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She's looking at you. Yes you. And she is judging you with her eyes. There is no escape.


Sunburst too, is blind to much, but this doesn't stop him from being an excellent teacher. He lives a quiet life of excellence, unaware of his own greatness, blind to his own goodness. Teacher, friend, trusted advisor, lover, Sunburst is many things to many ponies.

Flurry Heart, his beloved student, tries his patience something awful.

An entry in the Weedverse.

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something interesting to read tomorrow.

something interesting to read tomorrow now :raritywink:

Definite upvote on that.

You have piqued my interest... do go on...

Always likes sunburst. In magical ooomph he may be an sixth placer or so, but in knowledge and cunning in the arcane, he is second to none.

There is a morbid part of me that wants to see Sunburst and Starlight try to get married on a train with Gosling, just to see what would happen.

The dorks are sho shweet!

...Future dorklings?

Sunburst, Lord of Dorkness.

Is Sunburst competing with Twilight for the Prince or Princess or Dorkness? I can see how Sunburst feels the way he does. Like others in the Weedverse he is too close to the issue and comparing others without considering his own achievements

So they've decided go fuck it with the formalities and usual motions that are usually tied with getting married, including proposing, they just chose a day, a festival at that and decided to get married at it?

Methinks that at the rate things are going, Starlight might self-ascend just to wipe out whatever might interrupt their long-overdue wedding!

Are you going to bring out more chapters?

Like the one I just posted?

If Flurry thinks that being able to see what is around her with telekinesis isn't practical, she needs to talk to Tarnish. He can attest that when you get sand thrown in your eyes or are hit over the head by some mook it's good to still be able to know where things are.

When is chapter 3 going to come?

And Dim can 'read' in the dark with it by being able to distinguish ink from parchment with his telekinesis. Flurry doesn't understand 'subtle power.'

Maybe tonight, or tomorrow.

Edit: it is partially written already, some of the dialogue and what not, it needs the action sequences filled out, along with set dressing.

Like skillets!:pinkiecrazy:

More than that... You CAN just start the fight in the darkness and be the one with the advantage...
It's quite myopic on Flurry's part to dismiss it as mumbo jumbo ^^;;;

With a lackadaisical, hurried urgency

That is an interesting turn of phrase

@kudzuhaiku are you christian?

What an odd question.


Ship’s gotta sail one way or another. I approve :scootangel:

Blargh, if Sumac was a little bit older…

“Once I figure out how to get my hooves on you, I’m gonna wring your scrawny neck!”

“Oh? I didn't know you were in to breath play!”

I was trying to eat cereal to restore my blood sugar. Now, I am dead.

For some reason, I keep hearing Phil Collins, Coming In the Air Tonight...

Sumac is in his element here, Flurry barely has a chance.

astral presenses about

Is this an archaic spelling of presences? I'm not finding it anywhere.

Fun story enjoyable. YES it is a little sad Flurry needs this lesson but better now than at a critical moment.
Silly FLURRY no one is going to stand still to let you throttle them

Sumac, I think, is teaching Flurry the lesson in a way she understands - actions.

flurry is an angry little unicorn.....

she likely could snap poor sunburst's head off

That chapter was awesome. Still laughing my head off :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Clearly teaching young unicorns or alicorns is a rather dangerous task. At least nobody got turned into a potted plant... yet.

this is a good lesson for Flurry. Perhaps not the one sunburst was planning to teach but a good lesson none the less.

:raritydespair:- The humiliation of the butt-bongo attack! Such savagery!

Did he make his Bardic Music check?

A lesson Sunburst couldn't have taught Flurry in a similarly effective way. But it was him who brought such an effective study group together.

This fight scene was a pleasure to read. Good flow and entertaining.

I’ll admit, I’d hoped that the story would end with Sunburst and Starlight having a quick little ceremony, but this was another fine addition to the Weedverse. Nice job!

The only question is will the lesson stick

Then it stops being a story about a valuable lesson and becomes a story about a quickie wedding ceremony. The point would be then lost to the Feature Creep.

Swept away in a Snow Flurry?:rainbowlaugh:

Oh wow, I was so much into this story that when I read the last chapter, I didn't realise it was the last one. Though I did get the sense I've missed much with the Weedverse. Awesome story kudzuhaiku. I'm sure I'll check Weedverse out, to see what else there is. Thanks for the story. Hope you're having a great start to the year.

A lesson learned is knowledge won. And it seems quite a lesson has been learned here.

“And just how could you possibly know what a troll’s rotten crotch smells like?” Flurry demanded.

These are children who are never going to have a concept of boredom.

Im caught up, now to throw some stories on the read order list.

Hover over picture, click on source.

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