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I'm a college student and member of many fandoms, including MLP. I'm a total Fluttercord shipper.


Discord finds himself in the field where Fluttershy's cottage used to be—remembering, mourning, and wishing there was some way to seal the gap time has put between them.

Day One of #FluttercordWeek2022: Distance

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If Fluttershy and Discord had Children and they went of to start families of their own. Is it possible for Discord to be Hitch's Grandfather.

Wow, that was sad 😭. But absolutely beautiful, it's totally one of the ways I want discord to make an appearance in g5 (if he ever do one)

Aww poor Discord over a thousand years ago he really miss Fluttershy so bad he tried to keep the memories alive but it gets harder for him but it looks like he discovered something there was a pony name hitch Trailblazer and he noticed something he has the same ability as Fluttershy so he decided to stick with him for a while to see if it would be his grandchildren this was a very sad and very nice short story keep up the good work

I should have known better than to read this while at work :twilightsheepish: now after fighting back tears I'll say I love the wistfullness here as well as your take on today's prompt. You definitely pulled more than a few heart strings. Good work!

That was a good story.

This is a lovely piece. I very much wish we get a episode of Discord or even a mention of what happened to him in the upcoming series, because it's the only thing that matters to me now, :rainbowlaugh: :raritydespair: But anyway, I am looking forward for this years' Fluttercord Week, specially your pieces :heart:

I wonder if Discord interact with hitch Trailblazer because I've always believed that he could be related to Fluttershy maybe not as strong as her ability but it's there inside of him that he could be related to Fluttershy

This is one of your best pieces in terms of raw emotion. The shaking of his paws, the gasping of his breath, it was all so realistic without being overly-dramatic. Just so, so sad.

But your timing is impeccable. You did a great job tying this in with the new generation. It helped bring a little bit of hope into the piece.

But oh my goodness. Are their children gone too?


Thank you! I'm glad you think this piece is so good. And yes, Discord and Fluttershy's children are gone—they were probably pretty long-lived, but not immortal. Somewhere around the point of great-grandchildren, Discord was so busy mourning the loss of Fluttershy that he lost track of his descendants.

Oh man, this was really sad! Especially when Discord tried to caress the image of Fluttershy and instead just went right through her. :fluttercry: But the ending gave a glimmer of hope there. Hitch being related to Fluttershy makes a fair bit of sense.

Nicely done on this one! You tugged at my heartstrings just right.

I've also read a fair bit of your other fanfic and intend to properly review much of it, so be on the lookout for that lol. Just know in general that I really enjoy your writing and all the Fluttercord goodness you write (even when it's sad like this one) 😃

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