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When Fluttershy introduced Mage Meadowbrook to Zecora, it was with the hope of fostering friendship. Yet, an unfortunate mishap and bitter words have led to something far different. There will be a duel, and Discord is more than happy to turn such a rare occurrence into the spectacle it deserves to be. Can Fluttershy, Twilight, and Pinkie help mend the budding friendship between Zecora and Meadowbrook? And what about Discord? Does he wish to fuel the flames of rivalry, or does he have a larger plan in store?

In the spirit of arena culinary combat, it’s time for Elixir Master!

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El Oso, Illustrious Q, BronyWriter, Winston, Wanderer D, Level Dasher

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It's pretty cool BronyWriter is prereading this, because I'm in the middle of one of his stories, and it's kind of consumed my life for a moment.

OHMIGOD. A messed up spell in her past is the reason Zecora speaks in rhyme. That makes COMPLETE sense. Why didn't I ever think of that before??? :facehoof:

Oh heyyyyyyy!

You're still alive!

I'm not. I got turned into a zombie. Lab accident and stuff. :twilightsheepish:

Fluttershy as an airplane made me laugh, I always like how Discord does things. Eagerly awaiting more.

And then they both lose when Pinkie Pie bakes a portal.

Pen Stroke. So you know it's quality. His name is like the Stephen King of pony fanfiction.

(Looks at chapter 1 title) OH GOD NO PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!!!:raritydespair:

Without Discord two sapients would go the rest of their lives viewing the other as an annoyance. With Discord they can now be assured the mutual friendship only present in those who survived a harrowing ordeal that put therapists kids through grad school.

Am I expecting/demanding this pageantry? Not really, no. Would I appreciate it? You bet Fluttershy's sweet plot I would. :rainbowdetermined2:

Lightning de Lancie.:pinkiegasp:

Love the bit with the time reulting effect on the trees. Though I wonder what happens when certain heavy metal concentrators absorb Crystal Particulates? Like those that concentrate Silver atoms to such a degree in their leaves that the leaves become not just toxic, but high grade ore?

Hope it doesnt go like Dash and Dust, but the result ends up in PUDDING. :twilightoops:


I love how Discord put this together perfectly legally and legitimately. It's still Discord-flavored chaos, but it's government-approved Discord-flavored chaos.


I saw that Ace Attorney reference. Taking Phoenix's style, are we, Discord?

So it’s not much different from non-Discord-flavored, government-approved chaos? :derpyderp2:

Is the Discord in the Inventory cabinet also temporally locked out, being inside the bubble to start with?

Either the bubble has diffused, filling the area, or the effect has collapsed onto the occupants, speeding them up even more relative the the rest of reality, which is a problem when mortal as they only have a finite time to work out either a solution or how to communicate back through the massive time gradient?

Oh no...the bubbles popping must mean that everypony outside is frozen in time...which means that Zecora, Meadowbrook, Fluttershy, and Pinkie must work together to free them! It’s official, I LOVE THIS STORY!

I’ll take a jar of that tension butter please LOL

Oh dear, someone call Doctor Whooves!

Oddly thought of quantum break for a second.

Discord really has had fun setting this event up. I suspect that once the cure effect is discovered and time returns, he will ahve had effectively cameras spread through various objects in the lab, or a variation, to be able to not only do replay, but also have those embarrasing acceptance speeches on quick replay loops? :twilightoops:

You really nailed how Discord thinks.

“Trixie and Twilight must mend their divide.”

...Welp, they're dead.


Oh that's brilliant

And then… the sound of applause.

Considering this is Discord, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if it sounded like Applesauce.

If there is sound of applause, are the audience responding to the clearing of the vines and that everyones ok after the domes came down, or has Discord been using a dou8ble indirect temporal manipulation region so that those in the origional dome volume, personally, see illusions of stationary time, while outside it flows at the origional time shift, with Discord updating?

Whatever the intermediate method is, One more event to show Twilight and Trixie are back and with their magic etc, and the end show festivities can get started? Applejack in her Nightmare Night lion costume with Pip holding a chair or such? :trollestia:

Kudos for playing Zecora straight, including rhyming dialogue. Most authors have trouble writting her because of that.

Her dancing was way better than this.



I love how Discord even made a credits sequence. This was fun! Glad you posted this.

Discord as Crew.

Everybody as Themselves.

Pinkie Pie as Pinkie Pie.:pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh:

And a perfect ending.

Roll The Pig. :yay:

Hmmm clever girl discord.


Discord didn't do a backflip and take a bite out of a bell pepper?


“There you are,” Discord said. “I’ve undone everything I did, and everything the potions did. Though, you may have to do a little work to undo something you did. After all, the contest was for Elixir Master, not Spell Master. Meh, I’m sure you’ll figure it out. Have a good night, Twilight.”

But… But… But… What about Scruffy‽‽‽ :raritycry:

Have a mustache. :moustache:


Trixie doing a show with Twilight's power? With discord involved?



My personal favorite ep.

Really, "America" has nothing on the original. Even with sexy Dacascos and Alton Brown's bad 'dad jokes.'
Though I am quite proud of my hometown hero Justin Sutherland.

I love it when reading fanfics feels like watching an actual episode of the show.

>Pinkie Pie as Pinkie Pie

Oh dear. Either they're doing the EqG portal dance again, or Discord borrowed the Sole Survivor Pinkie from the mirror pool incident.

Discorrrrrrrrrrrd! :twilightangry2:

I seriously love that guy, even reformed he is hilarious.

Pretty disappointed by the resolution. And by the characterization of Zecora and Meadowbrook; a well-meaning screw-up and a petty, conceited, competent bi:yay:ch, respectively.

I can see what the stories aims for in terms of theme and structure, and it was certainly funny at times, but the meat of the story felt immature.

Regardless of whatever else happens in this story, Flutterjet was worth the entire thing.

This was a hilarious story, and definitely a fun one. I'm just sorry it took so long to read it.

Trixie gets bored, picks an argument with Starswirl.

“While there is merit in not judging the content of a book by its cover, I can still tell the difference between a children's book and a novel,” Starswirl said. “I’ll give you three guesses which one you equate to.”

“But you only gave me two options. Why would Trixie need three guesses?” Trixie asked.

“Why indeed?”

And it could be going better.

Celestia helping is not very helpful for Trixie.

“Well, congratulations. You’ve made it pretty clear to me that unless Zecora or Meadowbrook do something really impressive or spectacularly wrong, I’m the one that’s going to be deciding each round as the tiebreaker.”

More power for Starlight!

Ahh, treating the root problem instead of the symptom, good work Zecora.

Interesting challenge with a wonderfully cooperative solution, right up to the point where it all went horribly wrong.

Zecora and Meadowbrook are going to come out of this as friends, but in exchange Trixie will be the sworn enemy of everyone present. Possibly including Pinkie.

Yes, that made sense to Zecora, and it was another few pieces of Discord’s plan. He wanted Trixie and Twilight in the stadium. He likely planned for them to be the victim of his I.M.B.E.C.I.L.E disease from the start, but to what end? This whole contest was supposed to settle the rivalry that had formed between herself and Meadowbrook, wasn’t it?

Huh, on the other hand maybe Discord had a further plan for this.

“Trixie and Twilight must mend their divide.”

Poor Twilight.

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