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She's looking at you. Yes you. And she is judging you with her eyes. There is no escape.


Jitterbug, daughter of Junebug, just doesn't want to work in her mother's garden, because gardens are boring and gross. No, she'd rather go out and have an adventure. After gathering some much needed supplies, she arms herself with her trusty spatula and her pot-lid shield, before sneaking out the back gate to explore the wide world around her.

Along the way she discovers that she has an previously unknown aunt, a giant spider that calls himself Aunt Nancy, and together, they go into the dark and spooky White Tail Woods.

An entry in the Weedverse.

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i really don't trust you here >_<. not at all.

That fact you said nothing bad will happen to the filly. Makes it much more likely unspeakable things will be done to the filly.

Yeesh, what's Junebug got against Tarnish? Or does she just not want any of the danger he gets up to spilling over or something?

Eh, this was cute. I'll keep an eye on it, probably.

well you could change the tag whenver you want. lure someone in with cutsieness, and next thing you know she becomes a lich or something.

Reaching out with her magic, she claimed her weapon and held it aloft over her head. For a moment, it was almost as if she could hear strange music playing, but that was probably just her overactive imagination.

Eat your cookies, see them devoured before you, and hear the lamentation of your mommy!

8431430 Tarnish is capital-"T" Trouble.

And his stories aren't exactly E for Everyone.

8431438 Fun start you could change the tags

8431430 out of everyone listed Tarnished is the one that is least likely to get her into trouble. Are you going to go scream at a Princess or Rainbow Dash. All of them have tales that are likely to inspire an adventurous filly. Though Tarnished is probably getting into adventures a little more than Twilight or Rainbow Dash. Going out and about as a druid and ranger is Tarnished job while the others have duties that keep them more rooted

Not kudz's style this story will probably stay innocent and fluffy. It's the sequel where she gets a piece of her soul ripped out.

This already seems like it will be a fun story :twilightsheepish:

I was smiling this entire time. Started to get an Earthbound feel but eh~
I have a feeling this will be a delightful story.
Though i am warry of that "T" up there...

Worrisome little jitterbug, i hope your thin-ness does not betray you into physical frailty.

Oh, she's fine. She's a unicorn... and her mother holds her up to earth pony standards. Of course she's scrawny compared to an earth pony. But now, she has this worry. :coolphoto:

Oregon Trail taught me that the best thing to pack for an adventure is salt, a cooking pot, two blankets, and 1200 kilos of ammunition.

Being an adventurer had to be tough, because one had to deal with irate mothers.

Poor Tarnish.

This should be fun.

This should be a fun adventure.

Hm. You know, you choose an oddly specific name for the first chapter of this story.:twilightoops:

Dammit Kudz I just finished the first chapter

I would freak out if there were a spider the size of a foal. I dislike spiders immensely.

So, if I didn't like spiders, would that mean Aunt Nancy would take the form of something else? Questions...


I looked up this word, and it strikes me that Moondancer could potentially be described as crepuscular. Because she resembles Twilight. :derpytongue2:

I have no idea where this is going and I want to read more

"We're off on an adventure!"


seriously if this character is based on the African Trickster goddess Anansi (which was later changed by african slaves to Aunt Nancy) then this thing is just as dangerous as Discord before his reformation.

But also just as likely to be completely telling the truth and specifically intending Jitterbug to do exactly what she is doing - using imagination to empower him, so he can capture a spy, and report to the Alicorns that the Aranea Covenant is broken. Anansi was a trickster, yes, but not evil.

In a world with no imagination left, he'll die.

aunt nancy..... anunsi the spider?
don't know much about the spider

I don't doubt it's Anansi. That's the only reasonable explanation. But he's a two-handed god--while he gives, he also takes it equal measure. That's why he's under the Trickster category.

Poor Jitterbug.

Why hello Anansi, up to a few lil tricks again? XD

Christ this story is cute and silly.

Not to children, only to adults. Anasi is many things but the trickster always delights in the joy of a child, they may get into trouble but that's the extent of it.

I want to see Grogar get a whack on his snout.


I would freak out if there were a spider the size of a foal.

Sounds like a regular Tuesday morning in Australia to me...

I just finished reading 'American Gods' I kinda wonder what some of those characters would look like in Equestria ...

Half-imaginary extradimensional spider-thing that lures children into 'adventures'... Kudzu, have you been watching It? :rainbowlaugh:

Yes, but that is irrelevant. I've been planning this about the same time that I wrote The Mask Makes the Pony.

Aunt Nancy will be appearing in Dogged Determination, too.

This is adorable but knowing who they're dealing with? Oh damn. :twilightoops:

8433119 I once considered moving to Australia.


If he was into rocks, would he be Meatmorphius? :pinkiehappy:

:derpytongue2: Spy-Derpy, Spy-Derpy! Sneaking out to get the muffins three! :derpytongue2:

I'm just being silly :pinkiesmile:

"I'm going on an adventure"

Because that always turns out well in the end :rainbowdetermined2:

D'aaw. :heart:

Moving with as much stealth as possible, the little pigtailed filly crept into the kitchen, her pigtails bobbing, and

pigtails/pigtailed, intentional?

Me thinks this spy might have friends.

Imagination is a couple steps away from enshrinement which is predicated on one of the fundamentals of magic, intent?

What would an imagination cutie mark look like? Figment?

“So good wins because evil is super-mega-dodo-dumb?” Jitterbug interjected.

Armed with the Spatula Sword of Doom, Jitterbug went forth to mete out adventure upon the unsuspecting spy. In the background, The Anvil of Crom played.

...and thus the dance-off began...

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