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It has been a decade since Twilight Sparkle was crowned sole Princess, and Equestria is at peace.

The Crystal Empire, not so much. King Sombra is apparently unkillable, despite all efforts. He returns several times a year to be destroyed, leaving behind his horn and always swearing vengeance. The jaded Crystal Ponies, some literally jade, have grown used to their tyrant attempting to return. Princess Cadance rules with her husband Shining Armor, while their daughter Flurry Heart excels in school. All is well.

All seems well, until Cadance begins to suspect that something is wrong with her daughter after the latest battle with Sombra. Flurry quite literally walks off a blast of concentrated dark magic. What Cadance discovers will shake her family to the core and upend everything she thought she knew about her daughter.

Flurry Heart is evil. If Cadance cannot save her daughter, she must stop her before it's too late.

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I have no idea why this story is titaled this way as from what has been shown so far cadance is the evil one here. Possibly Unredemable

Poor Cadance is going to have to learn that teenagers develop niche hobbies about settings that aren't exactly 'happily ever after' affairs.
Poor Flurry, I know how expensive models can be and the idea of one getting destroyed pains me.
Poor Shining is gonna be caught in the middle of all this.

Oof, Cadance is that type of mom. Makes sense. I hope to see more chapters.

So is flurry possessed or is it like a half possession? Or is she just being a teenager?

I like this story so far, it is silly and cute.

Of course she's evil, she prefers Warhammer 40k to Fantasy.

Shining’s ears pinned back. “Flurry kept her grades up and did all her chores to buy the new Warhammer miniatures," he explained. "She’s been saving up so she has a nice set for the tournament. She paints them herself.”

I see Flurry is a girl after my own heart. Loving the story already. And Cadance just found something so evil that even the Magic of Friendship can never defeat it...

Games-Workshop's prices 😱😱😱.


Hmm...no, she sounds like a thirteen-year-old to me.

Notice I didn't say 'typical thirteen-year-old.' In all my years, I have never met a "typical" child.

So, teenage angst is the ultimate form of evil?
I think I've heard something like this before when D&D was supposed to be a gate way game into Satanism.
All those poor teenagers that played D&D just so they could get magic powers.

11438468 option 3
11438542 LOL! Nothing wrong with that

The power of teenage angst and a heavy heaping of war crimes.

>not buying third party minis

Oh, you're going to love this. Those books under her worktable are for Ogres & Oubliettes. She's got every edition.

Princess Cadence... Your Highness... I'm so very sorry... but your daughter... there's nothing we can do... she's... she's... a Geek.

We have experience treating the much milder bookworm strains thanks to Princess Twilight, but she must have caught one of the wargamer strains, and those are an entirely different beast.
Make sure she gets fresh air and an hour of sunlight at least every other day, keep her miniature expenses below 3% of the Crystal Empire 's GDP, and notify us immediately If she starts LARPing.

“My miniature,” Flurry Heart mumbled, staring down at the pulverized pony with pinned back ears. “Primarch Horus still needed to be painted.” She gave her mother a murderous stare, wet with tears. “Out.” Her voice cracked into a deep growl.

Where did she get Horus from, I tried to order one when I was a kid, but was told they only made them specially for displays and exhibition games, and never sold them to the general public. No wonder her inner nerd rage has manifested…

Edit: I suppose said policy was inhibiting Games Workshops ability to do what they love the most, to sell everything to anyone and make large amounts of money.


Well, there is the magic of 3d printers.

When an actual :yay:ing emperor throws money at you, you do whatever he wants.

so she is a daddys girl,

he is the rarest breed, a DM!

Forge World has all the primarchs in model now. Check out their website for your Horus Heresy fix.


If only, I flogged my collection ages ago. I just keep up with new lore for nostalgia’s sake.

I love how everyone is glossing over the fact that by the “Primarch Horus” she is building a chaos army. As in the evil spiky bois.

This will be entertaining to read.

Playing Chaos doesn't make you evil. Whatever lies told you that, need to be slapped upside the head. Plenty of reasons Flurry could be collecting Sons of Horus.

I never said that, I never insinuated that, and I honestly believe anyone that does is an idiot.
However I’m guessing for the story, Cadence is going to be an idiot.

Ork boyz da best.

No seriously, Orkz are basically the only ones to actually enjoy the state of the galaxy. Even the Tyranids are apparently terrified of something that's chasing them.

I would argue that the Dark Eldar also enjoy the current state of the 41st millennium, but they learned nothing from the birth of Slenesh, so who cares.

And I'd argue that they are still cognizant enough to realize that being hunted down and devoured is both very bad and their inevitable fate. Da Boyz, though? They see nothing but fighting, and love nothing more than fighting. :pinkiecrazy:


Cadance really enjoyed fighting the tatzlwurm back in the day. Why is it a surprise Flurry likes less-than-princessly activities?

Nevermind Sombra, maybe Cousin Nyx is being a bad influence and getting Flurry into HEMA and kendo.

I think the point is that the evil is entirely fabricated in Cadance's panicked mind, combined with a lack of understanding for her daughter's hobbies. I wouldn't say she sounds "unredeemable" so far, however.

Let me guess her favourite band is Sabaton.

“So?” Cadance sniffed. “How expensive could they be?”

Vary... my monthly electric bill if often the cheaper thing.

Well…I’m pretty sure cadence is the one who got corrupted. Flurry is just being a teenager.

Cadance glared down at the sideways horn. The pink alicorn stood with twitching purple eyes. “You monster! Even in undeath, you still go after our daughter!” She kicked the horn with her bare hoof, sending it skidding across the crystal floor.

“Ow!” Cadance nickered. She raised her foreleg and inspected the shallow cut on the bottom of her hoof. She kicked one of the jagged edges. She flushed with embarrassment; it was the only injury any of them had.

So Cadance is the one possessed, or in some way cursed, by Sombra and her negative emotions or worries are eroding her judgement till she goes full nightmare Cadance?

Well... many parents will agree that teenagers ARE evil.

For all Sombra’s many evils, he was actually a health nut.

Cadance took another sip of Luna’s Dark Side of the Moon roast coffee at the dining table. It ate through the stomach lining of anything less than an alicorn. Cadance preferred tea, but she needed the boost after last night, alternating between munching on a dry bowl of CelestiO’s and toast beside a jar of crystalberry jam.

Cadance pushed the jar of jam forward with a foreleg. This was part of the test. She hadn’t touched it yet, preferring her toast dry.

Yeah, Cadance is definitely possessed. She is in the process of becoming a health nut. It starts out with small things like dry cereal. Then leads to healthy cooked/prepared meals. Finally there are the liquid meals and vitamins in pill form, for convenience and efficiency.

As it should be. Yeah, but it's obviously cadence being controlled by Sombra or dark magic.

Cadence...Cadence... You're going to give yourself a coronary if you don't. Chill. Out!

And that part about the CelestiO's really made me chuckle! I'm picturing the box with Celestia's overly cheery face holding up a brimming bowlful of that heart-attack-inducing sweetness in her hooves, eyes wide, with a look juuuust short of madness. And then under her face in big, bold letters are the words, "Hey, Kids! Scream until Mommy buys you a box!"

This is a story of absurd humor, while also being a story of a mother misunderstanding her daughter in believable ways. I enjoyed it very much.

Schizophrenia, Pony Edition.

Cadance took another sip of Luna’s Dark Side of the Moon roast coffee at the dining table. It ate through the stomach lining of anything less than an alicorn. Cadance preferred tea, but she needed the boost after last night, alternating between munching on a dry bowl of CelestiO’s and toast beside a jar of crystalberry jam.

Lol XD

Nice one!

The only dark magic I see is that coffee. I bet if you investigated, we'd find Luna was wired on that stuff when she went Nightmare Moon.

And STILL I see NOTHING to support the evil of Flurry past the part of teen angst.
Candy-ASS on the other hoof

“I need proof,” Cadance continued. “You can sense the darkness in a pony’s heart. The festering void that no amount of love can fill. The dark, black heart of evil.”

“Wait,” Thorax paused. His whiskers twitched. “Is this a changeling thing? That’s horrifically racist.”

Black humor advances in the heart of Cadance.
Good chapter, I love this Flurry nerd. ¡Long live the Imperium!

I will comment this story in one statement:


The misunderstandings in this are perfect can't wait to see what comes next

Somepony should switch to decaf.

I feel like Cadence would probably bring up her daughter's pudginess as one of the main point for being evil.

Cadence has become the embodiment of the Satanic Panic back in 1980.

It would be hilarious if it turns out that Sombra did try to possess Flurry, only to be subsumed by the pre-existing chaotic evil he found there.

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