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Batsy Fluffentuft (not the most respected of the lunar guards, and in fact on super-probation from Princess Luna herself) manages to escape into the town of Canterlot and have herself an adventure.

Featured on Equestria Daily.

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Batsy Fluffentuft the Magnificent gets out...again

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Why would I ever write any other kind of title?

Imma go die in a hole now, with the concrete knowledge that I will never be as great nor intelligent as Batsy Fluffentuft the magnificent.

She has the most brilliant mind I have ever seen.

Maybe someday.
At the very least, I think she may make appearances in other stories from time to time.

I know, right? ^.^

Night Wish: EEEE!!

My smelly secondary escape plan is fifty percent complete! I hope Princess Luna doesn't revise the Handbook to include this situation. That's a scratch-n-sniff I can leave unsniffed, even if scratching is mandatory for the full reading experience.

This was the exact moment I knew for certain that reading this story was a good choice and that I would have to make others read it as well. Truly magnificent. :rainbowlaugh:

Wow, people really love Batsy. ^.^ I'll definitely have to use her again.

I have to admit, the scratch-n-sniff guard regulations book was a hell of a fun idea.
Even kinda makes sense for bat ponies, since they have a stronger sense of smell.

Violators will be denied treats.

You monsters!

Princess Luna bakes the very best bat treats

There needs to be a story about Luna baking.


Bat puns.

There's a window in the bathroom. It's always covered with dark curtains ... I've determined that there is a window behind it.

This one's got a mind like a razor!

but the weren't exactly a low-calorie food.

Batsy got a big ol' butt. (Also, the->they)

I try to shove my too-thick backside back inside.

A knock comes at the bathroom door.

And then it didn't turn into clop, and I was only slightly disappointed.

How are they supposed to get any hanky-panky time in when they were all separated like that?

Maybe I was wrong!

Occasionally, I have to spit out crunchy bits of broken glass, but it's so delicious I don't even care.

If only Luna would bake glass into her treats, too, she could have been better prepared for this.

It's not my fault that my colleagues beat me at cards.

I miss the FimFic header with the card playing batpone.

this place has plenty of privacy for me to 'help' him.

I keep feeling I was wrong back at that bathroom scene!

What kind of a third-rate sex dungeon is this?


probably not give me any bat treats for several days.


Taffy Winkle


gruesome spider-eating


he's waiting for me to go back and put it in.

I thought she was waiting for him to put it in. Hah!

“Aaah, um...” He sighs. “Okay.”


Nightwing, yells down as loudly as she can. “Hold on Batsy! We're coming! Just try not to slip any further down!”

The whole battalion is full of geniuses, I swear.

Hot date sequel?

Now that's a fun comment!

(And now I want you to read all my stories and give comments just like that one! Go!)


And more so since (at least in this story), the night doesn't have nearly as many confusing smells as the day. :pinkiesmile:

Well, the night has plenty of smells, but the day smells are different and confusing to a bat pony who hasn't smelled them much before.

6583963 Batponies are frigging adorable I mean just look!!!! Plus they are massive cuddlers (like me :3)
I base a lot of my batpony headcanon off this picture

(I'd like a cute cuddle story with your bat pls)

>54 stories

Yeah, I'll get right on that... :derpyderp1:

6584053 Lol dont forget the alt account dirty little secret too :P

All of them? Because he just posted a new one today. :raritywink:

I must snuggle Batsy! The little green man telling me to burn things demands it!

:rainbowlaugh: Yeah, I did read that one, a while ago! I was a patron, remember, and will be again once I am back in financial order. Or has it had changes made as of today?

Perhaps I should re-read :P

Oh. Heh... I forget things like that, you know.
Well, maybe you didn't see the second chapter?

I put this story in another Batpone group, Bat Ponies Are Best Ponies Don't kill me

Also, your batpony OC has the most epic name ever, but its not as cute a name as my bat :P

Kill you?
I love it when people add my stories to groups for me!

Also, your batpony OC has the most epic name ever, but its not as cute a name as my bat :P

I've got two more bat pony OC's to go. ^.^ One of them might be even cuter.

I haven't read the chapter yet, but the title is truly magnificent.

Is that name is a comedic parody of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent?

How is it that the 'also liked' bar over there on the side has only two stories... and they're two stories I've read? (I hardly ever read anything.)

Heh, I know the title's good when so many people come here just to say that.

Not really, more of a comedic parody of all such titles. Just happens to be the same as that one, I suppose.

I'm afraid you might be right. (Seeing as how it's featured now.)
Good thing is, I think I want more of it, too.

Ok, this is hilaradoracute. Please, sequels. Many, many sequels.

I must point out, however, that the chapter name, and chapter title both read "Baty Fluffentuft's adventures in Canterlot"

Fix it, please, it's driving me mad. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to start writing fanfiction of your fanfiction. Maybe I should do a Batsy/Gobots crossover...

Oh damn it.
I hate when I have a typo in the chapter title, because the url for the chapter will forever be marred.

Not as magnificent as Batsy herself, though, of course.

This story deserves the "Slow Clap" congratulations...
I cannot fathom the sheer awesomeness of Batsy nor the elite team of guards that this story presents.
I need more of this type of writing, because I couldn't stop laughing the whole time I was reading this.
Please tell me this isn't the last we will see of this amazing character and her brilliant plans.

I do not see a derpy pony.
I see Derpy, a pony.
One of these days I will figure out how to get a sig on FimFiction.

[Insert me running around in circles while screaming latin gibberish here]


This needs a second chapter. WE NEED MORE BATSY!

Oh, I plan to use her at least for a few cameo appearances in other stories.
Maybe a sequel/new chapter some day.
It's on the list of stories my Patreon supporters can vote for.

I'm sorry, it appears I've broken you.

Maybe someday. ^.^
For now, I have many other things I'm already committed to writing.

6585254 .... Requesting permission to use Batsy in my own fic, then.

Make sure to tell me when you've done it, and I'll make a story-tagged blog post about it.

6585262 I won't actually be giving her a significant role, just having her adventures as a little footnote in a report.

I am disappointed. Truly disappointed. Never did I expect that you were such a CHEATSY CHEATER MCCHEATYFACE! I am morally obligated to mash like on ANY story that involves a person being flushed down the toilet. Not. Fair. At. All!

She gonna end up on Mega-Probation after this is over. Or maybe even Ultra-Probation, depending on how much lulz occur. Yet somehow I get the feeling Luna will STILL sneak her some bat snacks. Because Luna is best princess.

Also... So, like, a tsundere acts like she hates you but secretly adores you. Is... is there even a WORD for what Batty is?
"I just want you for your body! It... It's not like I'm emotionally invested in you in any way... BAKA!!!"

Well, can't really think of anything other than "Adorable"

Ah, well, maybe no blog post then. I'd still love to see it, though.

I don't know if there's a word for what she is, but I do know that it's a lot of fun to write! ^.^
(If nothing else, I think I must have figured out how to write an OC that everyone loves.)

I'll take it! ^.^

watching my whole battalion


Huh. Wrong window after all. That must have been one of the female Solar Guard barracks. Silly Solar Guards, separating male and female barracks. How are they supposed to get any hanky-panky time in when they were all separated like that?


Maybe they're all gay?


He nods. “Good. You'll find some cleaning supplies under the stairs here. Just toss all these old boxes into the dumpster out back.”
I nod slowly. “And then the sex?”
He plants his hoof in his face, then shakes his head, groaning. Finally he looks at me and says in a sarcastic tone, “Don't you think you should at least take me out to dinner first?”


When I make it up high enough to peek in the window, I see what the problem is. The bathroom door has been kicked down, the toilet is completely removed, and several burly stallions are busy tearing up the stone floor around the drain pipe as my whole squad crowds in to watch from behind them.
Right above the hole, my commanding officer, Nightwing, yells down as loudly as she can. “Hold on Batsy! We're coming! Just try not to slip any further down!”


You trying to kill me or something? :rainbowlaugh:


You trying to kill me or something?

Blast! You've discovered my lugubrious plan!

It's cute, but I don't think any of you can compete with Lemony Cutewhistle, the bestest changeling that has ever been.

This story was amazing. All of the up-votes.

Sequel! Sequel! Sequel!...maybe a series!

I really liked this. Twas cute. :twilightsmile:

HA! This was a great story! I really enjoyed it and I have a new favorite character. Hopefully you'll continue to write more stories starring the completely awesome and genius Batsy! Have an upvote and favorite!

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