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She's looking at you. Yes you. And she is judging you with her eyes. There is no escape.


Pebble Pie and Pinkie Pie, both preparing for their dates, ponder, perchance, the plight of the pleasantly, pleasingly plump pony pudge problem. The pink ponk pontificates profoundly, perplexing Pebble Pie.

An entry in the Weedverse.

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Pebble: I'm gonna go sulk while eating a pumpkin filled with ice cream.
Pumpkin Cake:*Nearby and heard everything while eating ice cream and has another bite at her lips* O_O

You continuously play my emotional strings like a banjo. You are already aware of this, but I figured I'd let the rest of the class know before I bring about the heat death of the universe.

Context is for chumps.

Are you relapsing, kudzu?

I thought we put you on the patch.

Pinkie can't be too old. Late 30s or extremely early 40s at this point.

I see signs of alliteration abuse.

Nuh-uh. **Sniffs** I'm good.

I literally tried saying your short description and my tongue died :rainbowlaugh:

stared into mirror.

the mirror (or perhaps a)

I want to look to pretty,

extra 'to'

a role of belly-pudge


hide in dark room

a dark

auto tracking
auto upvote
auto read
auto enjoyed
auto commented
fully automatic pony pony pony

*curious white fox reads, snickers and "d'aww"'s at the interaction, licks lips at thought of pumpkin sundae, floods out tails happily, and gives paw-print of approval*

Also, three ponies are Ascendancy insurgents seeking to undermine ponykind for some half-baked ideology of "equality"

I wonder if ponies have the equivalent to regular birth control pills. Pebble is somewhat determined to get herself laid and not shy about admitting it. At this point better safe than sorry I would assume to be the best course of action. Yeah it might just empower her to take greater effort in her endeavor but given that she is fairly cunning and very determined it should be assumed she is going to get away with it at some point.

I really love how Pebble has come so far in her relationship to her Aunt Pinkie, and they can share these special tender moments, that she can't really spend with any other adult <3

Man, Pinky's spiel got to me. I know that feel friend.

Contraception spells or alchemical concoctions or condoms are what's available

Earth ponies in particular can defeat standard birth control and even some alchemical options. The only effective means is to prevent sperm from reaching their target.


I know they have contraceptives of some sort and discussed them in a previous story. I am was assuming these were methods that had to be planned specifically to the event unlike something like a birth control pill that is just taken regularly. Just regular ingesting some alchemical concoction seems somehow risky.

What is the youngest age ponies can legally marry in this setting? Sumac and Pebble are basically married in their hearts already I don't see them waiting to make it official.

These kinds of stories, where a few characters just deal with life's problems together, are my favorite parts of the Weedverse. I'm glad I saved this for after work today, it helped a little.

Too much fertility!!!

This was a beautiful and perfect ending. I'm not really sure what else I could have asked for, other than perhaps more of a middle.

Then again if there had....then there's a very good chance this ending would not be as amazing as it was.

Also, I added one of your stories to my "5 Favorite List" on my Profile, because I enjoy reading your work so much. Though I picked The Chase as that is still my favorite and one I hope that you return to one day.

Regardless though, you keep up with those mad writing skills Kudzu!

This was heartwarming. We so seldom know what we ourselves want and it helps so much being able to talk it out with someone you trust.

I really like that Rainbow is kind of the cool aunt character for Sumac. After previous stories, it was clear that she was pretty open about sexuality but also the type to be sensible and aware. She is definitely a good aunt character

Ok what possessed pebble to lick sumac's uvula?

Why wouldn't she lick his uvula?

Do you want someone throwing up in your mouth?

knowledge that Sumac has no gag reflex?

The word "aww" does not even BEGIN to describe this. I got a case of the warm and fuzzies :twilightsmile:

Pebble Pie and Pinkie Pie, both preparing for their dates, ponder, perchance, the plight of the pleasantly, pleasingly plump pony pudge problem. The pink ponk pontificates profoundly, perplexing Pebble Pie.

That's impressive! :pinkiegasp:
I know a better one. :ajsmug:


The entire equine species is technically at risk right now. I wouldn't be surprised if every earth pony in the world was getting slowly more fertile and horny in response.


She didn't know that was the barf-button and not to tongue tickle it. Now she knows it's the barf-button and not to tongue tickle it.

Learning is fun.

I realized this a few hours after reading the description that first day. Pinkie and Pebble are "tubby wubby pone waifus."

Lesbians, huh. So this is set after Flurry has joined the troop and she and Sumac are essentially betrothed? Ya know, given previous talks about herd instincts and how females will naturally group around a single stallion, you'd think polygamy and female bisexuality would be the norm like in Xenophillia. Even so, it makes an adolescent sense for Pebble, in trying to convince herself to accept Flurry as a herd sister, would seek out such a porn magazine to test herself.

Um, what?

Sumac and Flurry aren't an item. Not at all.

Really? Because the Crystal Coltillion made it sound like they were expected to be engaged at some point so they could start breeding alicorns.

Um, did you actually read it?

I thought I did. There was that whole plan for the two to announce their engagement while dissing all their non-alicorn friends, then it turned to a whole other thing that ended in Flurry getting a lot of pledges for fealty, which she was told to accept as punishment for pulling such a stupid stunt. Everything before that really seemed to suggest that Flurry and Sumac, regardless of their feelings for each other, were feeling pressured to end up together. Also, pretty sure that was the story Sumac finally saw Pebble's cutie mark.

Okay. :pinkiehappy: I had to ask, because others have merely read the description of the story and then made hasty assumptions.

Just to be clear, Flurry and Sumac are not an item. Full stop.

Fair enough, but I'm pretty sure that was also the story talking about the herding instinct. Pebble was told of the likely hood of their group splitting up or changing some day, leaving her with the childish thought of why they all couldn't just marry Sumac and stay together forever. Add in the teasing of Pebble's manticore sister (I forget her name), suggesting that sisters sharing a mate seemed like a rational course of action... All I'm saying is that there's a childish logic to Pebble, for reasons of being an insecure little kid, to see if she has a thing for other girls in the hopes of keeping their group of female friends together.

Yes. And in this story, she is warming up to the idea of making a move on Silver Lining.

This is a very heartwarming story Kudz

You are making me ship things that I would never usually ship.

Poor Pebbs... Ponka Pone will pronk your preoccupations.

but he clearly does
so.... knowledge!


I know what you'll say, I know you believe it's right...but that one...that one made me cringe BAD.:derpytongue2::pinkiesick::facehoof:

Otherwise this was an emotion rush, well done.:pinkiesad2::pinkiehappy:

Your remark has roused me from restful reclination, requiring a response both resemblant and remarkable regarding the rosé racehorse's rambling rhetoric.

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