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This story is a sequel to Trixie Lulamoon and the Horrendous Hypothesis

After tragedy strikes, Twilight Sparkle and Spike the Dragon wind up with a dragon egg in their care. In a discussion about what should be done with the egg, much is said about pony and dragon relations as both Twilight and Spike reflect back upon their time together and their relationship.

An entry in the Weedverse.

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I really shouldn't have read this while at work. It is very hard to hide tears in the confines of the break room.

Bravo - I eagerly await the sequel!

Nice work n.n im sure the little guy will get a great home and a friend once he or she hatches. There for awhile I thought spike was going to ask to take care of it. Can't wait for the next one.

Great little story with some wonderful introspection. Looking forward to Princess Twilight Sparkle's School for Fantastic Foals and seeing who gets the egg, what they name the hatchling, and how it effects their lives. :twilightsmile:

Beautiful and well written. Thank you for sharing! :heart:

Interesting, I eagerly await the next story. :moustache:

Waiting for the next story with eagerness.

:raritystarry: My Spikey Wikey a, a , a father?
:twilightsheepish: It's an adopted omelet
:duck: Oooooooh precious scales...........



It's an adopted omelet

What is... I... why?

It's sweet to see Spike and Twilight look back at their relationship with such fondness that they'd want someone else to have the same one.

I am wondering why it seems, at the beginning, that the existence of the egg seems like an existential crisis for Spike... maybe he never had to confront the idea that, at some point, his egg found it's way into pony hands and its destiny was up in the air?


For Spike, it really is an existential crisis.

The universe is a cold, indifferent void that cares nothing for his well being and safety. Twilight raised him, nurtured him, and looked after him. Twilight cared when the universe didn't.

Now, he is faced with a situation similar enough to his own that it really strikes close to home. There is a dragon egg. What should be done with it? Return it to other dragons to raise it? Keep it in an incubator, hatch it, and set it free in the wild? Or does Spike reject his own dragon heritage completely and subject another dragon to raised under the influence of pony culture? How will other dragons feel about that?

At some point, Gorgonzola from The Weed will show up in the next story. I'm thinking that her and Spike need to have a talk.

I think Sunset Shimmer is the reason why Celestia let Twilight raise a dragon as an eleven-year-old in the first place, and Spike has a pretty good understanding of why. Taking care of an infant, having another sapient life utterly dependent on you, forces you to experience empathy and compassion in a way nothing else does. After Celestia lost her last student due to Sunset's inability to empathize with those she saw as "lesser" than her, the princess wanted to stack the deck for her next student, and do whatever it took to make sure Twilight grew up able to care and empathize with others.


Eleven? Where does it ever say that Twilight was eleven?

(I agree with everything else though.)


This is an extremely rare story! :pinkiegasp:


Rare? How so? I would think that Spike and Twilight fics were common as dirt.


6926485 No, my good friend, it's rare in the sense that it's a story of yours that has that nice, shiny, green 'Completed' tag on it! :rainbowlaugh:


Surprisingly, I do have a lot of those. :trixieshiftright:


6926495 Heh, looking at the list, true enough, I suppose. Or maybe it's just your multi-chapter stories that I end up following that are cursed to remain languishing uncompleted. Alas!

6926411 That's just a guess based on Twilight's appearance at the time, and the fact that Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns comes off in many ways like an expy of Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. Also I suppose because that's when she got her cutie marks, and they are an elaborate puberty metaphor.


See, I've heard lots of other people say five years old, because she was the same size as Sweetie Belle in that episode when they showed Sweetie Belle at the age of five. Twilight was a lot smaller than Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle are now.

I think the point is, it is supposed to be ambiguous. The argument could be made for any age. The foals in the magical kindergarten that we see in Lesson Zero are all tiny Twily size.

This is a typical Kudz story.:twilightsmile::heart:

Question, so I don't rush through the prequel...
Is the Tragedy this oneshot references covered in the prequel?


No. This is more of a transition story that exists between the previous story and the coming story.

6926788 Danke. That means I can wait a bit to read it... probably gonna do it in a few hours.

6926671 She was a lot bigger than 5 year old Sweetie Bell, the same size as the CMC now. And we saw her in grade school as a blank flank with her friends in Amending Fences.
Honestly, it's hard to imagine the Celestia's school as a grade school with the entrance requirements. Most "gifted" schools that you test into are high schools, or middle /high schools.

I enjoyed TLatHH, but this interlude has me very eager for PTSSfFF.

Of course just about any story in the Weed or Chase-verse makes the feature box.

Congrats, Kudz.

it's good to see another story from you kudz, even if I'm too lazy to read what story came before this one

6927017 Yeah, Twilight Sparkle filly looks to me to be the same size as the ghostly Sweetie Bell standing next to Luna. Her legs and facial structure seem closer as well.

These gals here look a lot younger than filly Twilight:

On one hand this is excellently written, on the other I think it's just plain too weird. Spike giving away someone else's child is too bizarre, he's still a kid himself. That egg could've had extended family nearby. How would this help Pony, Dragon relationships I'm pretty sure if they told any dragon about this they would take issue. Hypothetically if the roles where reversed and dragons where killing ponies and then raising their young, almost no-one would think that's a good idea. Also, the authorities where called and did nothing about the orphaned dragon egg? Then what's the point of them even being called if they didn't care about the well-being of dragons? Or did they just hand it over to Spike because he's a dragon?


The egg was brought to Twilight, as she is both one of the authorities and Equestria's leading expert on the care of dragons.

I understand that it is an odd situation, which is why I wrote it. I wanted to delve as far away from human norms as possible. I tried to think about what their society would do based upon societal views expressed in the show, IE, dragon eggs being made available to students as an entrance exam. Which, under scrutiny and thought, reveals that there are some problems present.

Very nice. I didn't read the first story but I thought it was cool anyways.


Actually, Twilight is much smaller. Somebody did the pixel count. Tiny Twily and five year old Sweetie are about the same relative pixel hight... older Sweetie beside Luna is larger by a good bit.

Also, it should be noted that the show is highly inconsistent.

This is the kind of heartwarming shit that I follow MLP for. :p

Thank you for a job well done.

6927875 To me she looks the same size, but there is no way we are going to be able to prove something like this in a cartoon, so I feel like we will have to agree to disagree.

My only issue with Spike and Twilight's decision is if they do give the egg away to a child. I hope they are able to take care of the hatchling. Sure Twilight could do it but she wasn't a normal filly in the first place. What if the pony they choose is a nice pony but a terrible care giver. Would they just take the hatchling back? Could they live with the consequences? I don't think the next story will go this way but it is something to think about.


Pixel counts can prove quite a bit. It's how we know the relative size of ponies, based upon the pixel count of the eight foot tall candy cane in Canterlot.


And a bunch of fans have already done the work, Tiny Twily is about the same pixel height as Sweetie Belle at the age of five. So yes, things can be established and given a credible amount of proof.


6928394 Yeah, but only if the show keeps things consistent. For example, I judge the size of ponies off of Angel, since we've seen him in both Equestria and EqG world, so we know how big Fluttershy is compared to EqG Fluttershy.

I'm not sure how the pixel count of filly Twilight can really be compared, since she is not in the same scene, so we don't know how close she is to the POV. She could be small or far away then. I suppose you could take a look at her next to Celestia and compare it to the CMC next to Celestia, but the actual pixel count doesn't seem like it would solve this issue.


She is absolutely tiny compared to Celestia, which is one of the units of measurement in the comparison.

6928423 Well shoot, if you have the pixel count of Filly Twilight and Celestia, please share it.


I can't find it. I know somebody did it, but I can't find the images and I don't have the time to keep looking. :derpytongue2:

6928446 Eh, thanks for telling me about it anyway, I'll keep an eye out for it.


Fluttershy is probably the oldest, based on size measurements, and the fact that she uses a totally unique body form in that episode. She's almost stock mare sized, but not quite, which might be the closest thing we have to a teenager.



Long legs are long.


Applejack, who is just a teeny tiny bit smaller than Apple Bloom... it's the legs, they're stumpy.



A much smaller Rainbow Dash with a gangly long legged Flutterbutt.

The writing here really has a rough-draft feel. It's awkward and halting far too frequently.

For instance:

Without hesitation, Spike ran to Twilight, plowing into her, wrapped his forelegs around her neck, and began crying.

Too many commas breaking up what should be a smooth singular action when written, which is something, you know, that causes, if you see what I mean, readers to, you understand, get a really jerky sensation from the writing.

Much cleaner: Spike ran to Twilight without hesitation and plowed into her, beginning to cry as he wrapped his forlegs (could use 'arms' for Spike) around her.

You might also want to add some emotive adjectives to better illustrate the mood of the scene.

Spike ran to Twilight without hesitation and plowed into her with tears running in rivulets down his scaly snout, sobbing balefully as he wrapped his forlegs around her.


Will keep this in mind for future work.


It's very hard to see Twilight as the authority on dragons here, all she does is comment on the sub-type it is. And in a world where some ponies have managed to engineer or harvest a neurotoxin explicitly to kill dragons that doesn't seem impressive at all.She also doesn't offer any plans to do with the dragon besides raising it herself only due to consideration of Spike. It would be nice if we saw more of her experience here, something that would make her the clear choice to leave this egg to.

Spike's the one we see seriously contemplating what do with it, and a child deciding another child's entire future based entirely on just his experiences seems wrong. If I combined what I know from the show to this stories universe, it turns pretty disturbing.


This is also a world where one can buy an alicorn amulet from a junk dealer or go to their public library and check out a book with an obedience spell that gives you total control over another creature's body. (Discord ate the letters of the spell.) Alchemical concoctions are made with no regulation and foals have access to things that children definitely should not have access to.

This is a world with a very disturbing question of why Princess Celestia had a dragon egg handy for her students to experiment with that raises some very dark questions about the rights of dragons in Equestrian society... or the fact that Spike, when he was sick, was taken to a veterinarian as though he was a sick pet. This is a world full of fridge horror.

There is meant to be a creepy vibe here, that was intentional. Questions should be asked. If Spike was raised as a dragon, would he willingly allow a fellow dragon to be raised by ponies, or would he insist that the dragon stay with dragons? Is the choice he made because of his upbringing? Does he have Stockholm Syndrome? Is he selling out his own species? Is he doing what he's doing because of his servile nature as an assistant? Does he actually believe he is making the world a better place? Can Spike's choices or views even be considered dragon-centric or are they pony-centric? Can Spike, a dragon raised by ponies, truly know what is good for dragons? Is he acting as an unwitting imperial agent enforcing the rule of equines upon others 'for their own good?'

There are a million questions that should be asked about Spike and Twilight's relationship, starting from the point where Celestia conveniently has a dragon egg around for testing students. :pinkiecrazy:


Wow, you're like a mad genius that managed to hide all this right under everyone's nose. At first glance it seemed like just another cheerful family oriented story between Spike and Twilight. Then when you start asking questions it turns bleak. I have to applaud you managing to do that but at the same time I wish for another story that would actually delve into those topics.


Sumac Apple... in the next story. Asking the questions that nobody wishes to hear. He of the Horrendous Hypothesis.

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