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She's looking at you. Yes you. And she is judging you with her eyes. There is no escape.


This story is a sequel to Constellation Prize

Lime Tart, a filly who lives in Rainbow Falls, decides that she has to save Hearth's Warming. If she doesn't do it, then nopony will. What's a filly to do? With the help of her parents, she sets out to do the impossible...

And does.

Through the magic of friendship, miracles are indeed possible.

Chapters (9)

For Stargazer, a colt who lives in Rainbow Falls, life seems to be a series of losses. He really needs a win; he's counting on one to fix everything wrong in his life. There is a classroom contest with a telescope as the prize. For a colt whose cutie mark is a telescope, this surely is a sign. Victory seems written in the stars. How could he lose?

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This story is a sequel to The Garden of Ideology

Nut, an unflappably polite young professional, is joined by Potato Blossom, his ward and pupil. Together, they have returned to Vanhoover, the place where Nut calls home. The city is a strange place for Potato Blossom, a filly shunned by her isolated, insular community.

Though he is an evolutionary biologist, or desires to be, Nut is charged by his professors to document Potato Blossom's integration into complex society. She becomes his project for university, a project that will have far-reaching influences upon his academic and scholarly future.

Plucked off of the farm, Potato Blossom must adapt, overcome, thrive, and survive in a city utterly hostile to her needs, wants, and desires. Vanhoover is cold, in both the literal and figurative sense, indifferent, and it seems as though the rains never cease.

Potato Blossom's survival means Nut's evolution into something greater... but what, exactly?

A tale sprouted in the Weedverse.

Chapters (28)

Nut, an unflappably polite young professional, goes to investigate the reports of strange creatures in the Widowwood, on the Solanum Family Farm. What he finds is remarkable; a controlling, conniving matriarch, carnivorous vegetables, and what might just be a new best friend.

The farm is infested with trolls, both literally and figuratively. The trolls keep Susan busy. Who is Susan, you might be asking. The answer is both crazy and mundane.

A short story assembled from scraps of a story that never got published for the Weedverse.

Chapters (8)

Twilight Sparkle, Princess Celestia's precocious student, wants to know why it can't be teatime all the time. Princess Celestia's response comes in the form of a story, The Tale of the Dark Empress of Teatime.

In this tale, Sunny Sunshine goes to pay the Dark Empress of Teatime a visit, and comes home a different pony.

Technically an entry in the Weedverse, but stands alone and takes place in pre-history.

Chapters (9)

It is afternoon in Ponyville, but it is not yet Twilight time.

As Ponyville prepares for the Summer Sun Celebration, a young colt runs errands. There is much to do before the darkness comes.

This is an independent story, with no connections to anything.

Chapters (1)

Twilight Sparkle never knew just how much she wanted to adventure with her mentor. Until one day, that adventure is thrust upon her. Now, she can't wait for it to be over.

Like any seasoned adventurer, Princess Celestia forms a party of capable, credible threats. Shining Armor as the handsome tank, a damage sponge like no other. There is a grey vizard to do all of the morally objectionable stuff that Princess Celestia would never sully her hooves with. With the aid of Twilight's snark, Princess Celestia leads the way to recover Moon Rose, a foalnapped filly.

Together, they face the Fortress of Egress.

A doorway into the Weedverse.

Chapters (9)

Olfactography seemed like such a brilliant, world-changing idea. A nose-enabled camera that takes olfactographs. A little harmless science to wile away the day. Everything was fine, just fine, until there happened to be a malodorous development. Afterwards, things were most decidedly not fine.

Vinyl Scratch. Disc jockey. Musician. Wizard. Esteemed sound engineer.

Public menace.

Sumac Apple. Tinkerer. Curious colt. Apprentice. Co-conspirator. Accomplice.

Accessory to a crime.

A developing entry in the Weedverse.

Chapters (8)

This story is a sequel to Princess Twilight Sparkle's School for Fantastic Foals: Winter Break

It was a day like any other. Spring was in full bloom and with spring came Sumac Apple's sixth birthday. Alas, the day that he'll always remember will turn into the night that he can't forget. When night comes, so too come invaders to the peaceful, quiet city of Ponyville.

When Grogar's agents of darkness come to foalnap a sorcerer, the fight for Equestria's very future begins. In the span of one terrible night, the fate of a nation and the many who live there will be forever altered.

As always, there is a lesson to be learned.

A troubling entry in the Weedverse.

Chapters (16)

For a mare to do well, a mare must be well to do. For the Mare Do Well to continue what well mares do, she might need a little help from the Mare Well to Do.

A well did entry in the Weedverse.

Chapters (1)
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