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I'm a college student and member of many fandoms, including MLP. I'm a total Fluttercord shipper.


Discord finds himself unable to explain to Fluttershy exactly how it feels to have chaos magic. He still manages to think of a way to show her, though: switching bodies so that she can experience it for herself!

Day Ten of #FluttercordWeek2022: Swap

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“It was a while ago,” she said, twitching her fingers and curling her tail. “Angel Bunny and I ended up switching bodies thanks to one of Zecora's potions so that we could understand the other's point of view.” She flapped her wings, rising off of the couch and wriggling her long body to try and get into a standing position.

Yeah that's right I remember that it was a pretty odd decision but nevertheless it was pretty interesting situation between Fluttershy and Angel basically a Freaky Friday situation

Rainbow looked at them with suspicion for a few more seconds before a wide grin spread across her face. "...hey, Fluttershy. Wasn't your first fillyhood crush on—"

I always remember how rainbow always call out something is not right

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm cool

I loved this! Wish it could have been an episode. I like the headcanons you gave to Discord such as having hypersensitivity to certain stimuli. I always love seeing Fluttershy being able to be creative :twilightsmile:

Wow another great story here another Freaky Friday story I read a couple of times but anyway it looks like Fluttershy wants to know how Discord goes through with his magic and everything and he had this idea of switching bodies for a day ever since that incident with switching body with Angel to understand him as well and they did switch body and I have to admit it was pretty interesting to see how Fluttershy is having fun with this whole chaotic power even though she doesn't want to go overboard and I really do like how Rainbow dash call them out at least Fluttershy that they figured that they switch bodies and the end of the day it was pretty sweet seeing though having a moment with each other it was a pretty nice story keep up the good work

What an amazing story and another great reason why these two are definitely made for each other! I love how Fluttershy enjoyed the chaotic concoctions Discord usually chows down on! And give props to Rainbow Dash catching on to the trick.

Hey Dianabel! How's every little thing?

That was excellent. I love the ship in the first place, but this was just magnificent. Both characters felt organic and like they would if this were an episode of the show. I did not see a single spelling error and everything was, well... perfect. Consider your work Liked and Faved

This is super cute!

Great! Busy with exams but great. Glad to see you :raritywink:.

Oh okay chilly week, huh?

I got a new challenge for an MLP story! I bet one of you writers can make a good story where Discord accidentally gets amnesia! And Fluttershy and the others have to help him get his memories back or decide what to do with him until they get it back ( cause you know how he is with the Mane 5 sometimes)
It would be kinda adorable seeing an amnesiac Discord
With Flutttershy him growing very fond of her and her kindness
Kinda innocent like Cotton candy Garnet from Steven Universe the movie or when Helga got beaned on the head from a episode from Hey Arnold


This is the only thing that threw me out of the (rather good) story for a moment. Super weird to see a human brand name, capitalized and everything, in the middle of an idyllic Ponyville love story. I'd change it to "containers".

Especially since it's one of those brands that's named after its proprietor, for a second reason it probably shouldn't exist.

Or "Crupperware" for the horse pun.

Aren't they just precious? Rhetoric question - yes. Yes, they are.
I appreciate the fact that this isn't a 'how they fell in love'-story. Or a 'proposal'-story, or one revolving about the many other 'usual' points of interest in a relationship. Instead, it's a nice little window into a 'regular' day. I like that.
And you did a wonderful job explaining and conveying Discords perspective and magic. Really interesting stuff.

Thank you.

I love slice-of-life fic, and I love the way you've described magic here. Willing to read about 100k more words of them being domestic and lectures on chaos magic theory pls!!

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