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She's looking at you. Yes you. And she is judging you with her eyes. There is no escape.


Boxcars and her little brother, Domino, cross the breadth of the world to reach the promised land, but did not expect Equestria to be guarded by strange, nightmarish bird creatures.

What else do you call a plague doctor when you've never seen one out in the open before?

An entry in the Weedverse.

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Hehe...Boxcar child...I had those books when I was a kid. Can't remember a single plot point other than the title though.

You feeling alright, you adorable little murderous gun-toting psychopath?

I have a feeling I'm going to like Doctor Needle.


Oh damn, poor Boxcar and Domino! :fluttercry:

I have a feeling that Boxcar will be an avid exterminator of the pestilences that inhabit the sewers. She seems that kind of scrappy.

Is it wrong my first thought was wishing that America was this accepting of immigrants, especially children and the needy?

We USED to be. We used to be. *sigh*

The problem is that if you make it to easy then you get the ones that don't want to make the effort to make something of life.

Ooh, I like Boxcars already.

Better a few shirkers hanging around than dead kids.

Did they flee all the way from Kali's city?

I'm excited to learn more about Windia and how immigration works.

hire in Europe by now there is reason to beleave that making it to easy gets you more dead kids. since Italy is not allowing the NGOs to ship them over the amount of dead in the sea has dropped.

And I did not say make it impossible just not to easy.

And this is where I stop the discussion. We are hire for pony's not politics.

We like immigrants plenty, at least I do.

I also like it when people obey the law.

Maybe the law is insufficient with regards to immigration. If so, the law must be changed to accommodate the needs of the times. We have a process for this! Even if the process seems oft populated by incompetents.

I worry that a lackadaisical approach to immigration and law will lead to contempt for both, which helps few and harms many.

"Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,
With conquering limbs astride from land to land;
Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand
A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame

Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name
MOTHER OF EXILES. From her beacon-hand
Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command
The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.

"Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!" cries she
With silent lips. "Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.

Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"
-Emma Lazarus-

I can't see a picture of the Statue of Liberty without thinking of of this poem. :fluttercry:

The process for changing the law is too convoluted for proper debugging -- you can't hope to get everything even approximately right. Society only functions because *most* laws are ignored *most* of the time.

And that's not even getting into conflicting goals or deliberate sabotage.

We basically function on common law + random 'screw you' based on legalese.

It is convoluted for a reason, to make it resilient to whim and caprice. True, no set of laws is perfect, but I will support the compromised angel over the perfect devil.

But if the rule is openly, brazenly, to ignore the laws that are disliked, then that would become hell right quick.

It's convoluted enough that the only effect it has is whim and caprice. Most laws are openly ignored until they decide that this person is a 'bad guy' and go fishing for something to screw him with, and there's always something because the law is so convoluted.

If the big laws, the important laws -- you know, 'common law' -- if that was ignored, then we'd have hell on earth. Most of the law just serves to make mini-hells for specific people that the cops don't like.

Argh. Anyway, I'm not in a hurry to change things either -- the whole system is huge and broken and touching it is only going to break it more... but 'it's against the law' is really only a practical concern as far as I'm concerned. If you want me to think something is wrong or shouldn't be done you'll need another reason.

More backstory is always welcome

Hey, kid, you okay?” Cactus asked.

Missing quotation marks at the beginning.

Oh, believe me, I could wax poetical about the ills of prosecutorial discretion (and qualified immunity). More to the point I think many of the problems are because laws are written broadly and vaguely. If laws were clearly written and defined then it would be harder whims to reign supreme.

I will certainly say that law and morality and ethics are not completely overlapping on the Venn diagram of life. However, in a country where there are a few different moral standards in play in every political situation, appealing to moral framework seems a harder sell than a legal one. What is immoral to you may be moral to me and vice versa, but the law can supersede that difference.

Doesn't mean the law is 'right', just makes it the arbiter.

This is a nice discussion of a difficult topic! Thank you!

The trouble with law is that good people don't need them and bad people don't follow them anyway.

So what good do they do?

It has been only five seconds and i already want to hug the shit out of these two. Probably literally, with them being sick and all. Blegh, nevermind, I want to say nice things from a respectful distance away.

"It may help to understand human affairs to be clear that most of the great triumphs and tragedies of history are caused, not by people being fundamentally good or fundamentally bad, but by people being fundamentally people." -Good Omens

People are people! Not all good or all bad all the time, and the threat of punishment may make people behave in a good fashion where they would otherwise not. Anyone with children should know we aren't born civilized, we make each other civilized (or not) every day.

The whole Ring of Gyges would not be a philosophical topic otherwise.

Methinks Dr. Needle may have encountered a botfly? Or some acid.

Is this conected to the mask makes the pony? just curius.

Chapter 3 reveals this.

Honestly what makes bad people is a mixture of desperation and delusion. Those who lose their jobs or some societal and economical factor keeps them from belonging and thriving, will turn to crime.

IF someone get far too much though they become horrified at the prospect of losing it, and will justify all actions as them being 'strong and in the right' to keep from losing it, no matter how unlikely. This is commonly seen in corporate and political sectors. They become almost psychotically disconnected to the point where they equally mistrust and want to exploit even those they are allied to, they just haven't found a means of doing so without being exploited by those around them.
OFten this behavior will ultimately lead to losing it, and if they don't.... That is no normal life.

That is kinda my reason for my reaction in your other story with Dim..... the title i cannot spell even if i am looking at it XD. The origins of most of those mercenaries were probably similar. Desperation, lack of belonging. Suddenly one day they find themselves belonging somewhere, they find a home where they can thrive.
Basically i ponder how many of these mercs would have settled. How many would see this place as their home after enough time has passed and end up protecting it not because of the money, but because they care for it.


Not always. I've had the misfortune of knowing a real-life person diagnosed with anti-social personality disorder (sociopath), with a side-order of narcissism. Growing up wasn't great for me (maybe why I'm an MLP fan), and yes, he's a felon several times over. He's also an elder in his church. His stories of what he did for fun in grade school and high school would have a child today institutionalized or in jail.

Really, if you haven't lived with a malignant sociopath, you have no idea.

... if i was her i'd hope they replaced my fucking gun.

And damn, i immediately thought of old American Immigration, stopping in New York. I've read to many of those accounts. Shame we dont take kindly to immigrants. I don't know if we ever will.

I'm sorry, but you don't replace a child's gun.

Oh dear oh dear. One of those boats. I was thinking they just scrapped onto an Ocean Liner just third class.


Honestly what makes bad people is a mixture of desperation and delusion.

Bullshit. That makes people do bad things. Completely different. Bad people are out there, and what makes them is shit parents, shit starting situations, a some god damn force that they just levitate to it. Bad people are a thing, it's sad.

As for the Mercinaries in EIGENGRAU (learn to spell it, it's a neat word) they were good people that had a rush of blood to the brain. That was "Greed and Stupidity", not desperation. They were honest workers, paid, work. Good people that did bad things.

But remember the colt Blackbird killed? Belladonna? Flim and Flam? Dark Desire? Hell, Grogar? That's too far gone, that isnt good doing bad out of nessecity, that is bad doing bad out of want. Something people today do.

... yeah fair enough. From the first chapter i thought she was a decent bit older, it's clear now she definitly ain't. And they wouldnt replace my gun if they took it either so...

8423195 Well, if she was responsible enough to use it correctly, yes. She's not, so no. But it seems she has a job offer that will involve using things far more dangerous than a rusty revolver, if/when she grows up.

8422912 True, but you get enough good people who make reasonable laws and enforce them so the bad people have to follow them, and lock up the bad people who break the laws so they don't hurt anybody, you wind up with civilization. (Well, provided you defined 'good' and 'bad' correctly.)


True, but you get enough good people who make reasonable laws and enforce them so the bad people have to follow them, and lock up the bad people who break the laws so they don't hurt anybody, you wind up with civilization. (Well, provided you defined 'good' and 'bad' correctly.)

It is a loaded question, a rhetorical question that is designed to make people pause and think. There is a surprising amount of wisdom in asking it.

This is somewhere between a tragedy and an uplifting story. Cant pick one.

Also, where on the Read Order list do you want this? It's before underwatch, but that is still a broad scope.

This takes place in the same winter as Winter Break and Gestations.

... i'll just through jt after Gestations...

Edit: balls. That won't work. Ill just throught it after masks


Of course, the other rhetorical bit is the very definition of 'good' and 'bad'. How those are defined by a culture (or sub-culture) in turn help delineate the laws for that group. A good example of this is Western European Common Law vs Sharia law as defined by the Wahabists. They are almost in complete conflict in many areas, but to each culture their own definitions/laws are correct.

So who defines what is truly 'good' or 'bad' given that not everyone agrees? Just more food for thought.

On an unrelated note, I'm really digging the family vibe the Drs are putting out. It's exactly what Boxy and Dom need. Even if the Drs don't adopt the kids, I'm fairly sure the kids'll look to them as parental figureheads.

Too often, good and bad, right and wrong, are just a matter of opinion. I'm willing to stipulate that there is such a thing as absolute Good and absolute Evil, but we seem incapable of coming to specific agreement. This does not mean that there isn't a side that is closer to that absolute than another, but who arbitrates which one?
For myself, I've given up. There are hings that I like to see happen, and things that I don't like to see happen. I cannot in good conscience claim that I know them to be Right and Wrong. At this point I just claim that it's aesthetics. People so rarely have a counter-argument for "I don't believe in murder because it violates my sense of aesthetics." I avoid all kinds of fights this way, and it helps to remind me that, on any given issue, I may not be right.

Interesting very interesting all four characters strike me as being very scrappy. look forward to seeing more of this.

ouch no wonder they are being so careful there is a chance with multiple stops and sick passengers they aren't infecting with one disease but multiple diseases.. Weakened immune systems from illness and starvation would be perfect breeding ground for multiple diseases

I can always appreciate an Ammon Hennacy quote.

Before I start reading, this seems dicey!:twilightsmile: (Yeah I know, stand in the corner:facehoof: )

Ah, an alchemy accident leading to romance. Very nice.

Fallout equstria monsters primed me and this story set me off.
My throught hurts and my eyes are soggy.

Thanks for the feels.

Quotable as that phrase is, I for one believe that no one is born good or bad. You are what you are by the events and acts of other people that shape you, something I suspect you are more than familiar with.

Laws work as more than something lawyers can dance and jump around. They work to give a concept of good, of right and of wrong. Of course, laws are written by men, and can be prejudiced and just flat out silly at times, but what matters is the foundation they lay out.

A foundation of "this is what we must do" and "this is what we mustn't do". Later on, when that foundation is built on, children -well, I say children, but this is something anyone can learn at any point in their lives -will understand that laws are not flawless. That laws can be bent for the sake of goodness over lawfulness, and that at times, one must break them for necessity.

That speech kinda got away from me, but it is what I believe.

poor little ones.....

No, not the dreaded words !!!! " One final chapter to go... " Why your stories must end !? What I gonna do with my life now !?!?

:raritycry: THIS. IS. THE. WORST. POSSIBLE. THIIIIIIING !!!!!!!! :raritydespair:

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