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This story is a sequel to The Adventures of Batsy Fluffentuft the Magnificent

Following the events of her last two stories and her—much un-warranted—incarceration, Batsy Fluftentuft the Magnificent devises her latest and most daring escape. Through the bathroom window and into town to, uh, I don’t know, get laid or something. I’m just making this up as I go along, all right?

Based on this magnificent beast by ocalhoun

Big thank you to Samey90, and Shardikku for help with editing.

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I know you might think I'm an idiot, but who is this " Batsy "? XD


Original story is linked in the description. It's by Ocalhoun, and there's a whole lot of them due to some event she held. I highly recommend reading, well, all of them!

Okay, I guess she's a popular OC character? 😄

Yes! The legend has returned! All Hail The Magnificent One!:yay::pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh:

Eeyup! At least popular enough that I'd write an over 8k fan-fan-fic of her unprompted.

Yaaaaay! *more glass breaks*

Makes sense, hehe. 😃 I looked at the original story, and I've read this person's other stories before, but not that one about Batsy. 😄

Heh. Alright. Well I hope you enjoy it! :twilightsmile:

I did, and I liked yours too. 😄

Weird, I thought there were already more than three stories about her. Oh well, it's not like they need to be read in chronological order or anything.

There were, but I'd only considered two of them 'canon' at the time of writing that description, since I hadn't read all of the side stories. But sure, order doesn't matter!

The only two I consider to have occurred before this one are the original story and "Batsy Fluffentuft the Magnificent Becomes an Alicorn."

"This time weary enough" - did you intend to write "wary enough"?

Oh, woops! Thanks for pointing that out. :twilightsheepish:'

Oh my, this is so cute! Bat Ponies are just the best.

Batsy is back. Can Canterlot take it?

Probably not, but we'll have fun watching the shenanigans!

how would batsy react if I hugged her?

Batsy is just so awesome! Wish I could give her a hug <3

Cute story. I thoroughly enjoyed it,.


Dont tell anyone, but expect a new chapter coming soon™

She is amazing. Literally anything you try to do with her comes out hilarious. :yay:

I can't remember which one it was, but there's this detective story where the detective is a blithering idiot and the man servant is actually the one who solves their cases, which they usually stumble across while trying to solve what ever imagined crime the detective dreamed up this time to chase. Some how I can just see Batsy and Taffy saving the princesses due to him figuring out something is really going on and Batsy's insane dumb luck.


That sounds pretty accurate, actually.

This gets my seal of approval

Sounds like Inspector Clouseau and Cato from the "Pink Panther" movies.

Not quite, Cato is almost as bad as Clouseau. It’s his stated job to attack Clouseau at random intervals after all.


Hadn't thought of this one until recently, but Hong Kong Phooey and his cat Spot had the same "inept hero being saved by his sidekick" formula.

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