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"I am a simple person with a complicated mind." I mean, I am writing about talking horses after all.


Shining Armor has been captured by changelings and imprisoned in a cocoon. Unable to do anything but think, he waits for someone to rescue him. But he will soon learn, a changelings cocoon is the worst possible torture anypony can suffer.

Takes place in an alternate Season 6 finale.

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Thanks, I guess:rainbowlaugh:

Huh, I though the idea was good, I wished for so many years for a good story with Shining being turned into a Changeling, I haven't seen one that really got me the way that I really liked except for one, which was deleted unfortunately. You are really close to the mark, and I certainly liked that you used the cocoon as well, the mind altering was a nice touch too through I feel it was a little too rushed. I wished that the process had been more of a slow burn process with more physical description. My only real complain is that I would have wished to see Shining leaving a cocoon and have chance to see the horror of what he became before being gradually mind wipe while he futilely tries to resist the process. Still, I hope this is the prologue to a longer story that might go into more in depth on what happened next of why Chrysalis pricked him to transformed into a changeling or what uses he has for it.

Good job, keep it up.

Thank you for the review first of all.

Unfortunately this is not a prologue, this was just a one shot. In my world, once a pony has lost their physical body and their mind, there is no chance in regaining their memories, they're just another changeling, hence why i ended it where it did.

Regardless, Im glad you enjoyed it.

Such a wonderful and underrated story. I'm sure that if you keep writing things like this, you'll become someone recognized around here!

Thank you very much for your kind words!

Someone recognized? :twilightblush: Oh, here's hoping!!!

Wow, this is so good! Does the Thorax in your universe know about this stuff? That all of them were once ponies or other creatures? It probably wouldn't be a concern for the other changelings since they're so focused on eating, but Thorax has managed to find a way past that so I wonder what his thoughts on his origins are.

Well, the Thorax in this universe does probably know about this stuff, but it is not his own origins. For me, there are two ways to become a changeling, either you are born or transformed. The born are intelligent changelings capable of their own thoughts, while the transformed are unintelligent beasts only implanted with the desire to serve - the ultimate punishment if you will.

Thanks for the awesome comment!

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