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She's looking at you. Yes you. And she is judging you with her eyes. There is no escape.


Twilight Sparkle, having endured the events of 'Ink,' now needs a little downtime and foalsitting sounds ideal. After all, what's the worse that could happen? They're just foals.

Foalsitting is the next best thing to starting a family, and Twilight feels that she's ready for that, too.

An entry in the Weedverse.

Chapters (23)
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Ha! Pebble ain't having none of that. And i see she learned the jaunt technique. Sumac's got a watch it now, never know when she'll pop up.

Oh heck yeah this is gonna be great.

8165283 Im mostly referring to when he is Jacking off in the orchard.
Although, instead of RD knowing, Pebble might just Jaunt in an accident.

We really must hear more about some of Sumac's disastrous inventions at some point.

Poor Twilight.

:pinkiegasp:YAY GOOSEICORN!

8165288 I was talking about erections..

We're both dirty-minded then.

*a curious, five-tailed white fox sits on the shelf that Pebble Pie darted behind with Sumac, watching everything unfold as he eats popcorn*

Oh, this is gonna be good! And now the alicorn count is slowly on the rise ... all according to plan.

Oh ho ho, lotsa changes. Nice, nice.

did sumac get his wings at the end of ink or was it in a yet untold story like gosling?

“Ooooh, Pebble Pie! How could you!”

By jaunting behind the shelf, obviously!


Is that what they're calling it these days?

Looks like Nuance is going to be a lot of fun. ( for us )

So, the Grittish Islands are reclaimed. That's good. I don't have to worry about that anymore. Except for the countless civilian casualties...

I wonder what Gosling was talking about with Shining Armor and Blueblood at the beginning. I sense friction.

Sumac is an alicorn now? I'm not sure how to feel about that. I haven't been liking the whole "involuntary transformation" thing, especially the different instincts happening. I dunno, I think this one is just me? Is he immortal now? I hope not.

So, we finally meet Nuance, a character I've been strangely interested in. The circumstances of his life have led me to hypothesize that he has an inferiority complex. In any case, since I sincerely doubt you're going to have one of Gosling's kids be terrible forever, I wonder what sort of growth he'll go through.

Does Big Mac still worry about mares raising sissies after gaining his new memory? What did Applejack learn about Big Mac? Of all the Noodle Incidents you've presented about Sumac's experiments, this is the one I'm most interested in seeing expanded.

A lot of Noodlle Incidents listed in this chapter.

Wonders if Peeble did more than get the Castle to say Nope, nope nope it feels like it


If you read Ink, you will know what Sumac was given a special gift through the Ink. But you have to slog through the mud like everybody else to find out what it is. :raritywink:

You’ve become the Alicorn of Happiness. Who knew that the silly rubber duckie on your hindquarters would have so much meaning?

As he goes home to take a bath while singing the 'Rubber Duckie' song.

Everybody is curios about Nuance, but I'm also very interested in seeing more of Radiance. We've only seen him once in the Bi one, everything else was hearsay.

Inb4 Sumac and Vinyl create weaponized flatulence, a fork flinger, or something to make a pony turn invisible but only when no one is looking.


Or, you know, HHGTTG. :pinkiehappy:

You know, Twilight. You say there are things that siblings should never know about each other, but you have a rare opportunity to find out exactly what it's like to nail Cadance. Just saying...:raritywink:

8165268 Well that in Ponyville it was already an issue with Pinkie Pie. At least Pebble is more serious and unlikely to surprise everyone randomly

Bravely ran Lady Pebble, bravely she ran ran away!

:duck: More Alicorns?
:moustache: Rarity?
:duck: M.A. Larson ? You had to do it. You had to make more Alicorns,,,, Damn you damn you all to Tartarus!
:moustache: Rarity where did that giant wrecked statue come from?
:raritywink: A bunch of damned dirty apes...
:moustache: you know we don't have astronauts yet...

8165381 considering this is the same author who wrote the chase? I hope the poor kid does not get too close to sentinals path....

Wait, dark coloring, shy, apparently a shiny thief. Is Corbie some kind of magpie? :rainbowhuh:

What is the worst that could happen when foals are involved?



Oh! The more you know! Thanks! :twilightsmile:


Also crows are one of my favorite birds. Now even more reason why Corbie is the best.


I was considering just smiling and nodding like I knew something but I get the feeling it's going to bug me incessantly.

I've been up since 4am and I has the derp. What does HHGTTG stand for? I don't remember such a reference.....I know I'm going to kick myself but.......I lost the second part of that sentence. The derp is spreading. I'm going to stop writing now.


Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.



Not sure if I would have gotten that even with sleep.

I was going through all of Heller's inventions in Mystery Men but nothing turned up.

I'm off work now. Think I might head back to bed.

an adventure in slice of life?

That Grittish Isles incident sounds interesting.

“I’d be happy to foalsit for a while… that’d be great.”

RIP Twilight. It's been fun, but there'll be nothing left but the ink.

Slightly spooky oracle Twilight is slightly spooky.

“No earthquake machines!”


#1 All hail Alicorn Princess Sumac Apple Lullamoon! =P

#2 I just love Pebble's reaction of "NOPE!". Hilariously awesome =)

# Keep up the good work Kudzu, as only you can <3

8165829 The Grittish Isles are talked about in the story about the pony dim darkness.

Just be warned there's some really dark an messed up stuff there, so trigger warning.

8165906 Dim Dark*

Is the Gosling ascension event going to detailed in a later story, or will it remain a noodle incident?


Yes, let's pressure the writer to make yet another half-a-million word story, because we're owed that! :flutterrage:

8166526 I merely asked a question, I never demanded that you write a story about it.

The simple answer would be, "It's a noodle incident."


But I was leading the cheer. :fluttershyouch:

8166534 Are you feeling okay, kudzu? I worry about you...

inb4 Twilight getsforces Dim to help out.

I expect the results would be hilarious.

Yessss, good, let the panic flow through you.

What I like about the royal brood is that they definitely act like kids.

Nuance seems a bit too sheltered, maybe? I'm curious to see his deal.

Good to see Spike hoarding intangible things.

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