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The year is 1019, and the scars of the Great War are finally starting to fade from Equus. Queen Chrysalis of the Changeling Hegemony was defeated by a last, desperate alliance of free creatures from across the continent. The All-Ponies Front pushed into the heart of her empire in Vesalipolis after years of daring tank maneuvers beyond muddy trenches while planes dueled above. The Stalliongrad Soviet fought beside the Principality of Equestria it once shunned. The Crystal Empire modernized and stood with the Yaks across the northern mountains. The penguins and bears of the north resisted in the bitter cold. The deer of Olenia rose up under their rightful queen. The Republic of Nova Griffonia mostly made money selling guns to all the little ponies.

The war, and what came afterward, was a time of great upheaval and change. Princess Celestia and Luna abdicated their titles to Twilight Sparkle; the Princess of Friendship rules beside Prime Minister Sunset Shimmer and the Council of Friendship. The Crystal Empire, being a time displaced feudal state, did not change that much. Princess Mi Amore Cadenza and Prince Shining Armor rule as a universally beloved sovereign and a war hero. As the world changes around it, the eternal Crystal City stands still.

Princess Flurry Heart, currently going through "a phase," would like to change this.

By summoning the Ghost of Communism Past as her new political science tutor while her mother is away.

It is up to Shining Armor to avert the dictatorship of the poneletariat and the downfall of the bourneighsie.

May Harmony help them all.

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This sounds potentially hilarious, lets go.

"Sir, Please! Think of your famil-"


So this is where your writing time has gone of late!

--Inb4 Flurry Heart starts a "book club" called the Foalsheviks :D

The "Good" End of The Great War may not turn out quite so good for Shining's sanity, I see...

Long live the (soon-to-be) Red Princess!

A specter is haunting the Crystal Empire. The specter of Caramel Marks.

Shining tried to think of something related to his wife’s relationship counseling service that would truly amaze his daughter. She had always been rather tight-lipped about it. He tapped a hoof on the floor.

Mi Amore Cadenza began to float in the air as her horn crackled. She turned her eyes to the encroaching shadows in the tower and pink light radiated out from her horn. “I told you: I am the Princess of Love. Love has no boundary, no domain. It is eternal. Death cannot claim it.”

The shadows coiled around the weeping walls.

A pink light shone against the darkness, and the forces beyond did not comprehend it.

“I have power everywhere.”

This is why I think Cadance is best Princess. She's so "unimportant " that everpony doubts her, and then she does some COOL s***, before going back to being the perfect pretty pink princess stereotype. She's da best :3

Man, this story has EVERYTHING! Shining being a doffus, Flurry being a teenager, Cadance being based, Barrad, and most importantly, THE ETERNAL UNDYING SPIRIT OF CARAMEL MARKS! This is gon be goooooooooooood. :3

Given the author I am either expecting a light hearted romp where Shining has to deal with the ghost of Communism Past influencing Flurry...or a tragic story where Mark's convinces Flurry to start a Communisun uprising which will lead to the death of her parents, her friends and leading to Flurry committing many a war crimes. Honestly hoping for the former but we shall see.

We had:

-War criminal sad Flurry.

-Nerd Flurry.

-BALLER. War criminal anthro Flurry.

Now get ready for... Heart darn blasted commie Flurry.

Also if the price for this is further delayed p&k updates. Then it's a price that I 'm willing for p&k fanboys to pay.

I respect the fact that the whole base for this fic is a single poorly cropped and context deprived teaser for the Staliongrad rework. Soon + 2 weeks™

And for the uniniciated the reason why Sunset is the Prime Minister and why it's funny is becouse she is a human trafficer. As is she traffics humans from eqg world to Equestria to press into military service. That is a thing in the mod. Don't Ask.

We had:

-War criminal sad Flurry.

-Nerd Flurry.

-BALLER. War criminal anthro Flurry."

I haven't been on FiMfiction in over 4 years where do I learn about both kinds of War Criminals?

For anthro Flurry

For sad Flurry

I would recommend avoiding the comments section on the second one. It gets WILD down there.

“I used to be with it, but then they changed what it was. Now what I’m with isn’t it, and what’s it seems weird and scary to me. It’ll happen to you .”


It has ponies, communist ponies, the existential dread of getting old, emo Flurry, and Simpson references. Perfect story

The Red Princess strikes again

and the Penguins forming a northern republican alliance,.

The Changelings assassinated King Charlatan shortly after the outbreak of hostilities.

I told you: I am the Princess of Love. Love has no boundary, no domain. It is eternal. Death cannot claim it.

Recognition of Cadenza's potential badassery is always a plus.

Marks coughed into a hoof with non-existent lungs. “I take it I am fondly remembered?” she said hopefully.

Possibly in Stalliongrad? (What happened to Stalliongrad in the war, anyway? I've never really paid much attention to the Equestria At War setting).

What a great concept, I'm so down for ghost communist tutelage.

In the war they can either attack equestria, join them against the changelings, or puppet themselves and get annexed by equestria. I assume that they joined equestria, and that they are just kinda chillin' now. Or they started shit with Nova Griffonia and got stomped somehow. Lots of different possibilities.

Sunburst pulled a giant lens out of his eye socket with a pop. He choked down a sigh of relief and set it down on the table. His other eye twitched and squinted. “Pretty nifty, huh? Flurry says it ups my rizz. Glasses are for squares.”

Nahhhhhh 💀

“I have power everywhere .”

Ominous coming from Cadance.

Raise the red flag! Long live Syndicalism!

We've got a whole collection of Flurries now. Given who the author is, I'm expecting either something like in Apocalypse Neigh or the grimdark future. I don't know which is more likely and I will accept either one...wait a minute.

"Checks tags"
Oh ok nvm.

There's also "secret" supremacist stalliongrad, but whenever the rework hits I think all the paths will be significantly changed up so ymmv.

I love this but I'm also worried that it'll delay The Princess and the Kaiser.

People are far to easy throwing insults and epithets like “tyrant“ or “fascism“ now - like there is no actual meanings behind that words. Don't You think?

I enjoy the tinge of comedy intertwined with a truly badass moment from Cadence! I get the feeling this'll all be straightened out comically fast once she gets back.

I have a feeling this is going to blow up in Flurry's face. Shining and Caramel might just get along and become good friends!

Love to see Cadance being powerful. I have to admit when I read "pop of a soap bubble" I was having PatK flashbacks. Hope we get to see Twilight in the Riverlands as well!

Looking forward to more! Your comedy fics are always a treat!

That scene with Cadance was so cool.

Marks coughed into a hoof with non-existent lungs. “I take it I am fondly remembered?” she said hopefully.

Oh boy she doesn't know.

I was not expecting this, but I am glad it's here, rizz though... god I feel old.

Changeling fashion? Changeling cultural victory!

And I love the lord of the rings style encounter with silver star as Wormtoungue. Cadence will always be one of the best characters.

I think the fic said stalliongrad fought alongside Equestria during the war. And since they haven’t takenover nova griffonia it’s likely they went with either vasilily or even the dreaded harmonist path

It’s got a lot of cringe yeah, but it also has quite a bit of well thought out political and social commentary, debate, and analysis. The question is if you’re willing to sit through “guys what if the story has AI generated art?!?!??” to get to it.

“I know necromancy is illegal.”

But it’s BASED!!

Shining Armor loved his daughter dearly, but that did not mean she was all sweetness and light. In the recent years, she had grown moody, temperamental, and prone to sullen fits of poetry so bad they could be classified as war crimes. Shining carefully sipped his coffee to avoid spilling any of the hot substance on his fine blue mustache. His knee throbbed in warning again.

That line made me chuckle.

Wangsty Teenage Flurry and badass Princess of Love are such wonderful topics and you did them justice.

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