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On a normal day messing with Twilight, Discord accidentally spills a Potion of Truth on himself. Can he find a cure before his Tuesday Tea with Fluttershy, or will he finally be forced to reveal his secret to her?

Day Eight of #FluttercordWeek2022: Truth Serum

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Another sweet story about them so it looks like Discord was about to bug twilight again but he accidentally spell the potion on him and it cannot stop telling the truth which it turns out the potion is a truth serum and he wanted to decide it wanted to wait until the potion wears off until Fluttershy change that plan and invited him to the Tea Party so now he try to find anything to get rid of the truth serum but unfortunately Zecora Twilight did not have anything to get rid of it so now he has to face it and go to Fluttershy's house when he got there things started out pretty well he was having a hard time not to blur out what he feels but ultimately the truth always comes out and he admitted that he is in love with Fluttershy and he felt like he will ruin the relationship they had but instead of being disgusted she was actually happy that she was also in love with him as well and they share a kiss with each other this was pretty funny and very cute story keep up the good work

:raritystarry: So Discord and you? I feel so....
:flutterrage: Spike! Get out here! :moustache:???:duck: ??? :yay:Now kiss
:facehoof: I feel so...

And this, mares and gentlecolts, is why you practice lab safety. Lol. How unfortunate for him. But hey, I guess it turned out alright in the end.

Discord was delightfully awkward about this mishap, as I imagine he would be. It was nice to see him start to let go once it's out there, until he's willingly confessing the deeper truths.. All in all, another adorable story from you. Great work, as always.

>Fluttercord week
Ah, that explains why there's been so much Fluttercord in the newest stories then!

awwwwwwwwwww :)

I read this when you published it, and I'm sorry it took me this long to write a review. I wanted to do it on my computer during time I wasn't owrking on it, and I use my computer mostly for work nowadays, but I wanted to give this proper attention!

First off, this was a stroke of genius and it actually made me snicker out loud. This is very hard to do. And it was so spot on that i saw it in my head perfectly.

"Oh, yes, that's not better at all," he said in a sarcastic tone. He froze, then slowly turned to look at her. "Did...did it just keep me from using sarcasm?"

"I know that must be painful for you to lose, but yes, I think it did," she said with a nod.

As you often say... *chef's kiss.* It's honestly something that didn't even cross my mind, how truth potion could totally cancel out his sarcasm, but he can say these truths in the same tone as sarcasm. I love that little detail! Again, I never would have even thought of that! Color me impressed.

I know you felt called out by my comment on my own fic, but listen, you did this really, really well. My biggest criticism of this trope is when a character is given a truth serum or some variant of the concept, and they just start blurting out anything and everything, without being asked anything. While this can be hilarious, it also can get cringey. However, Discord does NOT do this. He does blurt things out, especially in reaction to things, but it's not like he's stomping around saying, "I hate ponies, your outfit looks stupid, i'm better than all of you, Twilight, you annoy me so much." It's not like truth on steroids.

I love me a good Zecora, and you did a great job of writing for her too. None of the rhymes were a stretch, and I love how Discord just says her rhyming is unnerving but impressive. I always thought maybe he covered up the fact that he's impressed by her rhyming, because he's a fan of riddles, and in his first appearance, he used riddles that rhymed. Nice detail there!

Also, it's kind of nice that he's saying things he would normally say, but with the truth serum, he actually means it and doesn't just say it because it's associated with Fluttershy. He likes her tea. He thinks it's tasty. A lot of authors write about him actually hating "leaf/flower water", but he just does it to be with Fluttershy. I like this little detail that shows us that he really does like tea. It ain't ALL about Fluttershy, even though we love it when she unintentionally has him wrapped around her hoof.

But the best parts? Fluttershy's idea to plant random seeds just to see what she gets as an example of her own brand of "chaos". It is SO fitting for her. It's a good callback to when she tried doing chaotic things back in "Discordant Harmony". But she's doing it for herself, because she enjoys the kinds of chaos Discord shares with her.

And the fact that it's just this little thing, this one little thing she's doing out of an appreciation and enjoyment for Discord's talent and passion, that the confession comes out of him. That is just... so... them.

And how he says he wants to kiss her, and then says, "Truth potions, am I right?" :rainbowlaugh: He WOULD.

Also, now I have a theory...

Soon, though, they had to pull apart, gasping for breath. “You’re…good at this,” Fluttershy said. “Have you had practice?”

That's awful bold of you to say after a first kiss with Cordy, my dear. I could still see her saying that, especially since she's more confident in later seasons, but still... Perhaps Discord had a smidge of potion left on his lips...?

Needless to say, another wonderful addition to your fluttercord collection of works. I'm so glad I picked truth serum!

Adorable. Thank you for the read!

Secret twist: It took Discord a fraction of a second to duplicate himself before the potion actually hit him. His mustache-twirling counterpart teleported a good distance away (still inside the room, though) and remained stealthily hidden throughout the ordeal. He mind-controlled his alter ego to believe that the potion effect was real and affecting him. And why would he do that instead of saving himself all that hassle? Curiosity and shameless self-trolling. Literally.

What a great story. I had a blast reading this so...

Thank you!

Cute, alot of awww moments at the end :-)

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