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She's looking at you. Yes you. And she is judging you with her eyes. There is no escape.



Twilight Sparkle and her friends get invited to the Appleloosa Friendship Festival as the guests of honour.

No one informed Twilight that there would be cheese. So much cheese. Ooey, gooey, melty cheese inside of a toasted tortilla.

An entry in the Weedverse.

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Trying to figure out if Seville is one of the hundreds of characters from the Weedverse that I might have forgotten about or if he's new. Or if he's from Swans, in which case I know I know I need to read that still.



I have no help for you. :trollestia:

Can a princess and celebrity go on a vacation without getting mobbed. Celebrity applies to probably almost as much to Rarity as it does Rainbow Dash.
The fact Twilight has missed the interaction between Sumac and Peeble isn't overly surprising she probably assumed it was part of thier friendship. No sure about Twilight and Seville both could be blind to the fact. Twilight just blind to it.. Seville probably worried about how the press would treat Twilight about it and the fact she is way out of his league

“I see everything,” Rainbow Dash replied, not caring how her words might sound.

Author's Note:
A terrible fate awaits.

Seville is at the train station waiting?:rainbowlaugh:

Hurray! A possible chance of CheesePie ship!

"Pinkie, is there some reason you've locked me and Seville in the Sugarcube Corner freezer!"

"I can't hear you," caroled a voice from outside.

"You know I can just teleport us out," said Twilight with a gruff frown, although her eyes kept drifting to a nearby table with two candles, properly folded linens, and a multiple-gallon container of alfalfa-nut ice cream. "With the ice cream," she added, taking an additional gulp so she would not be gargling spit.

"It will meeeeelt," sounded the voice again.

Giving a tremendous sigh, Twilight Sparkle turned to Seville, who had not moved during the entire conversation. "I'm sorry, but my friends..."

"They have very good taste in ice cream," said Seville. "Alfalfa-nut is my favorite. And as long as they're out there, they can't see in here, right?"


:twilightoops: - This isn't what it looks like!

He's a fairly significant side character from Swans. If this were a show, I would rate him as, maybe not co-starring, but not far from it. He's the earth pony newspaper reporter that became the de-facto embedded correspondent / Crown press corps.
I'm not certain whether or not revealing that is a breach of etiquette, thus the spoiler tags with which I hide my shame.

7914884 You are an evil person so very evil. I am not surprised at all the people pushing for Twilight to find someone though a little surprised you didn't mention her parents

As for Tarnished considering his background I'd be very worried about getting too close to his home. Can only imagine he's improved things since we first saw his Ponyville home in "When Consequences Come Home"

I'm Honestly surprised Cadence hasn't tried doing anything yet.

7914877 I've been holding that entire arc as a reward for when I got my own fic finally done. It's been good motivation, should hopefully be ready to start soon.

7914915 I'm not too bothered knowing this. I still have to read the whole story to actually know who the character is, not just what he is. Looking forward to finding out more!


Not just his home, but Ponyville.

Ponyville. Nice place. Lots of greenery. Lots of green growing things all around.

Last place you'd ever want to visit if you want to cause trouble.

7914970 Interesting maybe we'll see more of that in the future. The character I can't wait to see more of Megara. Apparently it doesn't discourage annoying press too much then again Twilight probably won't let Tarnished keep them out since she is not above teh law

So, in my time zone, this fic was posted at 4:20 p.m. Just thought that bore commenting on

Okay, I have to ask. Why did Pinkie and Applejack hoofbump when Sumac told everyone the story?

7915075 none of that I my house! The smell makes me physically ill.


What about in brownies? :pinkiecrazy:


Because, earth ponies.

Oh joy, another one.

Great news: I've just added this story to a CheesePie group! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!


So much for the "eww" stage of showing public affection for Sumac.

So guessing Twilight is finally going to get laid? If it is getting to the point that Sumac and Pebble are going to get laid first then Twilight needs somepony in her life.


Scene: Twilight wakes up in a bed that is not her own, with a headache and a funny taste in her mouth. She can't remember last night very well, other than Pinkie Pie saying something about a tequila party. She sort of remembers Cheese Sandwich making a joke of, "One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor." Much to Twilight's horror, there is something pink in the bed with her, and as she opens her eyes, she sees a grilled cheese sandwich.

Cue Twilight screaming as she remembers the night before, being Sandwiched with a Pie.

yay! i love sumac and pebble!:pinkiehappy:


A great place to find trouble though. :raritywink:

Well, well, well, this is a pleasant surprise. Will we hear more of Boomer talking? Will Sumac and Pebble get a moment of free time? Will Twilight be able to handle the density of cheese? Will Twilight find love? Will Braeburn be announcing at the event? Will anyone be able to topple the reigning champion Iron Will? Will Rarity escape with her mane intact? Is Fluttershy gonna have to choke a nefarious individual?

Find out next time, true believers!

I like this! It's good to see the main six in your authorial eye again.

Hmmm. Is Boomer gonna end up having a Dynamic with Spike Similar to Either Spike and Rarity or Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash? The Idol part makes me think The latter, but could evolve into the former later on in the future.

The funnies part is that this is canon to the Weedverse.

I know what you're thinking: How could this possibly be about personal growth and character development? Let's find out.


Oh, there was a budding of growth in the very first chapter...

Obviously Twilight realizing her experiences growing up are not the norm. Or maybe Rarity realizing she is was using sympathy tactics on her own friends which she shouldn't do.

As a Mexican who is living at Guadalajara, I'm happy that you described a quesadilla properly... Those Mexico City citizens are a complete bunch of idiots DX!!!!

I like how they started :ajsmug:

Hey, maybe Twilight's more like her sister than anyone realises. She could easily be a something-romantic ace too. The squirmy-yeuch feelings when you realise people are actually into gross things like snogging at such a young age and it's not just a huge joke society is playing on you... That resonates and makes me suspect. *shrugs*

Princess Twilight Sparkle and the Quesadilla Conquest

and the Quesadilla Conquest

Quesadilla Conquest


Well, I'm on board with the TwiSeville ship, even if Twilight isn't yet. We've got a whole fic for that to potentially develop, after all.

Boomer covered her mouth with her claws and giggled like a sugar-buzzed chipmunk.
Love that image!

I want to feel like Sumac and pebble are fucking with us and the others are in on it. But I can't!
If they aren't kidding, then wow. If they are, then wow.


I'm not sure what you mean. What's wow and why?

7917284 if they are snoging. That honestly comes as a suprise to me. Wow.
If they aren't, they really stick to a joke, and now how to fuck with people. Wow.


They're snogging but they're not playing tonsil hockey. Not yet. :trollestia: Too many adults around, watching.

7915704 That's a funny way of saying "confirmation that no growth has occurred, or ever will."

Intresting. I need to read the rest of the Weedverse.

I'm with Twilight on this one... Appleloosa is not a place I'd enjoy visiting. I like spicy foods when it's cold out. During the summer? No thank you.

Give me Spicy foods any time anywhere. I LOVE EM... unless it that weird thin jar of stuff called Devil's Blood. Then fuck that. I don't want that stuff anywhere near anything I am eating.

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