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She's looking at you. Yes you. And she is judging you with her eyes. There is no escape.


A thousand years of friendship. A hedge maze. A lesson. A tale of how friendship changed Equestria.

Twilight learns that she is not the first, but rather, a result. She's fine with this. More than anything else, she just wants Princess Celestia to finish the story.

Story is completed and one chapter will be released every day. Thank you for your patience during this time.

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looking forward to this!

[mothman] I want to adopt Lamp. [/mothman]

woooo glad to see this going up! Enjoying Lamp's character.

Holy cow, this is going in favorites and tracking, this was powerful

Well written and an interesting start. Looking forward to where this goes.

Very cool. You don't see a lot of fics based around this time period, especially from authors of this caliber. Excited to see where this goes!

I'm stuck at a casino. Worse places to be, I reckon.

It'll be interesting to see where these characters go. I read most of the previews, but you have a way of spinning things that I look forward to.

When you described Fickle’s eyebrows I now imagine his voice sounding like Christopher Lee’s.

She summoned sunlight, didn't she? Her memories of the past are suspicious. And the sun has been weak lately...

I'm not sure the story about the little lights is true but I suspect Lamp is not a normal pony.

Consider that one reason the story is dismissed is it would mean Celestia would lose the fight. But did Celestia really WANT to beat Luna? Ponies that can keep life going in a world without the Sun is exactly what she'd make if she intended to lose to Luna.

I do hope everybody is fine. It sure is quiet...

Don't you fret none. There's eyes watching, doncha know.

A wonderful story, I love it :)

I too wonder about little Lamp here - she knows things she shouldn't know, and the ability to create what is essence looks to be sunlight is unique indeed. It is said that every myth contains a kernel of truth, maybe she and the other "little lights" are indeed some fragment of Celestia torn free - but not intentionally, but rather as a sideffect of her using the elements of harmony to banish Nightmare Moon?

In the words of Steve Corele's character from the Anchorman movie,

"I love lamp! "

I'm on mobile so I'm havinga hard time getting the image to link. https://tenor.com/x8TO.gif

this was beautiful

I am certainly eager to find out what happens to Lamp and her as yet un-named companion.

I also have the urge to see if I can get some good, mature Stilton...


I must protest, I have Rheumatoid arthritis and have spent my morning filing brass as a bolster for a knife I am building. As such my hands are quite sore.

You have further exacerbated the pain by leaving me hanging by my fingertips from a cliff with the tease of a possible double posting.

I must politely demand you ease the pain you have worsened and post that epilogue post haste.:twilightsmile:

"Recuperate" is not the same word as "retaliate."

Retaliate is not the same word as recover.

10689331 Ah. So it was a deliberate redundancy. My mistake.

"I shall tell you how the Circle met its end and how I opened up my school for gifted unicorns."

Make this a thing please!

Conversations between Twilight and Celestia are my favorite thing to read. There can never be enough of them in the world.

Hear hear, I hate it when I can only upvote a story once!

Some authors tell tales. Some lay stones upon a foundation to form a greater work. Kuzduhaiku is the latter.

Ohhh. Great story and a bit of an imagination teese.

Great brain food thank you for this.

So lovely 💗 Great job, Kudz! Just that one story has the potential for so many spin-off/side stories. What do you have planned for us next? More one-off's like this, or more Weedverse?

I really enjoyed this story. Thanks for creating and sharing it with us, Kidz :pinkiehappy:

Fantastic work, as always

Aurgh the feels. Brought tears to my eyes again. Thanks K.

Extending his scrawny neck, the colt nuzzled Miss Combes' muzzle.

Yeah, let me stop a little here, take a deep breath and try to restart my hearth after this complete adorable scene presented. Damn awesome story making feelings everywhere!

That was excellent. I love how much story isn't told, but wonderfully implied, making for a tale that feels like a small, but incredibly important, moment in a much larger world.

i knew this was worth waiting for.

Who doesn’t love some chicken bath water? Scootaloo probably, however the show never revealed if she had qualms with cannibalism. So you never know...

This is a Gorgeous story. Short, sweet and intensly complex with a giant dollop of world lore. Just how we like it. :heart:

I like where this is heading.


You do foals so well!Jitterbug is another of my favorites wonder what ever happened to her.

Outstanding characters and an engaging story.


yet another jewel I ended up waiting long to read

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