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She's looking at you. Yes you. And she is judging you with her eyes. There is no escape.



This story is a sequel to Princess Twilight Sparkle and the Quesadilla Conquest

Princess Celestia summons Princess Twilight Sparkle for tea. It is time to redefine their relationship and she has much to say to her former student.

An entry in the Weedverse.

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Finally we get a look at the Royal Brood.

I know a lot of folk have been waiting for this one.


What is radiance, an earth pony? You specified what Corbie and Nuance are but i don't think i saw what their brother is. Im only guessing earth pony since you labeled him as strong.


In Swans, it is revealed that Celestia always gives birth to a pegasus, a unicorn, and an earth pony.

So, by deduction, Radiance is an earth pony. A very, very strong earth pony. Smart too. :heart:

Oh wow. I am strangely happy for your Twilight that she has reached this point.

And finally the trio is revealed!! A filly and two colts.

I think I'll like Radiance.
Good name too.

Corbie is a beautiful cinnamon roll too good for this world, too pure.

Sounds like Nuance is one hell of a problem child. I feel so bad for Luna, who wants to have some foals of her own, only to be discouraged by the little hellraiser of the family. I do hope that Celestia puts her hoof down and gets him in line before that type of behavior settles, or she'll have some serious issues down the line...

8014402 I'm not impressed.:twilightangry2:

8014544 my bad i forgot you had mentioned that. But at least my mind went the way it was supposed to and assumed the right pony type.

Not snogging for days.
Oh dear, and I thought my siblings were bad. Sounds lile we've got a young tribalist. A miniature show-accurate blueblood. How dreadful.

The Brood is at the age where they will learn some of the most important lessons they possibly can. And what is perhaps one of the most important lessons a little colt can learn?


Very nice wonder is Nuance is suffering from middle child syndrome while they are triplets one would still be the first born and one the last.

Guess Twilight has a motivate to bring Nuance to her school. Maybe a project for Peeble and Sumac. Though not sure how superior Naunce would feel tangling with Tarnished and what his talent does to magic

I really like this story. It's so nice to see Twilight reach this point. She's slowly overcoming her own foibles and becoming a more well-rounded individual. :twilightsmile:

I'm having another one of those things that I'm having trouble wrapping my head around because I'm probably overthinking it the way I do everything. I don't know how I feel about engaging in romance as a form of growth, but only because I'm not sure how to process romance myself. And then there are people that don't date and never want to. If I really wanted to, I could almost interpret this as suggesting that not being interested in romance made her somehow inferior. But that's not accurate, is it? She's a leader and looks over the needs of countless subjects. By engaging and learning how to understand romance will make her better able to empathize with the needs of her subjects. So, it really is a growth.

Geez, you see what I mean by overthinking things? Life is complicated, I don't get it most of the time, and then I take it out on a set of stories that invoke the incomprehensible nature of life together with characters I care about and try to understand the world through them. I can't ever just come in and be happy about everything. This is a relatively simple story out of you and I'm going on and on about whether people should have to date or not. I must frustrate you something fierce. :twilightsheepish: Especially since about 99% of the time, I have no idea what I'm talking about.

I wonder if Twilight will ever talk to Celestia about her past resentments, or if she already has. I feel like it would be good for her to be able to talk about such things. In the past, I've felt bad for her since she never got a formal chance to say 'no' to princesshood. I still kinda wish she'd openly be given the option, simply as a formality, but she's making it more and more clear that she loves the life she's found herself in. Years have past since Sumac joined her school. I wonder what other hardships she's overcome since. I wonder how she's grown. I wonder if she's stopped hiding her feelings from those she looks up to, or at least is trying.

There is so much more to come, and I can't wait.

:yay: Squee~! It feels good to see Twilight and Celestia at this point. I am also glad to learn about the kids. It's unfortunate but siblings often fight the hardest. Corbie (what's her full name?) is adorable.

It occurs to me that since the palace guard nonchalantly refers to them as "the royal brood" they must be notorious far and wide.

Finally some more information on the process of alicorn breeding! I've been wondering how Celestia's pregnancies work. Now we know that her triplets are fraternal. So I guess her body always provides one egg cell of every tribe.

I had previously guessed that they are identical, one ovum automatically dividing into three, one of each tribe through alicorn magic. Mostly because Pollux and Castor where both male.

In the pond, a swan let out a trumpeting cry and then began to swim after his mate. Turning her head, Twilight watched them for a time, marvelling at their beauty and grace.

For reasons unknown, she thought of Seville.

Yes, yes, pursue that line of thinking.

“You know,” Celestia whispered, “I might just have to send Nuance off to your school. Your magical kindergarten has proven quite successful over the years.”

Twilight didn’t know how to tell Celestia that she didn’t want and wouldn’t accept Nuance.

Now that's going to be an awkward conversation.

So much snogging. It kind of seems like everyone could use a turn at sitting Nuance.

How old are the royal triplets here?


The math is possible if you know the stories.

Takes place 6 years after the events of Perilous Romance and Twilight's School where Sumac and Pebble were 5 since in Quesadilla they were 11, it takes 11 months for equines to shoot out foals, so they are 5 give or take a couple of months.

While I agree that it is more responsible to just focus on this small batch, I'm a little disappointed that there isn't an army of foals, and that Luna is waiting so long to indulge in mommy-wants.

I find it interesting that the child of Celestia is really, really bad at magic. I sense an inferiority complex in the making.

I find it distressing that the child of Celestia has a bad sense of entitlement. I would've hoped that she and Gosling could work to prevent that, especially given Gosling's origins, but I suppose this sort of thing will happen sometimes.

Also, Twilight, you've already spent most of your life dealing with a baby dragon who's much more extroverted than you are. I feel like you're better prepared than you give yourself credit for.


As stated in another story, Luna's always been the one to birth gifted magelings.

The Perilous Romance of Swans, Chapter 69

She thought of her own love, then thought of vanity. She pushed the thought aside, she was allowed to think about herself from time to time after all, and she wondered what the future might hold. What great things might her offspring do? She had hopes and dreams, as all aspiring mothers did, but she also had her past to draw from. Most of her foals had been thoroughly average in every way. Some became soldiers, some became wizards, and she had birthed an extraordinary number of wainwrights, for reasons she could not explain. For whatever reason, she produced marvellous earth ponies. Big ones. Hefty ones. Earth ponies of exceptional stock.

Her sister Luna, on the other hoof, had quite a number of exceptional unicorn wizards and those talented in magics of all varieties, a fact that Celestia was jealous of in secret. Luna’s unicorn brood had shaped the very foundations of magic in Equestria, powerful conjurers, exceptional diviners, and clever protectors. Luna’s lineage dominated in the magical arts and her bloodline remained true, right up to Twilight Sparkle.

So, to recap. One dud unicorn, one relatively average pegasus, and one exceptional earth pony.

Par for the course. :heart:


Huh. Well, there you go, then. Sheesh, whenever Luna has kids, that may aggravate the aforementioned inferiority complex, won't it? Ah well, that's a problem in the future. Besides, I'm sure they have plenty of experience dealing with such things by now.

Ahh, some nice relationship developments. Meeting the Royal Brood vaguely for the first time is great too!


Don't forget, Twilight was confirmed to be demisexual (+ demiromantic?) in the Weedverse, rather than completely asexual like Trixie, and had been carrying a torch for Cadance for however long it had been.

So... it's not that she was never interested in dating/romance/anything else, it's that she only ever had one pony to focus all of those feelings on. Without any friends to form an emotional connection with, she went without anypony who might stimulate romantic/etc feelings in her. Plus with her fixation on Cadance, she probably figured that one day, eventually, things would work out between them - only to have that low-key fantasy shattered when Cadance married Shining Armor instead. And quesadillas got mixed up in all of those feelings too. :trixieshiftright:

Twilight probably assumed after that that if she hadn't had any feelings for anyone else she might never develop them. She might have been friends with the rest of the Mane 6 but not for long enough, especially after that blow to her trust after everyone disbelieved her about Cadance. She might well have forgiven them but that stuff hangs out in the subconscious and by that point she'd thoroughly smothered any and all feelings on that matter with those cheesy, cheesy quesadillas. It was only after admitting everything to herself and her friends that she was able to embrace her actual identity and start exploring that side of herself.

So her character-growth through relationships isn't 'she was inferior because she wasn't dating and now she is', it's more 'Twilight becomes more self-aware, embraces her sexuality and as a result decides to start dating'. At least, that's how I interpret it! :twilightsmile:

Fun times growing up on the aro/ace spectrum. :twilightoops:


And you are correct in your statement. It is an accurate summary of the situation.

“Is it safe? Is it clear?”

Lifting his head, the guard replied, “The Royal Brood is experiencing naptime.”

..and now this image has merit, albeit one extra....Run, Aunty Twilight, RUN!

stop at three

Aww... here i was expecting 9 or 12.

And yes, please, please! have a fic where they drop Nuance on Sumac and Pebble, it could go so much either way that i must know!

I know a lot of folk have been waiting for this one.

Like you wouldn't believe.

Just say the Extra is either Flurry or her currently unmentioned in these future fics sibling.

And I guess going by that, their Pegasi foals are always pretty much average between the two of them.

This is definitely some quality writing as per Kudzu tradition. Also really looking forward to seeing how this little side story progresses!

Since Nuance clearly suffers from an inferiority complex, as well as a penchant for challenging Twilight, I honestly think Trixie has the best chance of getting through to him

8017361 I'm not really sure what that means. I'm guessing either exactly right or dead wrong


First off, let me apologize for not replying to you sooner. Between being at work and being tired, I wasn't really up for an in-depth conversation on anything. :twilightsheepish: Secondly, I'd like to thank you for replying to me in the first place. :twilightsmile: Apart from Kudzu, it's rare to get a response that isn't asking me why I wrote a ridiculously long post. :facehoof:

So, a recurring problem I have while reading the Weedverse is my tendency to read way too deeply into things. Sometimes, I find myself with two different ideas that I have a difficult time reconciling in my head. In this case, it was "Twilight's foray into romance is a form of growth for her" and "People don't necessarily have to engage in romance in order to have whole, happy lives". Of course, when you say it as flat out as you have, it becomes increasingly clear that I was overthinking it again. I was already aware of all of that, but I guess I just needed a kick in the pants to sort my thoughts out. So thanks for that.

And sorry to you, Kudzu, for making a mountain out of a molehill.


Don't worry about the response time, heh, I know how busy real life can get. :pinkiehappy:

As for reading into things, well, no problem with that! The Weedverse stuff is always multifaceted and there is plenty to think about. Different contexts than what one might be used to, character traits and motivations that aren't always apparent at first, situations that don't seem to make sense until you take a step back and look at how things got there... And of course everyone has their own personal standards to measure things by, and their own interpretations to measure in the first place! :twilightsmile:

Sometimes I guess it can just take a fresh perspective to sort out what's in your head!

Hey Kudzu, I have a really minor question. How do Celestia's children refer to Luna? Normally it would be 'aunt', but since she's also married to their father, do they just call her 'mom' as well? Just curious.

Also, I just realized that Radiance shares his name with a super heroine. I imagine this is not relevant in any way.


They call her mom.

Radiance was named by Celestia because of the power of his smile. He inherited just a teeny, tiny bit of his father's magic, or so it is believed. Gosling's specific magical talent is making others happy. Radiance's smiles do much the same. With a smile, he can cheer up just about anypony, or anybody, even Luna in one of her blacker moods.

Nuance was named by Luna due to his coat colour. He is such a pale shade of blue that he could be mistaken for white. There was an argument about what colour he was, Gosling was actually incapable of seeing the blue, but Luna and Celestia's alicorn eyes could. Luna said that the colt was a pale shade of nuance.

Corbie was named by Gosling. At birth, she was entirely charcoal black and grey, just like he is. Corbie means crow, raven, or rook. Her soft, pink-white accents didn't come in until later. Corbie tends to caw when she laughs and like her father, tends to be overly birdlike, even by pegasus standards. A fact that Nuance constantly uses to tease and shame her.


See, the fun thing about you Kudzu, is that I never know what part of my post you're going to reply to, and in what amount of detail. I was not expecting to have an offhand observation responded to with character bios.

Not complaining, mind you. Just saying. :derpytongue2: I actually wish I had said that sooner, so that more people would see your comment.

So, I hadn't realized that pegasi had specific magical talents like that. I'm sure you mentioned it, I must've missed it. Now that I think about it, earth ponies have them, too. At least Pebble does. As I'm sure you've noticed, I can sometimes miss the obvious unless it's spelled out for me. Back in middle school, I read the entirety of the Chronicles of Narnia without realizing they were an allegory for Christianity. :facehoof:

Here's a thought I had today: Celestia and Luna have a quirk where they always give birth to triplets, and Cadance seems to have a quirk of giving birth to alicorns. I wonder what sort of birthing quirk Twilight will have. My first guess is that she will literally give birth to a book. :rainbowlaugh:

I imagine having natural born alicorn cousins won't do any good for the inferiority complex I'm predicting Nuance will have. Is it bad that I'm worried for a character that has literally not been properly introduced yet?

More importantly, how is it that I'm reading two stories that feature Twilight and Pinkie in a three-way relationship with someone else? :twilightoops:

It may have to do with Twi and Cads being entirely different beasts than Cel and Luna, but I dunno how it works in the Weedverse.

So Nuance is getting a cutie mark in birth control? I mean he sounds really effective if Celestia is to be believed.

Oh, that's not good. The unicorn son of the most powerful caster of ponykind, a goddess whose essence spans the cosmos, the former Element of Magic.

Is one of the crappy-at-magic variety unicorns. Makes me wonder.

She’s always had rather weak unicorns. Luna is the one that makes exceptional unicorns. Historically speaking.

Celestia makes powerful earth ponies.


Despite all that and being the saint-goddess of wizards, she makes better earth ponies? Peculiar! Do you have some grand reason, or is it just how she was designed, or just some unique quirk of hers?


She makes many, many Honest Apples.

Just a quirk of outcomes. Celestia tends to value certain attributes over others. :trollestia:


Oh, so she favors her earth pony side more despite her godly magic? Oh goodness, gotta see her HIT something sometime. :D

Subconsciously, Princess Celestia favours honesty and everything associated with it over the power of magic.

Which is fascinating, seeing as how she can be one of the most deceptive ponies around, with the most secrets, and yes, the most lies as well.


Anything for the greater good of her little ponies, and the world in general. What's lying to help ponies after you've banished your only beloved sister to save them? Even just handling that juxtaposition must stress her.

It was said on "Quesadilla" that Celestia is the undisputed master of Shatterstone (punching a rock to make a sculpture or item out of it, in a single hit).

There was an old Earth pony in that story that made a sculpture of Celestia so detailed that Pebble could see individual plummage on the wings, and Celestia is supposedly even better. He died directly afterwards, though.

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