doesn’t have 10 times as many likes, and 100 times as many views. Because it deserves it.

Echoing the same sentiment as many others: it's a mystery why this doesn't have more views/likes.

Very good story. I felt everyone was quite in-character, which is sometimes difficult to do when you ship two characters together.

Wow what a fantastic read very much in character for Fluttershy. I really liked it and am glad she finally fessed up in the end.

Half of me is really glad for the happy ending, the other half wishes this was a tragedy. Great read either way.

All of me wishes that you had used the spoiler markup for the words happy ending and tragedy

Yeah, you kinda gave it away there. (But I still enjoyed it even without the tension of not knowing which way it would go.)

Shit… I’ve heard of this disease. When someone keeps their feelings for another a secret, they will start coughing up petals, and then at some point entire flowers. Haven’t read this yet, I bet it’ll be good!

Twilight pulled out a sheet of paper. “Which is why we're going to look for a cure.” She pulled out a quill and began to rapidly jot things down. “Applejack, I want you to see if any member of your family has heard of the Hanahaki Disease. Rainbow Dash, I want you to ask the Wonderbolts, and if they don't know anything, fly East as quickly as you can and see if you can find anything. Rarity, if you can, ask your clients if they know anything. Pinkie Pie, ask everypony you know.”

Austraeoh reference..?

Edit: after reading this for the first time, I can proudly say that this gets my ‘Waffle of Approval’ because it’s wonderful. Yep. Waffle. I wonder if this disease is real, or if it’s just a rumor… I’ve heard of it before :’)

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