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At the end of the Accord arc, Starlight Glimmer managed to save herself and convince Accord to change back into Discord. But what if she had chosen to save another pony, one much closer to Discord?

Day Six of #FluttercordWeek2022: Alternative Ending

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I like how Accord just accepted the terms and went through with it. He is order, through and through. He didn't cheat or get overly angry. He was a gentedraconequus in the end.

Also a very good essay on how order and harmony are not one in the same. "You can't play the same note and call it a song." I like that!

And warm fuzzies for all.

Again, this is the ending it should have had. Anything else is bunk.

“And now they don't need to choose!” he said. “They all think like me, act like me…the perfect friends. Order is friendship, and friendship is order.”

That is so messed up man

I remember reading that book and that villain Accord was a pretty interesting villain I have to say so instead of Starlight it was Fluttershy Who convinced Accord about the true meaning of friendship which I still like that and those Smiles are really creepy I thought it was even worse back in season 5 premier but anyway this was a very sweet story and it's very nice way to say no matter how different people are we can always still be friends just like Paula Abdul song opposite attract anyway keep up the good work

You did a great job on this! Maybe when you get the chance, you should do a remake of this arc. I would like to see some changes that you could come up with since you did a different ending of this comic arc.

This was a great alternative, No offense to Starlight, but I really think Fluttershy should've been the on to defeat Accord since she was the only one not happy with Discord's new change plus she's much closer to him and knows him better than anypony and that makes their friendship even more stronger no matter how different they are she loves him for who he is. It kinda felt like they were just trying to make Starlight look good again.

Plus it would add a lot more to Discord and Fluttershy's character development and the Mane 5 and the rest of the Ponies will grow to more accepting and friendlier to him

Comment posted by ChubbyNia deleted Feb 2nd, 2022

Maybe Twilight and her friends told her.

Okay yeah that works

When one thinks about it...she was the best when playing his games.

She gulped and nodded. “D-Discord would play games, even with his enemies.” They weren't very nice games, but she didn't say that aloud. “Even when he was sure he would win, he would give them a fair chance.” Until he decided to cheat, but that was also something she left unsaid.

Exhibit A in cheating, he had to directly influence her in the maze.

I really like this story and interpretation, well done Author for reimagining one of my favorite comic arcs! but let’s not forget that until the brand new Generations comic, this was Starlight’s one and only major appearance in the comics. Don’t take this away from her, it’s all she has😔

Wait, she didn't have more?

Nope, she gets the occasional panel as a background Pone, or gets to say a line or two after this, but even in the climax of the whole endeavor in Season 10, she gets a singular panel of her stuffed into a corner and then never seen again, even when it was her supposed to be doing the protecting that fails somehow.

She’s getting some highlight in the generations comic though so that’s a W.

I don’t really consider the comics canon, so I never really saw that comic.

Though seriously, they gave the role of getting Discord back to Starlight? There are moments where her moments of accomplishment make sense, but… this was not it.

“Harmony is…is about different people, all working together to create something beautiful,” she continued. “It's not about all being the same! You can't play the same note and call it a song—we need different notes, each unique in its own way, to make something better.”

Excellent passage!
I enjoyed this immensely.

Okay now that I actually saw the comic summary, I can comment. I highly doubt this happened since this totally contradicts canon since neither Discord or Accord disappeared when they went against their natures like in Discordant Harmony.

Starlight being the one to stop Accord made sense for what it was building up to but Fluttershy was the option that made the most sense.

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