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She's looking at you. Yes you. And she is judging you with her eyes. There is no escape.


This story is a sequel to Compeer

Twilight Sparkle and Sumac Apple discuss the complexities of crushes and dating. The boundaries of who is the student and who is the teacher are oddly blurred.

Scruples. Perhaps the most valuable and most difficult to define unit of measurement in all of Equestria. Twilight finds the scales tipped in Sumac's favour, and this puts her mind at ease.

An entry in the Weedverse.

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Huh. That went a complete different direction than I expected from the excerpt you posted. Mostly because I thought the story would focus more on Corbie and helping her.
But I enjoyed it nonetheless. Great job, kudz. :twilightsmile:

I'm not sure if Flam would have turned out differently with somepony to teach him morality. It was said that his CM made it impossible that he felt guilt, and I think this feeling is vital to enforce lessons on morality. Even if you know something is wrong, are you really going to refrain from doing it again if there isn't some inner pain attached to it? Outer pain, like from physical punishment, would only be superficial and avoidance would not come from inner morality.

To fix Twi's chair gloomys, here have Freud's couch, only slightly used in it's 127 year history.

“A cousin to my paternal grandmother, (who referred to him as “cousin Siggy”), Freud understood the evocative power of nomadic tribal carpets — these were no mere decorations, but allies in his analysis; whose soft wool, natural colors, and primeval graphics not only lulled his patients into a therapeutic state, but connected them to an artistic and cultural tradition older than written history.”
Michael Davis
Principal, Michael Davis Architects + Interiors

Such heavy choices ofr poor Sumac. Though I wonder how he became Trixie's heir since that was spelled out as he wasn't Trixies biological son he couldn't be her heir

Heh... I'm surprised Twi didn't jump on the solution Sumac handed her for him. Writing. If he wants to work these things out, he should write them out (including why he's writing rather than talking) and have the ladies read them.

Kinda sounds like the problem Breeze from Mistborn has

Basically my reaction, from one of the best - if not the best - TV shows ever.

8032542 Perhaps Twi should re-establish her friendship lesson reports to Tia, in advanced form?

So I guess Sumac getting a piece of Trixie's soul is enough to cover conditions of her actually being his son and making him the full heir of Lulamoon Hollow.

so when did this getting a piece of Trixie's soul happen i dont remember it

Sumac should have a good talk with Diamond Tiara. She seems to have a similar ability (that is, getting others to do what she wants them to) and maybe they could work together to both figure out how to not accidentally abuse it.

Either that, or they could get together and become an unstoppable duo that could rule the fucking world just because they say they do.

A thought: Sumac's talent of compulsion doesn't extend to the written word, does it? He could write letters instead of talking when he's afraid of his silver tongue spoiling things.

I feel like some if those 1 chapter stores could be combined. But what ever I just like long stores thats all^^

Ill give them advice from what i got from rick and morty. "Love is just a chemical reaction to compel animals to breed. It hits hard at first then slowly fades leaving you in a failing marrige."-Rick.


Hasn't been told in detail yet. It's only been mentioned in oassing during some of the other Weedverse stories.

8032557 my thoughts exactly


I don't think it'd work for Twi. It'd be a fronking analysis essay.

Story that hasn't been published yet apparently.

And I didn't think about that. Though really I'm hoping that Trixie just finally decided that her grandfather could stuff his demands down in his grave with him because he was a horrible pony and that Sumac could have the whole thing, not just the graveyard.

ahh okay
thought i missed something in a story
or a story in general

Raul #19 · March 19th · · 1 ·

That actually fucking sucks. Being able to do that so easily is just wrong. This is heavy.

Though if Twilight had caught onto the Letter helping quite a deal, that may have helped quite a bit.


Yes. Doing wrong is easy. Doing wrong is rewarding. Getting your way isn't very hard at all for many unicorns. Just think of what we've seen of Starlight Glimmer on the show, or even before that, with Discord and obedience spells.

As such, doing right, which can make your life harder, is a conscious decision based on morals. Just like so many other unicorns with a bit of magic, Sumac has really had to learn the hard lessons of right and wrong in life, and Lemon Hearts has been there to nudge him in the right direction. In a sense, this is the Earth Pony Way, when one boils everything down. A willingness to do things the hard way, to throw your back into it and do the hard work required to get the job done right.

And where do you think that Sumac gets that from?

A lot of thought went into all of this. I do not expect readers to get all of the different layers of nuance in this story. And that's okay.

As for the letter, solutions will come along, in time.

Why, I do declare, that young Lulamoon Heir, he most certainly loves his elegant stationary.

Indeed, he does. He puts in that extra time and effort to write a letter himself. Shows that he cares.

I admire his sincerity. Reminds me of an elder statespony from a bygone era. Everything now is so rushed, like the telegraph.

Probably by getting a piece of Trixie' soul.

8033066 I know from an earlier story that Trixie has been trying to bear an heir, but apparently she's had much difficulty carrying a foal to term, having miscarried several times. It could be that at this point she's decided it's impossible for her to have a foal, and the family estate would go back to the state anyway. Wouldn't exactly be surprised if the state--the princesses, obviously--decided preemptively that the estate should go to Trixie's adopted son, Sumac, as they don't really have any use for the place.

Hoo, boy. You have a habit of inspiring a lot of thoughts with just a single chapter. There's a lot to unpack here.

Let me start by saying that I love that Spike was included, if only briefly. It's a small scene that shows that he's loved and included in the family. He's not just Twilight's live-in assistant, he has a place in the hearts of those around him. I'll never get tired of being reminded of that.

Corbie seems sweet. I'm glad she has time to engage in things like comics. With all this talk of assets and good of Equestria, it's also nice to have a reminder that these children are being allowed to be children.

most of them involving her father, who had always been there for her during those moments when she was genuinely troubled.

I find this line to be heartbreaking. I think you know why.

“I’ve had to wage war on my introversion.” The colt cut in on Twilight’s words with a smooth, inoffensive grace. “Yeah, I’m an introvert, but I still want to be kissed and do all of the things that normal ponies do. I just don’t want to do it in crowds or in packed public places. I like the quiet.”

This makes me sad on a more personal level. I didn't even know what an introvert was until after I graduated from high school. I didn't realize that I was weird until middle school. Suffice to say, I wish I'd had someone to help me understand myself better when I was younger. In any case, Octavia's clearly been a good influence.

Thank you for giving us more insight into how the "silver tongue" works. We might not have seen it in action, but by seeing the potential ramifications via Sumac's relationships with his friends, it makes it so much easier to appreciate the threat it might have.

Twilight felt Sumac’s foreleg gripping her own and she thought about the fact that Flam Apple never had a pony named Lemon Hearts to teach him scruples, he had no qualms, had no compunction about performing an immoral act. He never hesitated when it came to taking what he felt was owed to him, and Flam Apple had believed that the world owed him everything.

And now I have to talk about Flam Apple again. You already know my opinions about him as a character, I don't want to dredge that whole thing up again. But things have changed, at least a bit. If you'll remember, one of my criticisms is that Flam was boring, feeling less like a character and more like a plot device. I'll come back to that in a minute. Then there's his cutie mark being removed. Flam was condemned despite committing lesser crimes than the likes of Starlight Glimmer. The idea, I inferred, was that he had several chances to repent and never did. His turning over a new leaf was merely an act. No problem here. That said, at the time, I thought that having his cutie mark literally preventing him from feeling remorse undermined that point. It left too many questions about the morality of what was done during what I felt should have been a fairly open and shut case.

Then this paragraph happened, and contextualized so much about Flam. First off, it finally gave me a glimpse into what drove Flam, other than simple greed. At last, I feel that he is, or was, a real character. I get what motivates him, and that changes everything. Secondly, it makes the cutie mark situation more complicated, but for once it's in a good way. There are still uncomfortable undertones to the whole thing, but Sumac is showcasing that Flam's life was not set in stone. There was a very real chance for him to be truly happy, and he was the one who blew it. Honestly, the whole incident feels so much better now. It's like a haze has been lifted from my vision of it.

Don't get me wrong, though. While my opinion has improved considerably, I still feel it could've been done better. I feel like this is the sort of insight that would've been useful to know, at least in part, before Flam showed up. I also still don't fully understand how his silver tongue failed to keep Sumac calm, or why he thought insulting Trixie would work. He really did come off as an incompetent twit.

Anyway, this was a wonderful little installment. Thought provoking, yet a simple slice of life story. I really like it.

By the way, I hope this post was a good read for you. I gave up time playing Breath of the Wild to type it. I hope you appreciate that.

Also, in Breath of the Wild, there is a minor location called Lake Sumac. I think of you whenever I see it on a map. Haven't been there, yet. I hope it's nice. I'll keep you posted.


What is Breath of the Wild? :derpyderp2:


It's the newest The Legend of Zelda title, which I'm a huge fan of. Sorry, sometimes I forget that not everyone on the internet is aware of all the same things I am. :twilightblush:



I know. I was being silly. :derpyderp1:


Oh...now I just feel silly.

And suddenly I just make a connection between Flam/Sumac Apple and... Kilgrave from the Jessica Jones series. He too had a scene mentioning how he had to watch every single word he said, not to formulate a command otherwise everyone would obey it. This is Sumac's power, to a lesser degree.

With such a great group of friends and mentors I doubt that Sumac will walk the same path a his father.


Until know, we know that Magic is a limited resource and has a will on her own (she is probably represented by an archetype, just like Lima Death).
But I´m concerned about the centaurs>alicorns>unicorns>non-horned ponies> everyone else. Oh, are you a Earth Pony, Gryphon or Diamond Dog and want to study the arcane arts? tought luck, you were born in the wrong specie. Oh, and by the way you are also are at the complete mercy of those who actually can spellcast.
Is Magic into favoritism, or is simply that some races and some individuals of those races have an in-born better connection? Has someone tried to milk from the Ley Lines and develope alternative ways to channel magic?


All species have magic and different ways of accessing it.

In Dogged Determination, we see a magic diamond dog.

In the Weedverse, we have earth pony magic, like we saw in Quesadilla Conquest, or jaunting. (Earth pony teleportation) Pegasus ponies have unique magic all their own and we'll be dealing with that more in the future. Minotaurs harness magic through stitching and glyph-binding. Zebras practice hoodoo.

No one is excluded from magic, should they choose to pursue it.


So any issues that remain on the magic front are societal. I remember in that Cookie Court story about the earth pony school that couldn't get good textbooks 'cause the guy in charge didn't think farmers needed them. I wonder how far spread that problem is, and how much work it'll take to fix it.


Well, it is bit more than societal.

Some just get more magic than others. It isn't fair, but so it goes.

Pebble and Maud are stone ponies, and are far, far more magical than most earth ponies. Pebble also practices Shatterstone, which not every earth pony can do. Pinkie Pie, Maud, and Pebble are all capable of jaunting. Helianthus is an example of the very pinnacle of earth pony magic and what earth ponies are capable of doing.

Tarnish practices a lot of different forms of magic, some of which can be done better by unicorns.

But that's the thing; all of the species have a means to access magic, but in different ways and different means. The Weedverse is a very magical place, and not all forms of magic are understood just yet. Or even discovered for that matter. :raritywink:

When Sunac grows up he is going to have a little herd for a family. Not suprising given his upbringing and his close association with Pebble's family.

And I misreading or is this indicating Pebble and Olive are both bisexual and have some degree of crush on each other in addition to Sumac? Would certainly help the whole herd relationship in the case of those three.


Pebble hasn't figured herself out yet. She is experimenting, just because she can.

Does Sumac remember that he's Flurry Heart's first cousin?


It's complicated. :trollestia: :heart:

do first cousinships have less interbreeding mutations if it is between two different sub species?


Technically, they're not related, but this isn't an issue, so I'm not worried about it.

i was asking as a general question regarding your ponykind's genetic health interactions.

she had no doubt that Flurry was a good influence on Sumac.

....:trixieshiftleft: Yes, let's go with that...

He was getting big, though not too big, and soon, they both would not fit into a chair together for much longer. It made her sad.

Get a bigger chair. Problem solved. :trollestia:

Hey Kudzu, I had something rattling around in my head today.

Back in the Quesadilla story, I theorized that Twilight's crush had been on Flash Sentry on the grounds of EG being canon in the Weedverse. You responded with something along the lines of my theory being based on a false assertion. I paid it no mind at the time, for some reason, but now I'm left with a question.

It's clear that something resembling Equestria Girls happened in the Weedverse. Twilight brought back a history textbook from beyond the mirror, and Sunset Shimmer has been referenced more than once. So what exactly did you mean by my false assertion?


She doesn't have a crush on Flash, obviously. :applejackconfused:



So, it seems I read way too deeply into your response, and somehow remembered that weeks after the fact.

But I forgot that Tarnish can mend people up...

This is my life, people. :facehoof:

That definitely makes me feel for Sumac, especially if he can't consciously decide when his words should be magical or not. His relationships with others will be a boon to everyone.

That dance though, sounds like madness waiting to happen. Hopefully the good kind.

Are you familiar with the story Universal Acceptance? Because Sumac's plight sounds interestingly similar.

Whoo-boy. You're not hinting at shipping in this story, you're potentially hinting at a whole fleet!

Poor, Sumac. He better figure out what's going on before the girls really start to take note of him in regards to Hearts and Hooves Day. (And I'm pretty sure they haven't - at least not with him - otherwise he'd be more in a tizzy than he already is!)

Call the Harbour Master! The shiping fleet is appoaching! :rainbowlaugh:

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