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One day Twilight Sparkle wakes up to find she has wings. No big deal. She’s had them for months, maybe even a year now. A pair of wings and the accompanying feathery mishaps had come to be an expected facet of the Princess’ early morning routine.

But that’s the problem. She expected to have a ‘pair’ of wings. Anything but that is just... unnatural.

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This fic is weird, but I kinda want to see where it goes.

It is, isn't it? :pinkiecrazy:

The random tag is well earned in that regard.

Seriously Twilight?
I would have gone straight to Discord, simply because this is something he'd do, and it's fairly obvious. Even if we didn't already know he did it

Is anyone else actually really worried for Twilight here? I know it's supposed to be funny, but... damn.

It's not as bad as it looks.

Unless you're talking about Applejack's medical expertise. Then, you might get worried.

Could also be my current frame of mind. Just went to the doctor yesterday because of a skin condition, so... :trollestia:

Thank you for your concern. It probably isn't, but it was still enough to walk home with one leg bandaged up.

At the very least, Twilight's condition potentially make her look even more adorable, especially the face wings! Let's just hope for her sake that she doesn't have to deal with sudden wingboners now...


I'll have to think about it very hard. The current scope of the story might not have room for a moment like that.

I’m not a larsonist.

Well played. :moustache:

Never thought Starlight would be the first to suggest Discord. It fits his type of prank to a Q! Twilight sprouting more and more wings that increase in number and size as she uses magic totally fits his sense of humor.

Worth three amusing chapters just top it all off with a Larson joke followed by the greatest enemy of all convoluted planning- common sense.

Heck, one poison joke flower in the wrong place and that's all it takes...

Revenge? For what? Adopting me as your student, taking me into your very own castle, and teaching me about the magic of friendship?

"Presuming to teach me things you clearly have no idea about and I already know? Continuing to exist when you serve no purpose?"

Twi's just gonna...
(Wait for it...):pinkiesmile:
... wing it.


"Living in the biggest eye-sore this town has ever witnessed and rubbing it in their faces that you're somehow rich enough to live in a literal castle carved from solid diamond?"

Heh. Can't have a wings story without a larson joke.

Really, an earlier draft didn't have one (nor did it have Starlight) and it was sorely lacking.

I really enjoyed part 3. So funny and entertainng. Thank you for writing it.

Twilight.. stop it, your crush isn't going to care, especially when she is the most likely perpetrator of this perplexing plight.

You don't really make clear what Discord did manage to do. He must have had some effect, or Twilight would feel lighter.

Also, the whole "avoiding Celestia" thing doesn't work too well when Spike has a direct line to her that he has used without Twilight's input before. Don't get me wrong, this is an amusing scenario, but every chapter that doesn't involve a burnt letter wafting its way to Canterlot strains my suspension of disbelief that much more.

Yeah, I realise it has gone on a little longer than I originally intended. It was meant to be only three parts, but I'm now looking at 5. If you'd like I can send a PM to talk a little more of what intend for the rest.

It's fine. I'm all too familiar with a story growing far beyond my expectations.

As long as it's not ruined anyone's experience with the story.

I do worry though. (This will be the first multi-chapter story I'm actually going to been able to complete, with GS coming close second.)

If I were to start again I would definitely put some more thought into establishing a reason for her not wanting to contact Celestia. Seeing as how important it's become to the story that I had to have Discord bring it up again.

Consider it a lesson: Be sure to address the obvious solution, or one of your readers will.

In any case, I really am looking forward to more.

"A reader might stab you with Occam's Razor."

twilight sparkle still didnt loose all those extra wings though...

still funny fic though great to see you finished it

You should look over this chapter again. There seem to be several instances where you worked out different wordings and accidentally left more than one in. Like this:

She grabbed her napkin with a hoof and place it across her lap, then finally, threw nodded a quick nod to the mare on her right. “Hey, Pinkie.”


It's always the last editing pass that introduces the last mistakes. I went through the entire chapter and fixed everything. It should read a bit smoother now.

Heh, yeah. This one of those cases that there isn't any 'quick (magic) fixes' that Twilight loves so much.

At least Twilight knows where her Towel us. Now, she just needs a Thumb. :pinkiehappy:

A thumb? :duck:



Gah! The tension is killing me! D:

Never Ever forget your towel. :pinkiehappy:

Both are Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy references.
The Thumb is a small, ring-shaped device that can get you aboard passing starships, not the opposable digit those mythical humans supposedly had. :pinkiehappy:

OH! I remember now. Heh, like a hitchhiking thumb from space. :pinkiecrazy:

That'd actually be pretty interesting, a Hitchhiker's crossover with Twilight.

So... does this mean that Cadence was sprouting horns everywhere at some point?

A very horny mare indeed.

That'll have to be a matter for a different fic. :pinkiecrazy:

I loved the story. I am glad you have managed to finish it. So satisfying to know that there was a perfectly natural explanation for all the feathers.

It would be nice to have a towel like that.


I suppose it might be convenient, at first. :trollestia:

So Twilight is now going through Alicorn Puberty? Cause that's all I got from Celestia's lines of absolute nonesense.


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