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I'm a college student and member of many fandoms, including MLP. I'm a total Fluttercord shipper.


When Rainbow goes to see Fluttershy, she finds her friend acting odd, saying she's "just in time". What are she and Discord up to?

Day Five of #FluttercordWeek

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Haha lol oh my gosh this is hilarious!XD I love this so muchXD <3 But seriously though, to Fluttershy& Discord...don't toil with Fluttercord fans' emotions when it comes to you two being married...because you guys will be married and be loving husbando and waifu by the end of all this. Whenever you like it or not. Lol;)! However, Fluttershy & Discord were able to redeem themselves by being a dating couple in this fanfic, so all is forgiven^^ Lol!

This is hilarious!

ADORABLE and hilarious :rainbowlaugh: The ending was brilliant too. The last line killed me, lol

My Trollcord Detection System went off.

“When she wakes up, do you think we could convince her we're having a kid?”

Too bad there isn't a bonus chapter of this, Rainbow Dash wakes up on Fluttershy's couch starts out with, "I had the weirdest dream", before noticing a slightly larger bellied Fluttershy and discovers from Discord that they're about to have a foal and Rainbow Dash passes out again. :rainbowlaugh:

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