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I'm a college student and member of many fandoms, including MLP. I'm a total Fluttercord shipper.


Discord is almost ready to ask the pony he cares most about, Fluttershy, out for a date. But he wants it to be perfect, so he asks as many ponies for advice as he can—including one he hasn't always gotten along with.

To his surprise, she might have a way to help him that he never imagined.

Day Three of #FluttercordWeek2022: Treehugger

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Yknow, I've never been a huge fan of Tree Hugger fics, but I really like how you've interpreted and written her. She was still quirky and a bit zany as usual, but also pretty chill.

Here's to wishing Discord good luck!

I love this💕💕💕. Even though most of the fanfics I read portrait the relationship between tree hugger and discord as a love/hate one on the latter's part, you give another point of view of the same, giving tree hugger the chance to prove that she can also be a good friend to discord.

...needed to focus...



...focus on what, again?

That took a chuckle out of me :rainbowlaugh:.

I really liked this interaction between Discord and Tree Hugger.

Also titled "If You Give a Discord a Therapist"!

I loved your motivation for him to see Tree Hugger.

"All my friends gave me cliche vanilla advice! I knew they would! So you. Your turn. Wow me."

He almost slung an arm around her shoulder. Trying to take it seriously when he doesn't want to. Love it!

That is pretty nice and it's always good to see Discord actually asking for help even she doesn't really get along with some ponies and creatures but he's trying especially with tree hugger but again she is something else I will have to admit but she does give out pretty good advice and I'm sure Discord can do this and asking Fluttershy on a date good luck to him this was a pretty good story keep up the good work

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