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Forever Fangirl MLP

when your rife with devastation, there's a simple explanation, your a toy makers creation trapped inside a crystal ball

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  • 181 weeks


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  • 189 weeks
    Farewell people!

    Soo I haven't been here since I believe about September, and haven't even like made a blog post since like May but I ended up deleting a bunch of posts sooo yeah, point is I haven't been active in a long time. And that's simply because I've lost interest in mlp. Idk I just kinda grew outta it i guess. Tbh I kinda forgot about fimfictions existence, so I didn't update anything saying I was leaving. But yeah I'm leaving I probably won't ever come back cause I honestly don't have a reason too.

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  • 223 weeks
    day 26&27

    fav fanfic... oh jeez i love soo many!
    and fav mlp the movie character

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  • 223 weeks
    Day 25?? I think it’s day 25...

    Fav Fan-theory!!!
    Welll I mean I love fan theory’s but this ones probs my favorite

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  • 224 weeks
    M i k u

    I fluffing love Miku
    I dunno what this has to do with anything
    But I’m bored
    And I drank a bottle of Mtn Dew in like 3 minutes
    And I’m on like a sugar rush?
    Idk :/

    Anyways here’s the shrine of Miku I made since I’m stuck in my house due to quarantine

    I also tried painting the hat Fukase wears, but like it looks horrible but whatever it’s still on the shrine

    Also i fluffing love Fukase

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E · 3:09pm Jan 23rd, 2021


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Happy birthday. Hope you have a good one.

Oh thank you, yeah I haven't really comment or posted lately cause I've been busy ish, but I'm doing great! Thanks for asking!

Hi there. I wanted to check up on ya and see how you're doing. It's been awhile and I wanted to make sure things were going well:heart:.

oh yeah! oops forgot to change it back, im actually Forever Fangirl MLP btw

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