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This story is a sequel to The Cat in the Counselor's Office

After being resurrected by Grogar; The Father of Monsters, King Sombra went to work on his plan to take over Equestria. Starting with the Crystal Empire, he made sure that everything was going according to plan and take everything into account. Nothing was going to stop him this time. Not even the talking cat that's on a floating book and playing with Cadance's daughter...

... Hold on, what?

Well, here we are. You guys wanted to see more Yuumi, so I'm trying to deliver on that. Plus, with the tenth anniversary of League of Legends in full swing, I think it was the perfect kind of motivation for me to see this through.

This story takes place during season 9's 'The Beginning of the End' and serves as an alternate outcome to what happened in the show. I am trying my best in order to set itself apart because... well, when you throw a magical talking cat into the mix with anything, crazy things happen.

Credits to everything shown
Cover art was an image I found on Google, but don't quite know the artist that did it. Still, credits go to them anyways
Big thanks to Viper Pit for helping me look over what I was writing and providing ideas.
Hit the Popular stories tab on 11/02/2019. Nicely done

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“Oh my gosh! I thought we were playing. ARE YOU DEAD!?!”

Typical cat behavior.

Grogar’s eyes widened as he stared at the cat in horror, saying only two words came off the top of his head. “Oh no !!”

*grabs a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos and a Cream Soda* Let the fun begin.

Not quite sure if Grogar would consider it as 'fun' after everything that he's seen

Fun for the readers, but not for him.

You know, I can understand the frustration Sombra must be feeling. She may be adorable, but I really hate that cat.

Your comment is what i thought about writing, but in a lesser amount of words:moustache:

Yuumi is the best cat!!

I need more of these. Maybe The Cat needs to visit Canterlot next.

Blueblood would love her

I might consider doing more depending on how these first two stories go. Glad you like her most recent adventures with 'Boo' xD

Lol, Yuumi being annoying not just in game now :v

Well, that was a total bust. With Sombra gone, I guess I’ll just continue preparing our motley crew here for Plan B. What’s another few months, anyways? I’m not going anywhere.

Whatever you say, Dr. Gero. >^_^<


Congrats, someone finally gets the reference :rainbowlaugh:

I have no real excuse. :pinkiehappy:

But now that it's on my mind, I have Yamcha's song in my head now thanks to this story. Cat loves food, yeh-yeah-yeah-yeah...

Okay, that part was unintentional. I didn't realize that until you brought it up just now

Grogar, just play nice and Yummi will leave soon or later.

P.S: did you think about other League of Legends characters in Equestria?

There are many possibilities, though, one of the ones I would like to see is Zoe or Senna. The latter because of her interactions with Hecarim and how she referred to him as 'Horsey!'

What about Annie? Sincerely I don't follow too much League of Legends, but I like her

Sure, but Tibbers might scare some people

Precisely, it could be used as another reason why Cozy decided to leave, something like "I'm glad I'm out" also from the story, Tibbers mainly attack if someone try to take it from Annie, ponies are very nice so there could be no problem except maybe with Spoiled Rich or Rainbow Dash... Maybe Rarity could offer to repair Tibbers, not sure what could Annie do then

Nice monsters inc references.

Thanks. I could not get that scenario out of my head for this, so I decided to roll with it. xD

Is this actual Grogar or Discord Grogar?

I'll let you think on it. Rather not spoil anything for the future :raritywink:

“Wait wait wait wait!!! I think I’ve seen you before,” the cat proclaimed, interrupting the mad king’s sentence, “ …… Hecarim? Did you lose your torso or something?” then the magical cat gasped, before saying what came next to her mind, “Oh my goodness, you’re so different now! Much cuter instead of dark, brooding and downright boring.”

Honestly, that’d be an awesome Hecarim skin.

Grogar’s eyes widened as he stared at the cat in horror, saying only two words came off the top of his head. “Oh no !!”

It’s quite possible that there are two Yuumi’s, what with Blind mode.

But looking back now I agree in that it is funny.

A funny cat and mouse chase that ends with

“Oh my gosh! I thought we were playing. ARE YOU DEAD!?!”

that's really funny, how she never saw him as a threat and uses overwhelming magic against sombra on quote on quote 'Accident'

It's also funny because that's something she says in game

Randall could only scream in agony and pain as the onslaught of magic rapidly overtook him, before setting off an explosion in the room as everypony else ducked for cover. The helmets that were on the guards before were soon thrown off and destroyed by the vibrant mana that flowed through the room as the bright light filled the castle.


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