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I'm a college student and member of many fandoms, including MLP. I'm a total Fluttercord shipper.


When Fluttershy and her friends find themselves threatened by a new villain they're trying to defeat, Fluttershy is scared and nearly attacked. Fortunately, her guardian draconequus appears to protect her.

Day Two of #FluttercordWeek2022: Protection

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We love a protective Discord. (And a Fluttershy steadily falling in love)

I have an obsession of the 'Discord-saving-Fluttershy' or any Beauty and the Beast rescue trope, It's really unhealthy. This day, along with this, only feeds it. Amazing job!

Awww this is so beautiful 😍. It reminds me of mlp comic 97 when discord could sense that Fluttershy was in danger and ran out to help her.

:ajbemused: That darn Angel Bunny said you want to merry Discord...
:flutterrage: ANGEL WAS DRUNK! again He's not wrong He completes me

If you don´t want to rage Discord, never mess with Fluttershy.

Loved the ending, so sweet and cute!

Yay! FlutterCord!:yay:


Another week, another villain:

:twilightsmile: "Alright girls, time to summon the big guns, like we practiced. Fluttershy, get in front of that fireball!"

:fluttershysad: "Eep!"

...well done, Discord. You've proven yourself a capable knight for Lady Fluttershy.

And this one has some of your best dialogue ever! Here are some of my favorites you wrote:

"Oh, who cares what you have to say?" Discord said, standing up and waving them off. "You're just another two-bit villain of the week who's about to be defeated by the power of friendship. More posturing and posing does not make you a more successful conqueror, newbie!"

Haha, Discord knows he's just the next success story on the forever growing list of the Mane 6's victories!

"Leave!?" Discord said, bursting into laughter. "I'm no neutral party, bucko. Believe it or not, I'm a force for good. Most of the time, anyway."

Big fan of his use of the word "bucko". And his admitting that it's most of the time... not ALL the time.

He roller-skated to the side to dodge Inferno's next blast, which put a hole in the lair of their wall. "Attack Equestria, like you've been plotting? I'd fight back, but from the background. Let Twilight and her friends take care of most of it."

"Gee, thanks," Rainbow said dryly.

A great way to say "I want the glory without all the work".

And that part with Rainbow is hilarious.

"And that is the end of you," he said casually. "That's also how you're supposed to showboat and win, by the way."


“Ugh, they couldn't even keep a theme going,” Discord complained to Fluttershy as the whole group headed out. “If they're so obsessed with fire, why is their lair in a forest?”

Gotta love it when Discord gives commentary like he's in some nerdy content review panel.

Again, some of your best! Dialogue! Ever!

Beautiful one-shot slice of life :ajsmug:

He pointed at the wall of the lair. He didn't even snap, but it turned into sand and crumbled away...as did the wall behind it, and the wall behind it, until there was just a huge hole to the outside, filled with a puddle of sand.

Discord unchained.

Excellent story. Perfect Fluttercord!
Love Discord giving a demonstration of what happens if he doesn't focus only on goofy things.

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