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There's a haunting ahoof in Ponyville and, with no explaining how or why, ponies are left driven from their homes to seek refuge with the local Princess.

Everypony agrees that there is only one team who knows exactly what to do.

Unfortunately, they're not here right now.

[Optional Audio Enhancement four your reading pleasure]

** Rated T for creepy happenings, Big Mac's 'consarnet, these ponies drive me to drink' face, and unwarranted use of the word 'fuzzy' **

* Now with editing help from the splendid Shardikku

Chapters (13)
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Comments ( 28 )

Lol that's me whenever I see a fly :rainbowlaugh:

Who you gonna call? Horse busters!

They gonna' bust all your horses.

I ain't afraid of no pone.

Wow, great story. I had such a good laugh reading it!

I love Chapter 3, I had a really good laugh.

Poor scaredy dash

What imagination! A Gorgonzola truffle cheese cake monster? So much action, so exciting. I love it.

This 5th chapter is the best yet, I could not stop laughing when Twilight woke up after going through the wall. I wonder what Ditzy saw in Dinky's eyes at the end. I am looking forward to finiding out in the next chapter. you did a really good job with this chapter.

Damnit sombrero, stop stealin our foals!

*shaking maracas intensifies*

Glad you're enjoying it. You may want to watch the rest of the show though, if you don't want to miss out.

Consider it a prerequisite for fanfiction.

I'd better watch a few more episodes then.

“She’s been possessed somehow and Ditzy—” she flashed a glare at the mare beside her, who returned with a grin and took a step away from Twilight’s side – “won’t let us use the packs on her. Plus nopony said she could teleport[/i[! I’ve been running ragged trying to catch this filly!”

got a BCC code problem there.

Fixed! :twilightsmile:

Not the first time I've done that, if you would believe.

Well that would do it

Very interesting and exciting, and it sounds like they are about to find some answers.

Goddamn ghost pranks. The image of spirits flowing up to black crystal roots is a powerfull one.

Interesting and a little scary.

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I've probably no excuse for ignoring/forgetting comments. Whether I have a response or no, it's rude.

So I'm going to respond now (9 weeks later) just to say thanks y'all for the comments. :twilightsmile:

The image of spirits flowing up to black crystal roots is a powerful one.

Indeed it was, I'd been waiting a long while to use that.

Oh, poor Dashie!

Why does unwarranted use of the word 'fuzzy' necessitate a teen rating?

Pone fuzz is a very serious matter. The other two are probably legit, tho

Great chapter the last part about the slot machines was the funniest part.

Wall darn, twilight is going to need a exorcism and a nice bath in holy water.

Oh yeah, she's going to need one hell of a bath after this. :trollestia:

this has scared me but i know it will work out and twilight will be saved because i don't see a dark tag and sad tag or tragedy or a sombra tag how she gets saved i don't know but i know she will but i can assure you i'm going to have nightmares about what happend so far i ask you don't keep me waiting because right now i am scared i really want a happy ending as well as only a couple more chapters before this story ends you have really scared me be proud i don't scare easy when it comes to pony fanfiction i can only name a couple stories that i felt genuine fear like this good job your a great author

I can't believe this story started with Dash getting drenched in cheese and now Twilight's possessed by the most evil of ghosts.

What's Twi got planned? I can't wait to see!

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