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I'm a college student and member of many fandoms, including MLP. I'm a total Fluttercord shipper.


Fluttershy has always believed that she doesn't have a soulmate, as their cutie mark never appeared on her right hoof. But when she encounters the villain she and her friends are facing, she might be proven wrong.

Soulmate AU

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I LOVE this idea! Although I'll admit it feels like Discord did a 180 to reform, it feels more naturally in the show but I'll give it a pass considering it's an AU and the fact I'm huge Fluttercord fan. Great story! :pinkiehappy: :heart:

Thank you! Yeah, Discord becoming good was a bit rushed, and that's probably what I found weakest when I published it. I'm glad you still enjoyed the story.

Needs a little editing here and there, but I love the idea and the story is super cute. If you were to take the time to re-hash Discord's reform, maybe let him fight with himself over it more and lengthen the story a bit more too, I think it would feel more natural, but otherwise it was a fun and cute read.

I loved the story. The reformation was a little fast but aside from that it was pretty darn good! Please,keep writing.:twilightsmile:

I love this au so much! It seems like something that could actually happen in-universe, too, which makes it all the better imo!

Great story idea!


I actually cried a little. I love it when Discord struggles and it's him who can't trust and open up instead of Fluttershy. Ugh, this was so good. When Discord cries in Fluttershy's arms??? That hurt so much in the best way.

You are very good at pulling at my heartstrings in a good way!:pinkiehappy:

This is a very beautiful story
I love it!! 😍😍😍

Pinkie widened her pupils and begged, β€œPlease say it's right. I want Fluttershy to have a soulmate and I want Discord to stick around because he's fun and I want to just hug them both because they're so cute and-"

At least Pinkie Pie is on their side

This is very lovely story so this is take place of Return of Harmony where is a little different twist having Fluttershy have the mark of a soulmate and Princess Celestia called them to tell them about the situation and about Discord and speaking of which he showed up but what's different he has a Band-Aids but when they look at each other somehow have a connection with each other and the reason why that he also has the mark of a soulmate he didn't want to believe it but until they connected to each other again they saw a vision of each other's mind and they found comfort with each other but of course her friends and Princess Celestia has some mixed feelings about the situation but the soul Mark does not lie apparently and with that princess Celestia well considering and Fluttershy and Discord are having their connection with each other this was a very sweet story so far

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