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This is a group where you can post anything Princess Luna related, like about Nightmare Moon, how she didn't get enough royal time, or thinks like if she should be in My Little Pony Generation 5. Feel free to also post any Lullaby for a Princess posts too! Thank you, and please follow the website rules, or you are not allowed. Please only put apropriot stories rated Everyone in this group!
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You probably want to fix this typo and clean up the description.

Hello fellow Luna Lovers!

you're welcome :3

I can tell by your profile picture <3 :heart:

Oh! I like that desighn too!

'Underrated'? With all the attention she gets from the fandom, Luna is far from underrated.

It's kind of ironic, too. In the show, she was the less popular of the two, but on the other side of the fourth wall, she's one of the most popular characters.

Heh. And I will always be a unique MLP Fan because of that. X3

I'm hoping to write a story eventually--I just have so many others that I want to get out first! SO many ideas, so little time.......

Of course I'm a fan of Princess Luna :3

But I'm unique among them for one thing: Loving solely in her S1 Design as opposed to those that love her in S2-Present Design. ;3

I am going to write a story on this group, would appreciate for others to do as well!

Princess Luna is best pony and I want to hug and love her and protect her from the mean world :heart:

I've said it before and I'll say it again...Luna is SO underrated:applecry:.

Thank you! I am also sorry for typing your account wrong.

Click on members at the top of the page; it has a 2 above it, indicating there are currently two members here. Then, find me and click on my name. It will first show Level: Member. On the right of the page, you will also see that it says Level: Member. There is an arrow on the right; click it. It will show three options: Member, Contributor, and Administrator. Click on Administrator. Below, it says Ban member. That means you have the option to ban anyone who is not abiding by the rules on your group, just an fyi. Hope this helps!

Lunar_Gkiw, I created my acconut last night. Please tell me how to make you an administrater, which I am trying to do. Thank you for joining!

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