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At the end of the day all that really matters is that you had fun.


Three years, three years I’ve been in hiding. I can’t say that much has changed, really.

I’ve got a job now, and a modest apartment, that’s good, better than when I first arrived in Manehattan at least. I work as a local private-eye going around finding pony’s lost dogs, and foals, that sort of stuff.

There is also this lovely diner on the corner of Mane where I can stop to eat every once in a while. The staff there have always been kind to me; especially Penelope, the waitress. She’s the first pony I met after arriving here with no money and on the run from Ponyville.

My name is, or rather was, Pinkie Pie. I used to be the party mare of Ponyville— before I got replaced.

Based on a role-reversal of an already overdone concept based on a particular scene from a particular episode with two particularly pink ponies.

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Well that's a bit terrifying.

This very good. A bit of a thriller. Most enjoyable.

Sequel. Please. *starts begging with a pouty face* ~hugs

I absolutely adore this character, and I've wanted to dip into a bit of a film noir style.

So maybe, someday. :trollestia:

7577715 I thought it felt like noir. I love those type of movies despite their age.

They have such a nice charm to them. The style is still reference to this day, in fact.

7577847 True. I wish someone would make a noir movie nowadays.

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