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I'm a college student and member of many fandoms, including MLP. I'm a total Fluttercord shipper.


Fluttershy and Discord have been through a lot, in their friendship and their romance. But finally, they're married, and things can settle down now...right?

Fluttershy should have known that things aren't that easy when Discord's involved.

A collection of random, fluffy drabbles. Not much of a plot here.

Amazing cover art made by Eveeka!

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Read these while a puppy was sleeping on me..................I just about drowned in fluffy happiness.
These are SO DANG CUTE. :heart:

can't wait to see more😁

:yay::yay::yay: This fic is ADORABLE. I feel so BLESSED. The little details peppered throughout are so sweet and heartfelt I just want to die.

The moment Discord started looking for her in his sleep and then grabbed her and cuddled her??? Yeah, that moment killed me. I am currently deceased. How do you manage to put so much feeling into the mundane? I just love it.

This was lovely. Discord finding comfort in Fluttershy's mane when he sleeps is an adorable idea on its own. But then adding him looking for it and not finding it after she cut it?? *chef's kiss* That was the really good stuff right there.

I also love how Discord was so sweet about her new mane and didn't say a single word until Fluttershy said something. He knows that Fluttershy can do whatever she wants with her own mane. What a good husband. 💕

THE ROMANCE OF IT ALL. :raritycry:

Thank you so much for writing and sharing it. My excitement and seeing this in my feed was immeasurable.

Just got out of the hospital, I’m sending you the bill.


OMG, yaaaaasssss!:raritystarry: This, this is exactly what I needed after the series finale:D Especially in the Fluttercord department <3 You know what makes Fluttercord just even better, like God tier perfection, old married Fluttercord fluff <3 And not only did you dipped into this naturally perfect premise, but you have been picking just top tier just absolute perfection topics to tackle like Discord spoiling Fluttershy every morning with breakfast in order to make up for all the love and kindness that Fluttershy has been giving him over the years, and Fluttershy wanting to surprise him with breakfast for once, and the story of how Flutters got the mane style that she was styling in The Last Problem I cannot tell you how excited I am for the next chapter:rainbowkiss::heart: Like seriously, I cannot waitXD This the Fluttercord fanfic to keep a close eye on;)

AaaaAAAAAAAaaaAAAaaaaaaaaAAAaaaA It's SooOOoOOO FLUFFY!!!!!!!!!!!
Great Job! Can't wait for more!:rainbowkiss:

(slams table) This is exactly what I need post series finale! After all of the depressing mortality/immortality stuff (it's still good stuff, and something I'd totally write if my brain let me), some casual, adorable domestic fluff is what I want to absolutely drown in. The idea of Discord and Fluttershy living together and dealing with very simple situations is the best. Like the whole breakfast scenario is the absolute cutest, and the image of Fluttershy and Discord making breakfast together brings a huge smile to my face because that is exactly what I want with Fluttercord.

And this chapter's especially great because it also highlights that yeah, the domestic stuff is fairly simple but it can be amplified because chaos. Fluttershy coming home to Discord fighting off her mane that they cut off? Love it (also love how there's apparently excess magic in pony hair? I wouldn't think about it, but as soon as he said it, I was like "oh okay, that makes sense.").

I demand... (checks notes) a billion more chapters, please. That's not asking for much, right?

I was SO FREAKING EXCITED when I got the notification for this!!!! This chapter is so cute, I feel all warm and fuzzy now. Dr. Discord examining his precious little patient at the end was the CUTEST. Can I also just mention the bunny names? Coco? Vanilla? Adorable.

I think I just died and went to fluff heaven!

YAAAAAAAAAS.:heart: :yay:

Moar please!

Also the part where the lamp turned on and he was on the chair when she tried sneaking in... I could so see that happening in canon! He so would.

Dawww the classic taking care of each other when they're sick prompt:heart: While I did predict the ending, but that ending with this premise is to be expected and I would be surprise if that particular ending didn't happenXD Anyway, I cannot tell you how excited I was when I saw this new chapter update on my feed:3 Squeee! Lol;) OMG I love the names you gave Angel's childrenXD :heart: But nothing beats the adorableness of this right here:

A few minutes later, he blinked awake groggily. He was quickly awoken as she started to pepper his face with kisses. He laughed,

Bravo on the execution of this used concept and making it your own, and I look forward to the next chapter^^

:yay:Cute! I love it!

:heart: this is cute I can't wait to see more.
the story star wars

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So cute! And I love your use of The Color of magic's prologue :twilightsmile:

You win an internet cookie for figuring out the book! I figured that Discord would enjoy the Discworld series. :twilightsmile:

You really get it, don't you? You just get romance. This was so freaking enjoyable, I once again loved it.

He sighed. "I know. And I sleep better with you next to me, too. But I'd sleep even better if I knew you were safe and healthy." He laid back. "Either of us could take a guest room. I think we'll survive one night apart."

Fluttershy could always wear a hazmat suit.

Whether it would be comfortable to sleep in is another thing, save for Discord making it more comfortable, but at least they have each other.:twilightsheepish:

He shook his head. "...But some chaos might make me feel better," he admitted. She smiled, nodded, and tipped over the vase on their nightstand. She flew around the room, overturning most of the objects in their room, though leaving some alone. He sighed in contentment, the small acts of chaos making him feel relaxed.

He glanced over at a piece of furniture that had been untouched by Fluttershy's adorable chaos spree. It was a small, pastel green bookshelf, filled with all sorts of books. He had added it so Fluttershy didn't need to go to the library to get one of her favorites if she wanted to read before bed.
A book sounded great right now. Thanks to the influence of his wife and Twilight Sparkle, he had developed a taste in books that didn't involve eating them.

"It's okay," she whispered. "No creature's going to hurt you." The book slowly closed its mouth, the thin slits above it widening as she came closer. As she reached out, it dislodged itself from the ceiling and flew into her hooves.

Discord watched, mesmerized, as she stroked the book's spine. Its pages ruffled, and it snuggled into her chest. Carefully, she flew over to the window, opened it, and released the book from her hold. It grabbed onto her forehooves, clinging on, but she gave it a gentle nudge with her muzzle. Slowly, it let go, and flew out the window with paper wings.

She pulled the small, wooden chair he had made last night to his side. "I thought, maybe...I could read to you?," she said quietly.

He grunted and shifted. She slowly flew over him, landing on his back. She slowly rubbed her hooves on his back, somehow managing to press her hooves deeply into all of his sore muscles. He sighed, his arms dangling limply at his sides. He breathed deeply, feeling some of the pressure leave his chest as his muscles relaxed.

"Um, I know you haven't had a fever, but...I liked it when you gave me a bath, so...do you want me to..." She tapped her hooves together, a bashful blush on her face.
He blushed, then threw his head back, drinking the juice with one gulp. He pulled back the covers and flew into the bathroom, before hovering above the tub, tapping his fingers together as Fluttershy slowly followed him.
With her face still a bright pink, she turned the knob, letting the tub slowly fill with hot water.

He sighed and slithered out of the tub, standing on all fours and shaking himself dry like a dog. Fortunately, Fluttershy already had a towel on hand, and managed to shield herself from the aqueous onslaught. She giggled and lunged at him, wrapping the large towel around him and furiously rubbing him dry.
He laughed and playfully thrashed, trying to get away. She giggled again and rubbed at his head—a little roughly, but still in a playful, gentle manner.

Just nothing but a stream of increasing wholesome cuteness:rainbowkiss::heart:! I didn't think this story couldn't get any cuter, then this chapter happened:heart: I love how this chapter connected with the last chapter and we got to see a continuation to the overall cute sick day story^^

Daww this has to be my favorite chapter so far^^ <3 I know that I've probably said this about this chapter, but I think this chapter's special and really stands out from the rest <3 It shows that our sweet lovely couple, like every married couple, has their fair share of arguments and disagreements. Just like when they were friends and probably when they were just dating. I hope Season 10 of the official MLP comics takes notes from you when writing future Discord's character. You still show a character who still is the chaotic Discord we all know and love, and this chaotic nature will always lead him from making mistakes. But at the same time, he is trying really hard, due to the past episodes and whatnot, to not make the same mistakes again. Especially in front of his wifey:3I love how even he makes a mistake, he sometimes gets confused on why his action is considered a mistake and he has to learn how to make up for this mistake on his own. I love how he learned from past episodes, especially from Make New Friends But Keep Discord, to first make up to others for his mistake (especially when it affects others instead of Fluttershy) before making up to Fluttershy. And how he makes it up to Flutters, OMG that movie referenceXD! <3 I cannot tell you how much I loved that sceneXD! And in the end, of course, even our favorite couple has to make up in the most adorable way possible <3^^! You two need to stop, I swearXD I love how The Council of Friendship is the only kind of meeting that Discord can tolerate and actually likes^^ It shows us how much his friendship has grown with the rest of the Mane Six and it makes me curious what a meeting of Council of Friendship would look like with Discord there^^ I bet it's very cute and sweet and fun^^ I'm surprised Twilight allows Discord to be part of these diplomatic and has that much faith in him to be patient during those meetingsXD Lol!

I have an idea for a possible chapter: Fluttershy and Discord babysitting Lil Cheese for Pinkie and Cheese:3 <3

THIS ONE HAS BEEN THE BEST SO FAR. :rainbowkiss: So adorable! So heartfelt! I loved loved LOVED it!! Pure squee!

THIS IS PERFECT. PERFECT!!!! Also, so freaking cute. What the heck. The jealousy (of HIMSELF!) was so funny and sweet and Fluttershy's reaction was my favorite of all. I loved that to her, all of the "clones" were also just Discord, so the fact that he felt jealous of himself when she loved all of them was incomprehensible to her... how adorable is that?????

"Well...we both already know I can be a little...protective."


This reminds me of that one meme picture I see throughout the internet.
You know the one.

maybe they will have one

Oh my gosh, lol, how has no one on Fimfiction ever explored Discord's clones in a fanfic before?!:D How has no Fluttercord fanfic writer ever used this concept before?!:D It's brilliant, just lol, absolutely brilliant^^ <3! This was hilarious yet crazy yet sad yet sweet yet just everything all at once XD Yet still get a clean happy end, how is that even possible?:derpytongue2:

Oh my gosh, you did my idea!:D <3 <3 <3 Ahh, thank you^^ I feel so special:3 Tehee! This chapter was beyond cute, this has to be your most adorable yet hilarious chapter yet (although I do say that a lot and you keep proving me wrong with each new chapter) <3 The ending surprised me, I was expecting this story to slowly build to the realization that Discord wants to have kids. While this concept will be explored in a separate story, I cannot wait to read that story regardless^^ I just love the acknowledgement of the comics in this story/Discord's comic canon friendship with the CMC's <3 It would be super sweet to see a chapter or one part of a chapter focusing on Discord catching up with the CMC^^ I would also love more chapters of Fluttercord babysitting other Mane Six kids, that is if you're planning on creating your own kid OCs for those scenarios. Maybe babysitting Big Mac's and Sugar Belle's son next? I think it would be cute and hilarious to have a chapter focusing on Fluttershy's and Discord's relationship with Angel's kids/grandkids;) XD Lol! I like to think Angel's kids and grandkids and so forth as Fluttershy's and Discord's adopted children in a way since Angel was really Fluttershy's baby. Anyway, thank you for this chapter^^ <3

Ok,That is adorable story. I'm actually pretty surprised that Discord was the one who brought it up about wanting an child.

Dawww soooo cuuuuttteee :3 <3 Though I still have a feeling that Discord faked the whole "Oh no! I can't get this splinter out of my claw!" thing just to get some one on one attention from his beloved wifey;) Even after all these years, Discord is still up to his old tricks;) Lol!

Awwwwww!!! That's so cute. It was adorable to see Dissy getting fussy like an little colt.

Very cute, Great job as always!

*hands over a dollar*

Keep making these stories, they’re wonderful.

Haha lol daww cute chapter GeekCat^^ <3! I love how it concluded and how the look of the cake reflects not only his love for Fluttershy but the amount of fun he & Fluttershy had while making the cake:3 <3^^ But still, it turned out to be not the best tasting cake and I just love how the whole cake thing turned out for this chapter^^ When Discord was refereeing to "The Snooze" is this The Smooze or is this his nickname for The Smooze? Loved the interaction between Fluttershy & Discord with Pumpkin, I hope we get more next gen interactions like that:) Especially with Luster Dawn^^ I have a feeling that she would learn a lot from them and especially Discord;) Lol!

Daww what a sweet and chuckle worthy chapter^^ <3 I love how Discord was doing this whole Buckball thing in order to give Buckball back to her, an activity that she loved and that way she didn't have to give up/lose it <3 I love how him and Flutters flirted during the gamesXD Lol! I loved how Fluttershy kept missing his normal form while he was in his unicorn formXD <3 :3 Super cute!

Dawww what a perfect chapter to read before Valentine's Day/Hearts & Hooves Day^^ <3 What a great surprise and read^^ <3 Man, this chapter was just too dang precious and well, forgive this weeb side of me, but it reminds me of those cute anime valentine's day episodes where the girls and guys make each other chocolates and candy <3XD Lol!

Maybe this chapter ended up being a little anime-like...but just wait and see the story I wrote for Valentine's Day. :raritywink:

Have you ever heard of the mange/anime The Wallflower?

Dude i see you everywhere

I'm gonna be honest with you. I don't know how to respond to that.

Honestly, what the best chapters fo the series so far.
I think the best are onEs where they interact with other characters.

Aw, a heart warming story for winter! I wonder if there's anymore misadventures for the chaotic couple.


Wonderful fic glad I found it

The cuteness!!! It’s... too much!!!

Awwww, that was so cuuute. I love your stories!!! Keep up the good work!

Awwwww! This is sooo cute🌝💘🌸

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