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Sweetie Belle is stuck in a time loop and the princesses have convinced her to take them with her.

Chaos ensues.

Side story to A little loopy. Reading it is not required but it does help.
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Pretty good, just one mistake I caught:

With a flick of her horn, Sweetie Belle flips the pages to the sleeping spell she had used the night, or should it be loop, before.


Can't wait to read more. :)

Ah, thanks. I'm too used to writing present tense. :twilightsheepish:

I'll also do some more editing as I move along.


It's always nice to see someone using one of my pony captiions. :twilightsmile:

Oh hey, I didn't even realize. :facehoof:


Not a big deal -- I just throw 'em out there into the ether and see what happens, and most of the time people don't look at the uploader ID on Derpibooru. I honestly am pleased when people use the stuff I come up with, though.


This is a weird moment when you of all people post a positive comment instead of a negative one.

Is it my bday? Does God really exist? Of course, ya silly! Is Obama going to morph into a giant beetle and rampage New York?

“Come on Luna, you cannot sleep in Mrs. Belle’s bed forever.” And with this Celestia grabbed the side of the mattress in her magic and gave it a firm yank. Luna’s eyes shot open as she felt her world almost turn upside down. She found herself floating in the air momentarily before she came crashing down on the hardwood floor beside Sweetie Belle’s bed, the bedding lying on and round her in a tangled mess.

Since when was she married?!

5484999 Well to be fair, Rainbow Dash has married a sink before...

So these two managed to convince Sweetie... what about the next two, and the two after that and so on? Would it suddenly end up having dozens of Celestias and Lunas running around? What about Discord?

I sense great things in the future (loops) for this off shoot.

I knew I should have checked that. :facehoof:

It has been corrected. :twilightsmile:

Dash X Kitchen Sink OTP :rainbowderp:


Rainbow Dash can be literally shipped with anything, anything. *thinks back to that one Dash X Fridge fic*


And I was wondering how this passed moderation with only 472 words total... silly fimfiction.

5487458 While true, Dashinguisher just had a ring to it. If Purple Smart were shipped with a cooling unit, would their child be Fridge Logic?

Possibly, although the more important question, how did they have children?* :twilightoops:
*I vote magical inanimate spawn


All the cake shall be had. And causing in loop celestia to get incredibly fat...

Hillarity ensured.

Amazing so far! Keep going!!! :yay:

Sweetie Belle looked around her for something to stand on, and not finding anything she settled for dragging one of the guards over and climbing up on top of him. She balanced precariously on his upturned flank and slid her horn into the hole. She felt a slight buzzing sensation but ignored it as she focused on casting her spell.

Ok, to be fair, I'd just read a rather 'adult oriented' fic... I had a VERY wrong image go through my mind for a moment before I banished it to the moon.

Amused by this so far. Hope you can keep up the cute. Also, poor guards, slain defeated by the cute that is Sweetie Belle...

Yeahhhhh... that section. I honestly have nothing I can say about that.

I'll definitely try my best to keep up the cute, I'm still a bit new to this but hopefully I can keep it going and improve a bit along the way. :twilightsheepish:


5487458 Correction, everything and the kitchen sink.

*looooong, draawn out sigh* Consarnit all Luna... :facehoof:

But, but, Moon Pies! They're so delicious!

Thats quite a odd morning ritual Celestia have.

5533674 *sigh* you got Me there. There WAS Moon pies:ajsmug:

Indeed. An artifact from all those years as a circus performer politician.


The inside seemed much larger than it was from the outside, almost impossibly so.

.. A bigger on the inside cake vault... *grins* wonder if there are any Jammy Dodgers in there? And maybe a fez?

....Wedding Cake? Brown Earth Pony and a Blue Box..., I must Know WHO!

Who, indeed.

*grabs the fez*
So that's where I left that. Thanks! :twilightsheepish:


I’m sure it’s nothing.

oh Celestia, you're so silly.

Meanwhile Celestia's and Luna's interaction with themselves caused Cuticus the Destroyer to escape Tartarus and is currently wreaking havoc on the Royal Guard. Because as we all know it without Shining Armor's leadership the Royal Guard is just a big collection of wimps. I believe the only reason Celestia even keeps them around is amusement.

Immediately made me think of this!
"Sweetie Belle what are you doing!"
"In the middle of my back swing?!"
Thumbs up if you get the reference :pinkiehappy:
Its on my to read list!

My Head canon? Celestia employs all those white skinned ponies out of guilt.
Those white skinned ponies are white because of a flaw in their genetics, this flaw also means that they are more prone to sun based skin conditions.
Celestia's deal?.. Become a Royal Guard and your medical expenses are covered by the crown.
Obviously she has more royal guards than she needs so she has the extras "stand guard" in various places.

The guard paused and looked between the two Celestias glaring agitatedly at him. “Uh, for give me. Princess Celestia-s” He shook his head and continued, “Princess-es, this is a dire matter. There is an adorable menace loose in the castle. Fifteen of our best guards have already fallen trying to apprehend her. We fear it may be the reincarnation of Dai Cuticus the Destroyer, ruler of the adorable plains of eternal suffering; come to reap our mortal souls. We need you to help protect Equestria and banish this new foe before it can get out and wreak untold havoc!”


That part got me too when I first thought of it. I just had to include it. :pinkiecrazy:


5582809 Um, to be a reincarnation, you kind of need to have died. But that does bring an interesting plot point: Sweetie Belle actually is the reincarnation of Dai Cuticus. Unknowingly, of course. This could lead to interesting side loops of Sweetie's hidden Dai Cuticus powers coming out when they're most unwanted.

5590161 but Dai Cuticus was still wreaking havoc in the background when Sweetie was on the balcony with Celestia...s.
"You think they will be alright?" Sweetie asked.
"I'm sure they will manage." Said one Celestia.
Its probably just Luna enacting revenge.

How silly! I love it! Keep it up!

I think whatever doom thingy the guard was talking about wasn't sweetie belle, so right now the guards the trying to give it whatever it wants :rainbowlaugh:

Lovely story, really enjoyed reading it. Very imaginative. There is something dangerous lurking around. I wonder what will happen next.


*is starting to get impatient.

Yeah, sorry. It has been a while since I worked on this. I've been busy with university stuff and another fic I want to get posted.

A holiday's coming up soon so I'll probably be able to resume then.


Why is Rarity actin' all casual, like there totally isn't 2 princesses of the country in her kitchen?

Hm... Haven't really thought about that. I'd say it's already been explained to her somewhere between Celestia waking up and Luna sauntering in. I think that's what I had in mind when I wrote it. Course it could just be that she's used to these kind of things, being one of the elements and all.


And then a million bat-pony OC's cried out in horror, and became changelings.

You know, I am sure there are plenty of bat-sonas out there that include secret changeling sex bloodline history nonsense.

I love bat-ponies, really. Lol.

This is a much better chapter than that Dai-cuticus nonsense (not even the fun kind of nonsense).

The idea that Sweetie was the heartache inducing cute demon was so much more funny.

Uhm, this may a silly question - but can I take the lack of a "dark" tag as to mean this story isn't as dark as its spiritual "parent"?

I stopped reading the original story after Sweetie Belle invited her friends over for a sleepover, which ended with the CMC dying of rapid aging and their quickly decaying corpses turning into dust. That was a complete mood-killer. :rainbowderp:

Yeah this is meant to be more fun. There won't be any dying or dust in this version.

Also the original isn't actually all that dark after you get past the first thing with the CMC. It's pretty mellow most of the way up to loop 100.


5791934 Perhaps they already informed her of SB's Looping, OR 'cause it's just a comedy :pinkiehappy:

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