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"I am a simple person with a complicated mind." I mean, I am writing about talking horses after all. MisAnthroPony is the worst youtuber alive.


King Sombra is on the verge of enslaving the Crystal Empire; the guards are under his control, the royal baby is in his grasp, and the royal couple are at his mercy! So why is a baby laughing at him?

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Is this a comment on the fact Sombra has a new voie actor?

The Dawn of War games, which incidentally star several members of the MLP cast, have had similar issues with characters having new VAs.

Eh, I just don't like the new voice actor. It sounds like a Blueblood type jerk rather than a lord of darkness king, just my opinion, feel free to disagree.

I completely agree. If you type 'Araghast the Pillager' into Youtube, and click either the third or fourth link, that was the sort of voice I was expecting.

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To be perfectly honest, I prefer DWK's interpretation of Sombra's voice. Both of them.

Just Jim Miller back would be enough for me, but not that pompous jerk voice they ruined a villain with.

That voice is so spot on good!!

Comment posted by Kalum deleted May 19th, 2019

Hi Kalum, what did you say in the deleted comment?

I understand this is a "coping mechanism" of sorts, but I've just never been a big fan of stories that are little more than thinly-veiled excuses for the author to complain.

That's on me, not you. Sorry.

Well, it was more my attempt at a comedic story, and I would have thought the "coping mechanism" was a clear frivolous remark (your fault again, not mine) but if you didn't find it funny I guess there's not much I can do.

Thanks for reading anyway though.

By the way, sarcasm doesn't actually count as a method of constructive criticism. It just lets me know that you're a massive prick.

Nothing is perfect ;)

I couldn't agree more. I was almost expecting him to start complaining about a chipped hoof or getting his coat dirty. He went from sounding like dark lord tyrant to a pompous douche. Kinda hard to sound threatening after that.

Yep, pretty ridiculous wasn't it. Glad you agree, and I hope you enjoyed the fic.

That's one way to Giggle At The Ghostly™...:pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh:

Similar to my reaction to live action Jafar. New guy has nothing on Freeman.

How's this for an alternate voice for the Lord of Darkness?

Much better!

The mighty Fred Tatasciore (whom you'll probably know best as Megatron).

I just had to read this as soon as I saw it in the feed. With so many people HATING King Sombra's new voice, it's a very creative way to channel our collective, sharp disappointment into a story. I have to admit that when I saw the word count I couldn't imagine how such a one-off joke could be extended beyond the minimum 1,000 word count, but this pulled it off beautifully. Cadence's unexpected anger at Shining Armor was hilarious!

Also, I love the physical description of Sombra, very nice touches here and there.

Keep up the good work and remember to always

Hail King Sombra!


How's this for an alternate voice for the Lord of Darkness?

Eh, a bit over-modulated. I am still a big fan of how Zedrin voiced him in their Silly Filly Studios MLP Fan Animation Fall of the Crystal Empire.

I posted on my blog that he sounded like a bad Scar impression.

Yep, awful choice from the team.

It is seriously fun to make jokes about XD

Thank you :)

This was just amazing; I liked Sombra's confusion in particular

Thank you very much! I hope you had fun with it!

Cadance gave him a passive look, “Nothing. It’s the grown stallion dressing up like a fairy that’s the problem.”

“It’s not a fairy!” Shining said with a blush, “I’ve told you a thousand times, it’s the noble high elf, Hedwig Learke.”

It’s the reason I cut off your allowance is what it is.”

hahaaaaaa :rainbowlaugh:

Amazing fanfic so hilarious and embarrassing for Sombra to br mocked cauze of his voice :rainbowlaugh:

Jermy Irons would have been awesome. Or Christopher Lee.

“Maybe it’s his fur.” Shining blurted out, ignoring Sombra’s words while looking him over again. “Has Flurry ever seen a black furred pony before?” The captain turned back to his wife to debate this, but her icy gaze made his blood run cold. Cadance held a hard stare on her husband, her jaw slack as the appalled ire burned into Shining’s skin.

Dud shining armor implied flurry heart is racist

'I wonder what's the least painful way to remove a tongue...'

No you want to cut your own vocal cords removing the tongue with just make someone sound even funnier

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