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Made the Popular Stories section: 10-7-2015

It was all just a simple joke really: You star gaze and if you happen to see a shooting star then you make a wish no matter how crazy it is. I did just that by wishing to be a pony for a laugh knowing it wasn't going to come true and come to find out I woke up as a pony ... a Bat Pony Guard thanks to Luna.

Am I happy? Of course because it's mostly every bronies dream to be a pony so I'm not overly shocked even if I'm sorta surprised that it even happened in the first place.

Now I have to deal with family and the outside world since I was planning on doing pony shopping! ... Yeah, this will be a very interesting day for sure to see the types of reactions I will get... at least my coltfriend doesn't mind having his lover as a pony for the time being.

Luna!! You clever clever pony!

Cover photo cropped from this - https://derpibooru.org/2103554


Warning: This story has moments between Male/Male and Stallion/Male ... nothing to the extreme, but if M/M is not your thing at all then it's best that you don't read this story.

Okay, so this is a different and hopefully better version of my first story - Thunderclap and Thunderlane Go Shopping

Now if any of you actually read that half disaster of a story then you might be wondering: "Why is he even trying to redo it?"

The answer is simple: I know that story is bad. Hell, I'd probably cringe trying to read it... at least the sequel to it was much better in my view.

Also, I'm trying to see if I can do a much better job with this story compared to the first one since I'm changing so much stuff and not making it easy on myself.

So if you decide to read this anyway then I hope you can actually enjoy it.

One last thing: By doing this story, I actually have ideas for two sequels!

And one more last thing! This story is unedited, but I tried to fix what I can!

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Yeah, I was debating commenting or not. But I suppose it's rude of me not to. So... general comments away!

I have to agree, it is better written than the previous one, but there was a lot of influence from it's predecessor. I suppose it was following the same formula, so that was to be expected. I had a minor issue with the hater's part, because really... just gonna up and attack a living breathing intelligent critter that proves a show reflects a reality? Pah...

Writer's License I suppose. You can do a whole lot with that.

In fact, most of my gripes are more Reading Sins worthy, little nitpickings that I won't elaborate on because I've been trying to kick the habit.

Story wise, it was a fun ride. Victor isn't a bad name for a pony. Neither is Will. But meh. Name changes are fine too. The fall out should be interesting at the higher level. Government and legal and such. I can say I didn't regret reading this and actually enjoyed it.

Hmm.... 7/10 will recommend to a friend for a quick read.

(Sheesh... good thing I came back, forgot to hit the like button!)

EDIT: Oh, right! The other side of a constructive comment. Nothing really leapt out at me in terms of grammatical errors and such, and nothing jarring of the sort that messed with my immersion into the story.


Yeah, I guess going over board in terms of the haters seems like a bit much... but, lets just blame it on magic from the princesses :trollestia:

In all seriousness it's just my random mind at work :derpytongue2: even though at the same time I have no idea if the people around here would act like in the story if I suddenly was Lunar Night. I'm not even aware of any fans here in Jersey ... much ... maybe one person. Overall I just wanted one chapter haters, one chapter fans and the Hot Topic chapter ... it's crazy that I even came up with that XD

But hey, I wanted to do a different version of that other story while in similar style and that's what came to me :pinkiecrazy:

Victor being me and William being a friend of mines :heart: if you wanted to know. And everything you read of what I did in the story is what I would most likely do for real if I was a bat pony... especially in the short chapter which I just loved typing up. Lots of fun.

After thinking about it some... I think I can actually add more to the Epilogue, but I'll wait on that.

So thanks for the rating and like :raritywink: and I'm glad that you enjoyed this story and that any errors didn't bother your reading.

I used "And" way too much in this reply :duck:

Wait is the main protagonist homosexual?

You were right about the cringe factor!

"Now..." William started. "What we want to know is, how did this come to be? We never expected that equestria would actually be real."
"Oh, I can answer that one," Celestia grinned. "About two years ago we were messing around with different galaxies and planets to see if there was life out there and one thing led to another and we found this planet to have life. After finding that out, we decided to investigate further and were surprised to see that the life here didn't resemble us so we sent out tiny cameras to look around and see how you 'humans' were in secret since nopony or human but us can see the cameras thanks to our magic."

You watch the ponies, but in Soviet Equestria, the ponies watch you!


Hopefully not a lot of cringe moments in this story :twilightoops:

I know in my Thunderclap story there would be.


XD If this was real then it would be crazy and sorta creepy at the same time.

Were I to sum this story up in one word, it would be... amusing.

I enjoyed it from beginning to end. I only wish that there was more of it to enjoy.
There was some action, comedy and I enjoyed some of the awkward moments too.

4 points on the :yay:itude meter! Looking forward to the sequel you mentioned, if it was to happen.

After all of that was over, I was able to spend some time with Luna as she gave me the basics of flight. Now, you might assume that flying is easy, but it's not! Especially with a few failed attempts at first which I'm glad that she was able to use her magic to catch me before falling.

More accurately, to catch you before you hit the ground!


Corrected :facehoof: silly me XD

And I'm glad you enjoyed it :pinkiehappy: The first sequel I plan on releasing next week is where Night Blade and I go visit the Mane 6 to give them those vinyl collectibles of themselves to see how they react among other craziness that will happen when we get to Ponyville.

Titled: Lunar and Night meet the Mane 6

It will be mainly a Comedy/Random story which I hope I can deliver on both.

6504622 well that's a turn off for me.


Sorry about that :twilightsheepish: but I understand.

6505138 yep, well I'm glad you do.


Because it has no clop? XD

Even though it has some sexual related stuff, I'm sure Teen/Sex still works just fine.

6505294 I guess, yeah...

PS: Bat-Pony master race. :trollestia:

...this was finished in under 2 days?

Not bad.


Took me almost 3 months actually since I started it on July 14th.

I just added them when I was sure it was good enough to me :derpytongue2:

"Luna please!" Celestia winced, her ears flattened in pain. "There's no need to use the Royal Canterlot Voice!"

"Royal Canterlot Squee" be better?


I just kept the RCV and decided to add in the Royal Canterlot Squee to have both.

So the lead is homosexual... You really should put up a warning notice for this type of story. Not everyone would be happy to even read a bit of this type of story if the person is not that way. :pinkiesick:

Comment posted by Flash_Magnus deleted Nov 11th, 2015


And done.

I honestly never thought about it much even though in the first sequel, it's light on the M/M while in the second sequel is this I thought it was more M/M moments to the point where I added that story to the M/M Shipping and Coltcuddlers group.

My bad.

Now I have to deal with the outside world! ... Yeah, this will be a very interesting day for sure to see the types of reactions I will get.

I got a army standing by ready to move on the haters and journalists!! :pinkiecrazy::twilightangry2:

you make for a great squeaker
Squaker eh?

"I wish I was a pony."
What would you do?

I just want to believe?

"Tia, we all know that your cake is a lie."
Ka :rainbowkiss:

Everything after the sex robot I found disturbing in some aspects :twilightoops: (trying to put it as nicely as I can.) and I feel like Luna was a human trying to stay in character since she ran into a wall. The same with Celestia when she ask her if she forgot to use her wings.

Just when she ran into a wall made me think of this clip.

you should know that not everyone will be happy to see you, you know that, right?"

That's why I have shields to protect me/my OC from things like that. :fluttershyouch: Like haters and journalists. :flutterrage: Only trust worthy people can see me :twilightsmile: and I can also choose who sees me.

Opening my eyes again I noticed that speech was met with mostly stares and glares from the others before they went back to what they was doing. Damn how I hate Kearny.
Pretty sure it's "were doing." :unsuresweetie:

Ah, nothing like countless germs in your mouth from something that so many humans touched.
We have wipes, at the Goodwill, that I work at for that.

I really thought it would be "Beenie Hills?" chase music.

I skipped over the hater lines and imagined them getting toppled in heavy jewelry :pinkiecrazy: and so forth.

Hold on I'll let the professionals deal with the haters.

Was there really anything important in the first chapter? :rainbowhuh: Trying to avoid the g****** as much as possible since I really don't have anything else to read.:ajsleepy:


With how I am. I would most likely be a squeaker lmao.

As for the disturbing parts... well, the story ain't 100% fantastic even if I feel happy about it. When I look back on it, I can think of much better ways to make it well, better. Problem is is that I would more than likely have to do the story all over again so I'm leaving it as is.

And with the way my mind is, it can lead to some very awkward moments.


I pretty much know I would have my fans and haters :derpytongue2:

But, would what I said in this chapter actually happen if I really was a bat pony? Most likely no.

While I do go to the Walmart I mentioned in this story at least a few times a year. I just wouldn't know what the reactions would be unless I asked them XD so what you read was pure randomness for amusement.

Benny Hill chase scene .... :rainbowlaugh: I didn't even think of that XD that's perfect!

Everyone uses that for chase music so I really surprised when it wasn't. :rainbowderp:

Luna said I should think of a pony name.
This time I'll be sure to take the stairs one at a time.

Was stuff like that said in the first chapter? :facehoof:

"Oh yeah ... jackpot!"

Rearing up onto my hind legs again, I used a hoof to slide two boxes each of Vinyl Collectibles of Derpy, Bon Bon, Lyra, Tavi, Vinyl, and Spitfire into the shopping cart.
Why do you need more than one? :rainbowhuh:

Comment posted by Flash_Magnus deleted Mar 15th, 2017


I'm usually the type to get more than one thing of sorts and ever sense they revealed the Stratus Skyranger toy from the MLP Movie, I reeeeeaaaaaallllly want to buy like 5 of him when he's released XD


Forgive me but... I'm lazy to go back to the first chapter to even check :twilightsheepish:

After posting the last chapter, I didn't remember much of what I wrote in this story unless I go back through it.


I wouldn't be surprised if I was actually aware of that when I was writing this and it just slipped my mind.

I just went with the version they used in 2 MLP episodes which was Yakety Sax if I'm correct.

"The MLP App on android."

Searched that online and it looks just like farmville and township aka Facebook ish games that seem interesting but its just building stuff and filling orders. Well that's what it seems to be all I'm basically doing in it.
Mlp township game

"Sorry about that, he's only jealous ever since we brought up about you being here and well, he only wants to become like you."
Isn't that everyone? :facehoof::rainbowhuh: I know I want to be my OC for over 4 years!!:ajsleepy::applecry: To be honest I want an adventure because my life is really boring outside school and work.

I'm foreshadowing that the next chapter is going to be really evil so I'm skipping it and going to the next one. :twilightsheepish:

*Reads chapter 5*
Ha I was semi right! :rainbowkiss:
Chapter 4 - mixture of both for amusement

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