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This world is not yours to end. This is our future... our story (He/Him)


When it comes to the people living in my neighborhood, it's one of those things where I only know a bit about it, but having too many things going on in my life kind of keeps me out of the loop. Though, one thing that I know is that the house next door would still have the 'For Sale' sign up in the front yard and despite the owners best efforts, no one was interested in claiming it.

Yet, one day... someone did.

Usually, when someone new moves in, I don't really take it upon myself to welcome them to the neighborhood. If anything, that's what my mom would do. Yet, this time around, my new neighbor just so happens to honestly be the last thing I expected.

My name is Sam... and, I kid you not, my next door neighbor is a unicorn. A unicorn who just so happens to be very smart, but rather unfamiliar with everyday things that humans use on a daily basis.

What could possibly go wrong?

So this is an idea that I had stuck around for a while that I finally decided to pick back up and thought I would show you guys.

The idea was inspired by Admiral Biscuit's 'Not-A-Contest' writing challenge and subsequent stories within that genre, but with a bit of a different take. Mainly to answer the question 'What would happen if you had an Equestrian as your next door neighbor?'

I'll try to update this as much as I can, but there will be times where some updates might take longer than others because of stuff irl or working on other stories

The character tags will expand a bit as new characters are introduced.

Credits to everything shown.
MLP belongs to Hasbro.
The image that I have for cover art was something I found on google images

Featured on 6/2/2021-6/4/2021. You guys are amazing!!

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Somepony NEEDS to get those 'Guide to Earth' books made MANDATORY READING for all Equestrians heading to Earth.

Interesting. I love ponies on Earth stories. The writing seems like it might be in need of some tightening—for instance, locking the car three times (unless you're foreshadowing a car break in?)—but the garage door scene sold me. This is worth an upvote and a track.

Okay, I enjoyed this. Ponies on Earth is always fun and this is a neat take. Please don't forget to publish the rest; I violated my personal rule of "never read incomplete stories." Don't make me sorry!

I have to admit....

Twilight Sparkle would be a good
name for a grape flavored soda...

I plan to try and update this as much as I can with even more shenanigans. ^^

Elements of Harmony Brand Soda!

I think the little pony needs snuggles

A thought occurs to me, what if Gizmo and Sam tried to show each other a"Game from my home world" Sam picks D&D and Gizmo picks Ogres and Oubliettes? How is seeing games that work exaclty the same from 2 diffrent worlds go, as I imagine D&D and O&O somehow have them same rules.

Pony inventor on earth, perfect recipe for a disaster, oh snap here come the night guard errr.. i mean the police.

Doesn't help that the two of them know each other. All while Sam is trying to make sense of what's going on

This story is really giving that fish out of water vibe - I like it.

I think Gizmo getting inadequacy complex. Nopony could appreciate her inventions in Equestria, but in human world they pale in her own eyes in comparison to tech she sees.

Make sure she knows about the garbage disposal. Very important point.

Alexa, fire photon torpedoes. (that one never gets old)

10844273 Title it 'Things Sweetie Belle is Forbidden From Doing'

If that's a thing, I want to read it

I mean, to be true, I hear Celestia finds washing machines kinda comfy...

Gizmo looks interesting, though only after shielding my house from EMP. Causing huge damages in a not-really-accident would sour the neighbor relationship somewhat.

May Faust and Zacherle guide you, Sam.
And if they cannot, pray to Sleipnir and Epona.

… Are we sure that Equestrians aren’t just different variants of oversized cats? Because that’s the kind of impression that I’m getting so far over the course of the last few hours.

If this is the case, sign me up.

Personally, I wasn’t entirely sure why she would ask me that. Sure, she wanted to know if I found what I was looking for. Yet, in my mind, she can make a simple errand to get pasta and tomato sauce for tonight’s dinner sound like it was a grand journey straight out of The Lord of the Rings. Not that it bothered me really, but I don’t like it when people over exaggerate about simple things.

Looks like the condition is genetic.

A fellow man of culture I see

“… That’s on me, I set the bar too low.”

Wait a minute, did she just reference what I think she-

god I got a good laugh out of this.

Glad to hear you liked it. Thought I would stroke while the iron was hot in terms of memes and jokes ^^

Hopefully, any hiccups won’t be due to the food.

Oh, I am enjoying this way too much! Bravo, Gizmo!

No more cartoons for gizmo

I'm in love with this story. Please make more

I all but tripped over this fic because the premise sounded cute. And I was right. This is AWESOME, and I want to see more!

Time for D&D. What could possibly go wrong.

Considering what we have so far... who knows? xP


Pen and paper? Not too much.

Character building apps or Virtual Tabletop? ALL THE THINGS.


What could possibly go wrong.

Noooooo! never say thoses words... damn it too late now o.O

This is going to end well. Waterdeep will never be the same again. Mirt the Merciless will cower in fear. Manshoon will flee for all of his lives. Chult will... ... probably be fine.

Unless the DM decides to just roll with it

Well going wrong is diffrent than ending wrong if you've played TTRPGs long enough.
Remember never anger Gazebos, those things can score TPKs

10845323 You mean the 'sink food processor'?

I get two uses out of one device!

But for some reason everyone I invite over for dinner ends up in the hospital... :pinkiesick:

Gizmo oggled the device in awe, "You can communicate long-distances without having to enchant a dragon to belch out the letters?!"

Sam nodded slowly, "Yes, though your way sounds a whole lot cooler."

Alexa, report all of my activities to the Chinese government!

"Way ahead of you..."



Hopefully, this Gizmo won’t be as destructive and dangerous as another Gizmo...


I keep thinking of Pony Sweat...assuming they don't already have that in the far Eastern side of Equestria.

Alexa, Intruder Alert
"So, you have chosen death."
[Release all Roombas]
[play Doom soundtrack]

10845621 Just don't wash her in hot water or she shrinks.

The idea of unicorns flipping pancakes is cute. The idea of unicorns flipping pancakes so hard that they pierce the heavens (or at least dirty some ceilings) is even cuter. Still, I worry about why Gizmo has low self-esteem/self-confidence beyond a vague notion that she did not do so well in Equestria. We'll see, perhaps.

You say Gizmo's a super genius but she doesn't ask the questions of one.

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